Spas in Sun Valley You Should Definitely Visit

October 19, 2022
jason wolfe
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Sun Valley is a resort town in Idaho known for its ski trails. It is known for its skiing opportunities in the winter and its miles of mountain trails and flower filled meadows in the spring and summer. Its mountains are known as Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain They also have a 26,000 square foot family center that offers lots of different amenities to visitors. There are lots of great things to do outdoors in Sun Valley, and there are also lots of great things to do indoors as well. Sun Valley offers lots of amenities that are there to accommodate anyone who is there to enjoy the scenery. They offer housing, food, entertainment, and so much more. 

If you want lodging, you can find it at the Sun Valley Lodge where they offer a host of amenities. They have a 20,000 square foot spa, 108 new and large guest rooms, a fitness center, a pool, a cafe, and restaurants. Everything you can hope to have at a resort can be found there. You also have the option to stay at the Sun Valley Inn where you’ll find gorgeous European inspired decor, a restaurant, a pool, and an exercise room. There are also The Cottages which are right off the village, the Deluxe Condos with fully equipped kitchens and living areas, the townhomes with three levels, and the VIllage Condos. 

There are so many things to do at Sun Valley, you can never get bored! You can go bowling, go biking, play golf, go skiing, go sledding, and play pickleball. You can also watch movies, go fly fishing, go horseback riding, go ice skating, and even see an ice show. You’re going to be so active at Sun Valley, you’ll probably be looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself. That is when you can try one of the great spas in the area. Each one offers services that are really fitting for people looking to energize and beautify themselves. These are the spas you should check out on your next vacation to Sun Valley!

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1. The Spa at Sun Valley Resort 

Full body wellness spa that’s been benefiting visitors for decades. 

Caption Image courtesy of Spas of America

1 Sun Valley Rd | Sun Valley |

The Spa at Sun Valley Resort is like a serene oasis in the midst of exciting surroundings. It has been serving people enjoying the resort for decades now. Their signature treatments give guests different luxurious ways to relax and rejuvenate themselves. They have a gorgeous two story reception area and welcomes people of all ages. 

The facility is state of the art and offers a fitness center, spacious locker rooms, and several amenities. They offer nail care, skin care, salon services, and more. They will take care of you from top to bottom if that is what you want. They also offer massage therapy as well as body rituals and healing rituals. For each service they offer, there are several options to choose from. If you want  a massage, you can choose from a deep therapeutic massage, a CBD massage, a healing vibration massage and more.

“Wow! What a stellar spa team capable of delivering such a seamless & caring experience! I was absolutely pampered by Kelly B. today with a divine pedicure and quick polish change. We're already planning on doing this on a yearly basis- til next time!”–Yelp Review

2. Zenergy

Award winning spa that hosts group parties. 

245 Raven Rd | Ketchum |

Zenergy spa has been voted the best spa in Sun Valley. And you will easily see why that is if you were to book an appointment for yourself. You can book a facial, a massage, full body treatments, and even alternative therapies. You can sign up for multiple services with the help of their staff who can design a custom experience for you based on your personal wellness goals. 

Your appointment will be at least 50 minutes long and you will also get all day access to the spa with your appointment. There is a nail spa and a hair studio on site. This spa will help to rejuvenate you in multiple ways. They offer waxing and acupuncture, and will do group bookings. If you want to host a spa party, this is the place you can do it! Your guests will really appreciate everything this place has to offer. 

“I love this facility!  It is beautiful with a very helpful staff!  The equipment is the best there is and you have everything to choose from. I feel so at home here!  Got to go, time for my massage!”–Yelp Review

3. Radiant Waxing

Full waxing services that make your skin radiant. 

Waxing can make your skin feel so smooth. Image courtesy of Radiant Waxing

680 Sun Valley Rd | Ketchum |

Radiant Waxing is a place that provides luxurious services that will keep you feeling smooth and radiant all around. They use refined and effective waxing techniques in combination with premium products. The wax they use is soft and all natural and great for skin. They are completely dedicated to waxing without compromising the spa-like experience that guests love. 

