8 Airbnbs in Sun Valley, Idaho You’ll Want to Book for Your Next Getaway

Planning a Getaway to Sun Valley? Here’s Our List of the Best Airbnbs You Can Find Near Sun Valley, Idaho

Hello and welcome to my list of the best Airbnbs you can find around Sun Valley, Idaho. I totally understand why you might want an Airbnb over a hotel or a campground. Camping is fun for a night or two, but it isn’t conducive to a whole trip. And with the way hotel prices have spiked the past couple years it's no wonder people are turning to great alternatives like Airbnbs. 


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On my  list today I will give you each Airbnbs location, and I’ll provide you with a link right to its official Airbnb webpage so that way you can check them out if any of these great Airbnbs catch your eye. 

And also on top of that, I will provide you with a link to get an Airbnb digital GiftYa gift card that can be used at any of these amazing locations on my list today.

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1. Entire Condo (Hosted By Kim)

A Modern, But Quaint Airbnb Condo In Sun Valley

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$78/Night | Sun Valley | Airbnb link

This condo style Airbnb is at the top of the list because it has the lowest cost per night out of any of the airbnbs on the list today. It’s only $78 a night, but what you trade in affordability you lose in indoor space. The condo can fit up to four guests comfortably, and in my opinion even that is pushing it with only one bathroom available.

But what is great about this condo is that there is so much outdoor space available to use. There is a small deck on the upper floor and a nice patio with furniture out the back door. And all of this overlooks p[lenty of beautiful greenery. So if you are the outdoorsy type and would rather sit outside and talk than sit inside and watch tv then this Condo hosted by Kim is going to be a great choice for you!

“Thank you, Kim! It was a perfect, quiet retreat from which to explore Sun Valley and the surrounding stunningly beautiful places and vistas.” - Customer Review 

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2. Private Room In Treehouse (Hosted By Jim And Karin)

A Fully Heated Treehouse Airbnb In Sun Valley Idaho

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$85/Night | Ketchum | Airbnb Link

I think this is by far the most interesting of the Airbnbs on our list today. And that is because his place is every little kid's fantasy. It’s a fully furnished adult sized treehouse. So you can stay in a fully heated treehouse for only $85 bucks a night which seems like a steal to me. The only issue with this place is that since it’s a treehouse, it can only be so big, and that means it can only fit so many guests. You can probably fit up to three people comfortably, but I wouldn’t go any further than that.

“Amazing location! Fun and Unique accommodation in Sun Valley! We have stayed in town many times and this has by far been our favorite!!” - Customer Review 

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3. Entire Guest Suite (Hosted By Terry)

Studio Apartment Style Airbnb Located In Downtown Ketchum

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$100/Night | Ketchum | Airbnb Link

If you are looking for an Airbnb that is conveniently located then this one is going to be a great choice for you. It’s within walking distance of all kinds of things in Ketchum since it’s located right downtown. Since it’s a studio, you know it's going to be small, but it does feature two beds so you can probably fit up to three guests here comfortably. And this is another one of the surprisingly affordable Airbnbs on the list today. Everybody seems to be more than satisfied by their stay here because this studio apartment boasts a 4.9 rating from the people who have stayed there.  

“Such a convenient location in terms of walkability to everywhere in Ketchum and kind, wonderful hosts! Recommend this Airbnb if you are visiting the area!” - Customer Review 

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4. Entire Condo (Hosted By Will) 

An Airbnb Literal Steps From Downtown Ketchum

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$133/Night | Ketchum | Airbnb Link

This place is nice because it is located very conveniently in downtown Ketchum, which really puts you just minutes away from Sun Valley for all the fun activities you might have planned for the day. It can really make a difference on your trip if you are only commuting half the distance each day over the course of your trip. The only real issue with this Airbnb is that it is small even for a studio, so don’t expect to be able to stay here with more than two guests. That being said, the scenic mountain views do make this the perfect spot for a couples getaway. 

