The Go-To Pizza Places in Philly for a Legit Slice

Hard-tossed, thick square, artisanal, cheesy, tomato, loaded with toppings – we’ve got ‘em all. These are the best spots in Philly for all your pizza cravings.

From wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas to Brooklyn-style thick-crust slices, Philly has something for every pizza lover. Hand-tossed, thick square, artisanal, upside down, tomato – they cater for every customer no matter the format they want. The best part is that these pizzas joint both traditional and recent entrees into the scene have serious skills and accolades to satisfy the high pizza cravings of Philadelphians.

So, which are the best pizza spots to try out in Philadelphia? Here are the most popular places that are currently making the most transcendent pies in Philly.

While it’s easy to find a cheap slice in town, sometimes you just want to go out of the norm and test a couple of different pies. We understand that it’s expensive to splurge and it may leave a dent in your budget. GiftYa has partnered with a couple of pizza places in Philly to help you get a virtual gift card to enjoy pizza the way you want. You can even tag a friend or spouse and have a good time.

Circles and Squares

Discover thin-crust circular pizzas made on-demand at this modern pizzeria!

Source: Yelp

2513 Tulip St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 Circles + Squares

The name Circles + Squares is derived from the different shapes of the two pie styles available at this Old Richmond pizza shop: thin-crust circular pies and the popular Detroit=style square pieces with a thicker, chewier texture. It’s might be difficult to get one of these perfect, fluffy, crispy-edged square pan pizzas – you might want to come in earlier than the rest or wait for a while before your pizza is ready. Considering it’s among the best pizzas in town, it’s worth the wait.

The main here is the pie with plenty of cheese and tomato sauce. A healthy selection of generous topping options such as pickled peppers, pepperoni, anchovies, and spinach allows diners to customize their pies in different styles. Regardless of what you like, it’s important to try both the fluffy crunchy deep square and round hand-tossed pies. Apart from signature pizza pies, this restaurant also serves thin-crust options that are a perfect choice especially on warm days when thicker pies seem a little bit heavy to tackle.

Pizzeria Beddia

Experience authentic deep dish pizza served in tight quarters at this popular pizza spot!

Source: Yelp

1313 N Lee St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

It’s no doubt that Joe Beddia prepares some of the best pies in the city. Named after the owner Joe Beddia, this pizzeria serves hearty slices of pizza and signature cocktails to locals in Philadelphia. Diners can choose to enjoy 16in tomato pies layered with Old Gold-aged cheese and fresh milk mozzarella. They are so in-demand, that they only make 40 pizzas a day and people start making their way into Pizzeria Beddia as early as 2.30 for pies. If you want to explore a little more you can try the spicy pizza arrabbiata “angry” with jalapenos topping served with dripping olive oil and saucy tomato.

You can either order your own pie and choose from several toppings or create a preset pie off of the menu. While the model has shifted a little bit due to the current crisis, the beautifully crafted round slices and the signature cocktails that are a favorite for many people have not. You can also order your favorite wine to go along with your pies

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Stop by this upscale takeout and grab plenty of jumbo cheese slices and varied pies!

Source: Yelp

305 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

If you love thin-crust pizzas that are bigger than your head, then you need to visit Lorenzo and Sons Pizza. Known for their slinging giant, cheese slices, this pizza joint has been a South Street favorite for many decades. And while there may be nothing fancy about it, these slices are popular for being one of the most satisfying food ever. The best part is that they are made with fresh dough and ingredients every day.

Lorenzo features all of your favorite kinds of pie including whole cheese pie, onion pie, sausage pie, mushroom pie, extra cheese, and pepperoni pie. You can also order pizza by the slice if you don’t want the whole package. Signature beverages are also available to enjoy as you feast on your favorite slice. Get down there today and be sure to try out some of the house special pizzas today!

Pizzeria Stella

Wood-fired slices served with gourmet toppings await you at this laidback pizzeria!

