Be Kind to the Planet by Visiting These Popular Vegan Restaurants in Austin

Austin is home to some of the best vegan restaurants in Texas, here’s where you can find them!

In the past, finding a high-quality vegan restaurant in Austin was a struggle. However, the city has recently begun to embrace the vegan lifestyle. Now, you can find a wide variety of fun and interesting vegan restaurants in Austin! From vegan taco bowls to sweet vegan desserts, this city offers some of the best vegan cuisine around. 

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1. Counter Culture

Innovative vegan restaurant situated inside a unique blue-walled building

Is your sweet tooth calling out to you? Then you’ll want to try the Panna Cotta with almond bark and shortbread. Image courtesy of Yelp

2337 E Cesar Chavez St. | East Austin |

Situated on E Cesar Chavez Street is a bright, blue restaurant called Counter Culture. This unique restaurant is just as blue on the inside as it is on the outside. Another unique feature of the restaurant is its all-vegan menu. Their famous Buffalo Mac and Cheese Balls, Apple Bacon Sandwich, and Pan Mac Salad are all vegan! 

Counter Culture also offers a wide selection of beer and wine to enjoy alongside your meal. If you prefer to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage, you can try one of its many teas, juices, and sparkling CBD water. Several types of kombucha bottles are also available. Guests can enjoy their meals inside Counter Culture’s cozy dining room or sit out on the patio. To-go options are also available for guests who prefer to dine at home during this time.  

“LOVE this place! The food is so flavorful — it gave me the feeling of comfort food/reward of comfort food with the bonus of knowing I was actually eating good ingredients (pumpkin curry is incredible, and my mind was BLOWN by the Mac and cheese--seriously). I love supporting local, and this place is local AND woman-owned! The cherry on top. 10/10 recommend.” - Yelp Review

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2. The Beer Plant

Plant-based gastropub that offers a wide selection of craft drinks along with its vegan dishes

Coming for breakfast? Fill your belly up with the Hash Skillet! Image courtesy of Yelp

3110 Windsor Rd. | Tarryton/Exposition Blvd. |

Searching for a casual pub where you can kick back and enjoy some great conversations with friends? Then head to The Beer Plant! This contemporary vegan gastropub warmly welcomes visitors into its rustic and lively dining room. Guests can stop by for weekend brunch or dinner. Fascinating vegan dishes such as the Al Pastor Cauliflower Wings, Chorizo Loaded Fries, and Korean Broccoli can all be found on The Beer Plant’s unique menu. 

If you managed to save enough room for dessert, you can try their Strawberry Pretzel Cheesecake, Pecan Porter Chocolate Cake, or Pistachio Rose Semolina Cake. Any one of these options is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. As for drinks, The Beer Plant offers an extensive alcohol selection along with its assortment of teas, juices, and coffee.

“My boyfriend and I wanted to have a fancy dinner for our anniversary and this was the perfect COVID safe place to go! We sat outside in the breezeway separate from other tables and the service was fast and great. We got just some drinks and appetizers and it was perfect. The Mac n cheese was creamy and amazing, the peach and Serrano wings were sooo good, and the kimchi broccoli was delish with the tempura strips.” - Yelp Review

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3. The Vegan Nom

Quirky food truck offering delicious plant-based tacos

Whether you are an avid taco fan or a casual foodie, you’ll love The Vegan Nom’s tacos. Image courtesy of Yelp

2324 E Cesar Chavez | East Austin |

Two words. Vegan tacos. If that isn’t enough to get you to visit The Vegan Nom right this second, then we’ll move into why The Vegan Nom is so popular among vegans. 

Hungry for some Korean BBQ? The Vegan Nom’s KBBQ Taco is filled with chicken, cabbage, sriracha, and onion for a flavorful kick. Until 4pm, guests can also try one of the food truck’s many breakfast tacos such as the Nueva Onda and the Three Amigos. We love the Gracias Madre, which is filled with plant-based chorizo and scrambled tofu. 

This Austin-based food truck not only specializes in 100% vegan tacos, but it also offers savory burritos, nachos, and salsas to spice up your meal. Mexican coke, bottled water, and sparkling water are also available to quench your thirst. 