“Great condo for a reasonable price. Very clean and nicely furnished, it also has a nice view of the ski slopes from the deck.” - Customer Review 

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5. Entire Condo (Hosted By Katherine)

Incredible Mountain Views At This 4 Guest Airbnb

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$177/Night | Tremont | Airbnb Link

So this place is a little bit more expensive than the earlier entries on the list, but that is for two reasons really. First of all are the incredible mountain views. And then secondly this place is almost twice the size of some of the other entries on the list. So you can comfortably stay here with up to four guests at a time. So really when you consider you can fit four people comfortably here for $177 a night, you are actually getting more bang for your buck than at one of the places that is charging $100 a night for a place that only fits two people comfortably.

And not only are you getting a great deal, you are getting a great deal on a great place! Katherine can boast that her Airbnb has a nearly perfect 5 star rating with countless reviews from the people who have stayed here and loved their time at this condo.

“This was great! This place has everything you need! The summer sun valley music festival was going on, the condo has a blanket and chairs for you. Well stocked kitchen. Super clean. Good view on the top floor. Would stay again.” - Customer Review 

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6 - Entire Condo (Hosted By Nancy G) 

Stay in a Cozy Condo Close to Sun Valley’s World-Famous Ski Slopes

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$195/Night | Tremont | Airbnb Link

This is another condo that will run you a bit more per night ($195/Night in fact) but when you consider that you can comfortably fit five guests here it’s honestly not a bad price. And this place is so worth the money. I’ll throw a good photo onto the list (it’s right up there actually ☝️) but you should follow the Airbnb link and check out how fantastic the interior of this condo is for the place that you are paying for it. 

It’s somehow both modern and rustic at the same time. So if you are looking for a comfortable getaway from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, this place is going to have just the vibe you are looking for. And while the views aren’t as out of this world as some of the Airbnbs further up the list, it does have nice views of the forest and the mountains. And while the views might not be quite as breathtaking, you get to enjoy these views from the comfort of a hot tub, so I’m chalking that up in the win column. So you really get what you pay for when you stay at Nancy’s condo Airbnb if you are trying to visit Sun Valley, Idaho!

“Great location, very clean, quiet. Walkable to everything. Excellent spot to stay! Hot tub was lovely.” - Customer Review 

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7. Entire Condo (Hosted By Jill) 

Charming Three Bedroom And Two Bath Condo Near Sun Valley

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$299/Night | Ketchum | Airbnb Link

This is the most roomy of any of the Airbnbs on the list so far. Which really helps offset the $300 a night cost they charge you to stay at this one. But you really do get what you pay for. If you are visiting Sun Valley with a large party or with your family then this Airbnb condo is going to be my number one choice for you. And that is because it can comfortably fit six guests at a time. And this is due to the fact that it features three full bedrooms, along with four beds, and two full bathrooms. So everybody will have more than enough space to get a restful night’s sleep, and if you’re lucky, nobody will even fight over the bathroom in the morning. 

“Jill's place was perfect for our family to spend a couple of weeks in Ketchum. The optional childproofing, kid gear and toys were very helpful if needed too... Can't wait to return.” - Customer Review 

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8. Entire Condo (Hosted By Michael)

Incredibly Roomy Condo Right In Sun Valley Itself

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$480/Night | Tremont | Airbnb Link

MIchael’s Condo is the last one on my list. And that is because it is the most expensive of any of the Airbnbs on the list. But because of the price ($480/night) you get hooked up when it comes to space. This condo features three full bedrooms which have five entire beds. And there are even three full bathrooms in this place. So if you are in a big group on a visit to Sun Valley, then this is seriously the nicest place you could stay this close to Sun Valley. 

If you have the extra cash on hand to blow on Airbnbs then I absolutely recommend you take advantage of the modern, spacious, and relaxing atmosphere that is available at Michaels Condo in Sun Valley. They also just so happen to have a 4.99 star rating from their customers. Which means they are just one one hundredth away from having a perfect five star rating. So you know people are more than satisfied by what they get in exchange for the price tag.

“Great location with walking access to restaurants, shopping and other activities. Lovely and quiet location with spectacular views. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay!” - Customer Review 

Grab an Airbnb digital gift card to MIchael’s condo by using that link!

There you go dear internet reader. That is a list of all the best Airbnbs you can find around Sun Valley, Idaho. I composed the list in a descending order of price from lowest price to highest price. But that is just the base price itself. I didn’t take into account how many more guests you can have in the different places for the price. So be sure to factor that into your decisions when you are analyzing the actual costs of the different options!

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