Source: Yelp

420 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

How about a cozy retreat spot serving the best Neapolitan-style slices and other favorites from the wood-fired oven? Pizzeria Stella offers all that and more. Led by Stephen Starr, this neighborhood pizza place in Headhouse square is among the most popular pizzeria that combines the modest warmth of the neighborhood restaurant with the spirit of an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria.

When you visit here, you will be greeted with a cozy casual dining space, complete with café windows to give you that amazing view of the outside of the Society’s Hill historic Headhouse Square – a perfect place to display the wood-burning oven and prepare the best decadent pizza. You can choose from favorites such as Margherita, wood-roasted sausage, marinara, pepperoni, Tartufo, and more.

On the menu, you will also find other dishes such as salads, antipasti, pasta, and a wide selection of Italian wine, beer, and cocktails. Sounds like the place of your choice? Try their pizza today!

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria

Creative thin-crust tomato pizza served in a traditional brick-oven pizza place!

Source: Yelp

2604 E Somerset St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

If you love trying out different options when it comes to pizza – a place that offers a little bit more of the regular toppings you’ve been used to, then Tacconelli’s Pizzeria is the place to go.

Handcrafted pizza baked from handmade dough is what you’ll find in Tacconelli’s. You will also get a generous portion of toppings including spinach, pepperoni, whole tomatoes, sausages, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions, prosciutto, basil, and extra cheese, just to mention a few. When it comes to pizza, you can choose from tomato pie with no cheese and a lot of sauce, a regular pie that contains a little bit of cheese and sauce, margarita pie that includes fresh basil and mozzarella, or the white pie that contains black pepper, salt, cheese and plenty of garlic.

In addition to their house-made dough and sauces, this pizzeria also blends its own salad dressings and a wide selection of sides to accompany your pie.

Pizza Brain

Quirky BYOB pizzeria popular for serving pizza memorabilia, artisanal pies!

Source: Yelp

2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Yes! You can a generous pie of plain pizza with cheese pretty much anywhere in Philadelphia, but only Pizza Brain offers unique toppings with favorites like brown sugar, brisket, and house-made options. And you won’t believe the sophisticated names they give to these slices – Wendy Wedgeworth and Bob Sheldsmoose.

It’s referred to as the world's first pizza museum for a reason: because it features pizza-related vinyl records covering the wall and pizza-bearing action figures. How cool is that! This slice spot prepares huge thin-crust slices such as Forbes Waggensense – the top pepperoni pies in America, Henrietta Blache, Barbie Ernst, Buffy Ernst, and more. They even offer vegan pizza options such as Wendy Wedgeworth and Ollie Dodger.

When you visit Pizza Brain, you’ll agree that a single pie will do the trick and leave as full throughout the rest of the afternoon. You will also have great memories of the place especially from dining in a place surrounded by unusual pizza hanging on the walls.

Pizzeria Vetri

Casual spot serving classic Neapolitan pies and other options such as calzones and salads!

Source: Yelp

1615 Chancellor St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Philly’s Pizzeria Vetri is perfect for any casual occasion whether you want to enjoy slices by yourself or enjoy it with a group of friends. The Neapolitan crust needs at least three-day rise and each pie is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

For a start, order Rotolo served in a Cinnabon-like shape topped with pizza dough, ricotta, mortadella, and pistachio pesto. If you still have some space, get the 12-inch Napoletano or the eggplant. If you’re a vegan, then the Spinach options are the best option for you with onion, roasted garlic, ricotta fonduta, mozzarella, chili flake, and Parmigiano toppings.

Side dish standouts include ricotta and mortadella-stuffed, pistachio-sauced Rotolo, which resemble a savory cinnamon bun. Wash down the pies with a menu of refreshing canned beers and wines.

It easy to see why Pizza is a staple among locals in Philly. There are so many exciting and fresh spots crafting delicious slices and pies to make you keep coming back for more. So, which pizza place is your favorite? We would like to know in the comments!

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