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We’re Covering the 9 Best Things to Do In Sun Valley In the Summer

Good day to you miscellaneous internet readers. Welcome to my list on the best things there are to do around Sun Valley, Idaho in the summertime. I put together a list with a pretty wide variety of options so I hope something stands out to you at least. And if something does stand out to you, I will be giving you a link to the activities webpage, as well as their yelp page so you can check them out more before you decide for certain. and I'll even let you know when any of these great summertime activities in Sun Valley, Idaho accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. 

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No matter what you decide to do in Sun Valley this summer, you are probably going to need some food. And since you’ll be on a trip you won’t want to waste time waiting on food that takes all day to prepare. Well not to worry GiftYa has you covered with convenient digital gift cards to some great local fast food options


A Quick And Convenient Lunch Option in Sun Valley

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600 N Main St | Hailey | https://order.subway.com/en

I don’t know how many people out there need Subway explained to them. But for those of you who don’t know, Subway is a sandwich shop that offers six inch subs, foot long subs, and salads in a variety of different options. You can choose your meat, vegetables, and dressing so you can eat as healthy as you want to which is a great feature in a fast food place in my opinion

“I will definitely return to this location and not the one in Bellevue due to the horrible service at the other location. Everything tasted fresh and delicious.” - Yelp Review 

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A Popular Nation Pizza Place where You can Grab A Convenient Lunch or Dinner In Sun Valley

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20 E Bullion St | Hailey  | https://www.dominos.com/

Dominos is also another spot that I imagine needs no introduction. But for a quick synopsis Dominos is a national fast food pizza chain that is quite affordable. So if you are in a hurry for a quick dinner or lunch you can’t really go wrong with pizza can you?

“Every time we order here the food is piping hot and extremely delicious. We have had Adam prepare our order each time and he is usually the only one working in the store and he does an excellent job! I always pick this location over the other pizza places in town. The food is always amazing and hits the spot every time.” - Yelp Review 

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1. Sawtooth Adventure Company

Incredible Guided Tours of Sun Valley

710 Ace Of Diamonds St | Stanley | sawtoothadventure.com

If you are going to Sun Valley and really want to soak up the beautiful natural environment then I honestly think your best bet is to go with Sawtooth Adventure Company. It can be really easy to get lost or off track on trails and not end up getting to see everything you wanted to. You don’t have to worry about that though when you have a professional company that has laid out all the most efficient routes to ensure their customers get to see as much as possible in the time they spend in Sun Valley. 

“The staff at SAC was just hands down amazing. They were so positive and engaging the entire rafting trip. They were Fantastic with our children. If you're looking to go whitewater rafting in Stanley ID, look no further.” - Yelp Review 

2. Sun Valley Wine Company

Amazing Winery That Is Local to Sun Valley

360 Leadville Ave N | Ketchum | visitsunvalley.com/sun-valley-wine-company

If you are looking to have a drink, or just spend an afternoon in an air conditioned building this summer in Sun Valley Idaho, then why not check out their great local winery?

“New owners. Great staff and ambiance is so welcoming and nice. Best place to drink a glass of wine.” - Yelp Review

3. Zenergy

An Amazing Fitness Facility In Sun Valley

Image courtesy of Zenergy.

245 Raven Rd | Ketchum | zenergysv.com

Zenergy is a top end fitness facility that is really a great spot to visit in Sun Valley any time of year. But if you are in Sun Valley this summer, and you are a bit of a fitness nut, then this place is going to be your new best friend. It has everything you could want in a gym and more!

“X energy is what every fitness facility strives for but can't even come close.  Friendly, super clean, uncrossed, state of the art, and every other superlative.  My family lives in The area and I'm here every other month.  What a joy to spend time here every trip :)” - Yelp Review 

4. Wood River Farmers Market - Ketchum Market

A Great Leisurely Activity Where You Can Soak Up Some Rays In Sun Valley

E Ave And 4th St | Ketchum | wrfarmersmarket.org/event/ketchum-market

If you just want to spend a leisurely afternoon out in the sun talking to friendly local people when you are in Sun Valley this summer, then you should totally check out their great local farmers market. Farmers markets aren’t really my thing personally, but even I can get behind supporting local farmers and small businesses. 