When waxing their customers, Radiant Waxing turns the whole thing into a full sensory experience. They incorporate sound, scent, sound, and texture into the whole process. You will leave feeling really satisfied with the physical and emotional comfort you received as well as the speed and quality of the service. And your skin will be left with an amazing glow that you will just love. 

“If you've never been waxed in ways this place offers, have no fear! Michelle is exceptional in her professionalism and puts you at ease, no matter what procedures you have done. The surroundings are clean and modern and the artwork is amazing. Highly recommend it!”–Yelp Review

4. Simply Skin

High level skin care for your whole body. 

They are ready to get your skin healthy. Image courtesy of Simply Skin Medical Spa

351 Leadville Ave N Ste 105 | Ketchum |

Simply Skin is a top medical spa in the Wood River valley. It has been family owned and operated since 2008. They offer some of the most in demand skin procedures in their beauty suite complete with state of the art light, lazer, and radio frequency devices. Their innovative technologies work together to solve aesthetic issues like acne, skin clarity, and hair removal. 

When it comes to facial treatments, you can get a microdermabrasion facial, an acne treatment, and a hydra facial. They also offer injectable treatments made to improve the appearance of fine lines or to fill up your cheeks. They even offer a treatment called sclerotherapy, which improves the appearance of spider veins. Simply Skin can do a lot to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. 

“I've now been to Simply Skin three times and say the following based on that experience:  appointment scheduling was easy & super convenient via their online system. I would recommend you go to Simply Skin.”–Yelp Review

5. Jennifer’s of Australia 

Top quality spa with positive ambiance. 

She has been renewed and is ready to keep seeing new sights. Image courtesy of Sun Valley

431 12nd Walnut Ave | Ketchum |

Jennifer’s of Australia specializes in skin and body care. Visiting this spa feels like a journey where you experience all types of aromas and sensations that come from plants, essential oils, and sea extracts. This spa invites guests to relax and enjoy the sounds of soothing music and soothing smells as you rejuvenate your body and spirit. The founder has over 30 years of knowledge and experience that really brings benefits to the customers. 

At this spa, the treatments you can get include microdermabrasion, anti-aging facials, lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and more. You can get a neuromuscular massage, or reflexology, along with sugar waxing services on any part you want taken care of. There is also a chance for you to get a seaweed body mask or a hydrating body polish. All these treatments are quite effective and will leave you with an overall sense of wellbeing by the time you leave. 

“When someone loves what they do, it shows in the quality of their work. Jenifer loves what she does and it's apparent. Highly recommend her.”–Yelp Review

6. Elevated Hydration

Wellness achieved through unconventional means. 

630 Sun Valley Rd | Ketchum |

Elevated Hydration is an IV hydration spa where people go to receive elevated doses of hydration. At Elevated Hydration, the founders believe that you don’t have to be sick to get better. They help people achieve optimal health and wellness by using IV hydration and vitamin therapy. They have a menu of vitamin drips, immunity boosters, and vitamin infusions. They want to make sure all their customers can live their best lives! 

Intravenous vitamin therapy has been a treatment for chronic fatigue along with several other illnesses for some time now, but at this spa, you don’t have to feel ill to get treatment. They help you get well and stay well before you suffer any issues. That way, you can consistently feel well and rejuvenated. 

“What a great service and experience. The team and the administration were smooth and professional. What a great addition to our town!”–Yelp Review 

Sun Valley is a resort town known for its mountains and for everything that you can do while you’re there. There are loads of options when it comes to things to do. You can do plenty of active outdoor activities like golf or skiing, or you can enjoy seeing various shows. But when you’ve had your fill of certain activities, it's a great idea to take yourself to a great spa and replenish all the energy you’ve given out.


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