Stick to Your Budget at These Cheap Restaurants Around Austin

Pennies may not save you much these days, but a couple dollars? Could be what helps you pay off any unnecessary debt!

Are some of us natural-born savers or is that something that we learn based on our childhood circumstances? We’re not psychologists, so we’re gonna stay out of this one, but everybody enjoys reaping the benefits of some well-saved money.

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Whether that’s a tattoo, a vacation to your dream destination, or even just paying off some of that pesky debt that’s been building up over the years, there are plenty of reasons to want to save money. So, which restaurants around Austin offer up both cheap prices and delicious food? We’ve given you the low-down below!

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Soup Peddler

Caption. Image courtesy of Soup Peddler Instagram

501 W Mary St | Bouldin Creek |

When you think of stereotypical southern food, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If we’re being honest with ourselves, it probably starts with “comfort” and ends with “food.” But what if you took that comfort food and combined it with healthy, delicious ingredients and an affordable price tag?

You’d probably wind up with something very similar to Soup Peddler, where they bring together all of your favorite classic comfort foods, such as grilled cheese, hearty, savory soups, and even decadent, freshly baked cookies for dessert.

In the midst of all of these comfort foods, however, is a healthy twist which you can see in the fresh, locally sourced ingredients they use, as well as the salads, juices, and smoothies that they also offer on their menu!

“Why is this place so cool? The food is affordable with reliable quality, and the menu design is clean and hip. Giant mist fans keep queuers cool in the Texan heat.” - Yelp Review

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Juan in a Million

Caption. Image courtesy of Juan in a Million Instagram

2300 E Cesar Chavez St | East Austin |

Besides having the kind of name that makes you stop whatever you’re doing for a second so you can let out a little chuckle, what might be another one of those “extras” that just make a restaurant stand out a little more than the rest? If we have anything to say about it, a good backstory always does the trick!

Opened in 1980 by a couple who were previously teachers, Juan in a Million is one of the restaurants that first popularized tex-mex in the Austin area - and since it’s been passed down through the family, they’re still going strong!

Made popular by their breakfast tex-mex eats, such as their huevos rancheros or machacado con huevo, Juan in a Million has been bringing in crowds of people for breakfast for years. If you’re hoping to skip the wait, though, their dinners are equally as delicious - and affordable!

“Wow the breakfast taco was huge! Seriously took 2 bites and I was full. It's a hot spot here in Austin for breakfast tacos! You definitely won't be disappointed if you come!” - Yelp Review

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Caption. Image courtesy of Kebabalicious Instagram

1311 E 7th St | East Austin |

Here’s the short story: two buddies (or pals) from Texas traveled to Switzerland, where they discovered an undying love for doner kebabs (which are Turkish, not Swiss, but we digress). While there, they met another Texan tourist with an undying love for doner kebabs, and suddenly two pals (or buddies) became three.

When they traveled back to the States together (specifically to Austin), they brought along some of the recipes that they gathered during their time spent in the Swiss Alps and used those to start up a food truck serving Turkish style kebabs that anyone in Austin can enjoy.

They have since moved on from their food truck to open up a permanent restaurant, but the food is still just as delicious. Even better: it’s some of the most affordable food in the area! Stop in to get your hands on some of the most delicious kebabs outside of Turkey itself!

“Started as a food truck but is now a permanent location.  I've really liked every signature kebab I've tried there, and they have some unique flavors so it's not like just the basic middle eastern flavor every time.” - Yelp Review

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Snarf’s Sandwiches

Caption. Image courtesy of Snarf’s Sandwiches Instagram

1404 S 1st St | Bouldin Creek |

Who ever said that chain restaurants can’t bring about some food that is equally as delicious as it is affordable? Snarf’s Sandwiches may not have originated in Austin, but they have brought the powerful combination of a delicious sandwich and a cheap final bill right to your backyard.

You’ll be “snarfing” these sandwiches down the second you get your hands on them - and not just because you somehow forgot to eat between your morning bowl of cereal and the end of your shift at work at 5 p.m. The sandwiches here really are delicious!

Everything is served up for you on some freshly baked bread, and you can order something with a predetermined recipe or make up something entirely your own using their “not-on-the-menu” menu. Choose between Novice, Snarf’s, and Pro sizes depending on your appetite.

“I love these sandwiches and I'm obsessed with pickles now and yellow bird Serrano sauce on the sandwiches are a must try. Roast beef is still my go to and favorite so far.” - Yelp Review

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Tamale House East

Caption. Image courtesy of Tamale House East Instagram

1707 E 6th St | East Austin |

Contrary to what the name might imply, they don’t just do tamales here at Tamale House East - although you will see them featured on the menu and adored by the people who order them regularly. 

They specialize in what they like to call Mexican and tex-mex cuisine, and it is their mission to make their food as accessible to people around Austin as possible by making it as affordable as possible. 

Their menu is pretty limited, but they have a little bit of something to satisfy everyone - from breakfast tacos to enchiladas, and even to tamale dinner plates. They even have some vegetarian options for people who would prefer to keep their meals meat-free!

“Not to be dramatic, but I LOVE this place with all of my heart. This is one of the gems on Austin's east side that I hope never changes or gets pushed out due to the dramatic gentrification happening to this city.” - Yelp Review

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The Omelettry

Caption. Image courtesy of The Omelettry Instagram

4631 Airport Blvd | Mueller|

Regardless of how friendly people may be towards eggs when they wind up demolishing them in a few quick bites with their morning hangover cure, eggs are always friendly towards people (as long as they’re cooked correctly, which they are at this particular restaurant).

The Omelettry doesn’t just cook up eggs, of course, but rather serves up all kinds of breakfast foods, as well as some lunch options! You can order anything from omelettes (of course) to french toast to an avocado BLT, and each and every one of them will be absolutely delicious!

Fun fact: when The Omelettry first opened its doors back in 1978, they were concerned about making sure their guests weren’t left bored while they waited for their food as the restaurant walked for the first time, so they brought in experts to teach them how to juggle while the food cooked!

“I was in the mood for some home style breakfast with a diner vibe. Upon arriving to the Omelettry, I was glad to see no wait and you could seat yourself. They have cute colorful tables and a bunch of windows for natural lighting.” - Yelp Review

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Dirty Martin’s Place

Caption. Image courtesy of Dirty Martin’s Place Instagram

2808 Guadalupe St | West Campus at UT |

You might be wondering what in the world might lead a restaurant to preface its name with an adjective like “dirty.” After all, no one really wants to dine out at a restaurant that doesn’t strictly stick to prescribed health codes that ensure the food they’re eating is properly stored and cooked.

Dirty Martin’s Place, however, has gone against the grain in many respects, offering up some of the best greasy food in Austin and for a very reasonable price! So, how did they get their name, you might ask?

When the original incarnation of this restaurant first opened its doors back in 1926 (94 years ago!), they actually worked and served food on a dirt floor, which led regulars to fondly refer to the restaurant as “Dirty’s.” When they finally had a cement floor poured in, they combined the nickname with the original name to call it Dirty Martin’s Place!

“Best dang old fashioned greasy burger anywhere on the planet! This beloved little joint is as "old Austin" as it gets.  94 years speaks for itself. I hope it never closes! Burgers and tots rock!” - Yelp Review

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