“I hesitate to write this review because I love their farm market so much I want to keep it all to myself. This is like a little San Francisco. The produce is outstanding and the baked goods reminiscent of Europe.” - Yelp Review 

5. The River Company

A High Energy, But Safe, Outdoor Activity to Do This Summer In Sun valley

1150 Eva Falls Ave | Stanley | therivercompany.com

If you are really trying to get out in nature and truly experience new things then you should give the River Company a try. They offer guided river tours all over Sun Valley. And don’t worry they are all professionally certified so you can be sure you and the rest of your party will be safe out on the water. 

“The River Company was top notch!! Our group of 6 including my 80 and 83 year old parents. Meridian was our guide and she did a fabulous job- guiding us down the river for our scenic tour and telling us all sorts of information on the area.” - Yelp Review 

6. Sawtooth Botanical Garden

Tranquil And Beautiful Gardens In Sun Valley

Image courtesy of Sawtooth Botanical Garden.

11 Gimlet Road  | Ketchum | sbgarden.org

If you want a peaceful, tranquil, leisurely afternoon in Sun Valley but don’t want to deal with the people at the farmers market, then you should absolutely give the Botanical Gardens a try when you are in Sun Valley this summer. Not only are they beautiful, they are also just a great excuse to get away from people which I personally always appreciate.

“Beautiful and tranquil spot to walk and unwind as you take in the beauty. Loved the garden area with hummingbirds and bees everywhere.” - Yelp Review 

7. Lodge Bowling Alley

A Classic Low Stress Air Conditioned Activity Available In Sun Valley

1 Sun Valley Rd | Sun Valley | sunvalley.com/things-to-do/bowling

Lodge Bowling Alley is going to be? You guessed it, a place where you can go bowling. And it really has a pretty fun aesthetic that brings the experience up a level. I personally find bowling to be a great low energy group activity that you can do with friends on a lazy afternoon. And if your friends are anything like mine, nobody takes it too seriously so it never gets too competitive like some other sport activities you can do with friends might. The only downside to Lodge Bowling Alley is the same downside that every bowling alley has. And that is that you have to pay to wear a stranger's shoes.

“A fun place to enjoy both bowling with 6 lanes and a full arcade as well. Here u can eat and drink too. The menu is very nice along with beer and wine. Enjoy!” - Yelp Review 

8. The Casino

Best “Dive Bar” Anywhere Around Sun Valley

220 N Main St | Ketchum | ketchumcasino.com

So despite what the name may have you thinking, The Casino is not in fact a casino. It’s a bar with a slightly confusing name. But once that confusion is out of the way, this can be a great place to spend a summer evening in Sun Valley. It has all the features of the classic dive bar experience that you have come to expect (plenty of dart boards and billiards tables available) but The Casino provides them in a more established and upscale way. 

However, don’t let that fool you. This isn’t some uptight pretentious bar pretending to be a dive bar, the staff and service you can expect are incredibly friendly and laid back. So if you want to grab a drink in a cool relaxed atmosphere then this is a great thing to do in the summer in Sun valley Idaho!

“If you are laid-back, like to drink, like to flirt, and like to play billiards, this is your place. If you are remotely uptight, do not come here :-). Staff is awesome!!!” - Yelp Review 

9. Hemingway Memorial

A Great Cultural Artifact In Sun Valley You can See Anytime Of Year

83354 Sun Valley Rd | Sun Valley  

So I’ll be totally upfront, I have a huge bias in including this in the list. Hemingway is one of the authors I have most enjoyed in my lifetime and he’s also one of the most celebrated authors in American history. So if bars and bowling alleys aren’t really your speed and you are looking for something with a little more culture to it, then I highly recommend you go check out the memorial. It’s a great secluded area that you can find repose in no matter what time of year you visit. 

“It's really a lovely and quiet place to reflect or meditate. The memorial is a short walk from the bike path and there is a bench to relax on and enjoy the stream and the beautiful views. If you look on-line you can read about the memorial and what it's about.” - Yelp Review 

There you go dear internet reader. That is a list of all the best things there are to do in Sun Valley over the summer time. I tried to include a variety of different activities, but if none of this stood out to you and you are thinking about maybe visiting Sun Valley in the winter instead, be sure to check out our article on all the best things there are to do in Sun Valley in the winter.

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