“I satiated my morning breakfast tacos craving thanks to The Vegan Nom. We found this food truck thanks to Yelp, and it just so happens to be in a lovely food truck park that has a variety of cruelty free / vegan options... like a coffee kombucha, burgers ... The Vegan Nom's menu had ALL the things our bodies needed: breakfast tacos, crunchy lunchtime tacos, 'fish' tacos... even Mexican Coca Cola.” - Yelp Review

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4. Mr. Natural

Popular vegan restaurant in East Austin that also offers great gluten-free options

Who doesn’t love a delicious taco bowl. Image courtesy of Mr. Natural

1901 E Cesar Chavez St. | East Austin |

Located in the East Austin area, Mr. Natural is known for its savory and delicious vegan dishes. You can find a wide selection of appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads, and Mexican dishes at this bustling restaurant. 

Our top recommendations include the Veggie Relleno Plate, Vegan Veggie Fajitas Plate, and Chalupa Plate. Mr. Natural is also known for its appetizing taco selection, which includes delicious options like the Vegan Tofu Migas Taco, Vegan East Side Taco, and Vegan Crispy Taco. 

Fresh fruit smoothies and juices are also available to enjoy alongside your meal! Whether you need a fresh Hibiscus tea or a refreshing serving of the Peanut Butter Banana smoothie, Mr. Natural offers everything you could need to start your day off on the right foot. 

“I love the tofu migas, chicken and biscuits, fish taco, baked chocolate donuts, and Mr. Natural pies around the holidays are the best I've ever had! I can't wait until life goes back to normal and I can enjoy one of my all time favorite spots again. We really miss you all!” - Yelp Review

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5. The Vegan Yacht

Vegan burritos, bowls, and sandwiches await you at this popular food truck

Treat yourself to a mouth watering vegan burrito. You deserve it. Image courtesy of Yelp

5212 Manchaca Rd. | Austin |

Since its start in 2010, The Vegan Yacht has earned an assortment of prestigious awards for its impressive menu. In 2013, the Austin Chronicle declared its burrito to be the “Best Vegan Burrito” in the city. Its wrap earned the “Best Vegan Wrap” distinction by Vegans Rock Austin in 2014 and the food truck also won Progressive Insurance’s nationwide Flo’s Fabulous Food Truck Contest in 2015. 

So, what’s all the excitement about? As soon as you take a bite into one of their delicious burritos, you’ll understand. Everything from the smokehouse burrito to the new comida burrito is packed with a powerful assortment of flavors. 

“DELICIOUS vegan food. And the serving size... HUGE! Great price for the amount of food. Very unique flavors. I'm not the biggest fan of tempeh but they made it taste really good. They also had baked goods at the counter that were amazing. Joined to a vegan grocery place so I'm super happy with the overall experience.” - Yelp Review

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6. Citizen Eatery

Popular cafe offering a 100% meat-free menu with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options

Treat yourself to brunch with friends at Citizen Eatery. Image courtesy of Yelp

5011 Burnet Rd. | Rosedale |

Located in the Rosedale neighborhood, Citizen Eatery is a top destination for high-quality vegetarian and vegan dishes. Inside the restaurant’s contemporary dining room, you will be treated to a fine array of delicious 100% meat-free dishes. 

If you’re a big fan of breakfast food, then you’re in luck. Citizen Eatery offers an all-day breakfast menu filled with appetizing meals including their Chorizo Omelette, Sausage Breakfast, and Flapjacks. If you aren’t a big breakfast fan, then no worries. Citizen Eatery also offers classic comfort dishes including the Chik’n Enchilada, Flame Grilled Tofu Sandwich, and Pulled Plant BBQ Sandwich. 

“I'm newly vegetarian and am so glad to find this place in Austin. The prices are higher but for the food quality and amount it's completely and undeniably worth it. If you are a vegetarian or vegan that doesn't like meat taste or meat type options they still have STUNNING salads and veggie bowls that are filled with flavor.” - Yelp Review

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Finding delicious vegan food in Austin is no longer a pipe dream. If you know where to look, you can find some delicious vegan dishes in this bustling, up-and-coming city. Which vegan restaurants from our top picks do you plan on visiting next? Let us know in the comment section below!

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