Six Of New Orleans’ Tastiest and Most Affordable Restaurants

Save a little money while still enjoying a delicious meal at these cheap eateries in the city

Are you a local to New Orleans who is constantly spending money on take-out? Or are you taking a visit to New Orleans and have discovered the wide array of expenses that comes with traveling? Whichever of these two that you are, give your budget a break while still getting to know and appreciate New Orleans’ culinary culture by taking your meals out to these cheap restaurants that serve high quality food. You’ll get to save money but still experience the best New Orleans has to offer, and it doesn’t matter what you’re hungry for, because this city has cheap options for all your favorite foods.

Cheap Restaurant in New Orleans

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Pizza Delicious

Get your New York Style thin crust pizza here

Take a seat and enjoy one of their tasty pizzas as soon as it comes out the oven, or do take-out and enjoy this delicious meal at home. Image courtesy of Pizza Delicious’ Facebook

 617 Piety St. | Bywater | 

Pizza is the obvious cheap option that never disappoints the taste buds, especially if you’re relying on Pizza Delicious to serve your slice. Look at that selection of mouth-watering pizzas, from the classic plain to the spicy marinated kale slice. A slice costs less than a dollar while a whole pie only costs around 20 dollars! The pastas have a similarly mindblowing price range and variety of tastes. Check out Pizza Delicious’ selection of toppings to make the meal even more to your liking, from everything from raw garlic and red onions to italian sausage and sriracha pineapple. 

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“from the plain slice… to the scrumptious homemade pastas… All of these dishes made for lasting memories and repeat trips. The staff were always super attentive and service came with a smile. No questions asked…” - Yelp Review

Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria

Don’t miss out on these fiesta-worthy flavors at unbelievable prices

Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria’s menu is extensive enough that you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. They have the meat eater’s and the vegetarian’s favorites! Image courtesy of Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria’s Facebook.

301 N Peters St. | French Quarter | 

Welcome to Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria, the best Mexican restaurant in the French Quarter. They have all your favorite ingredients—beans, cheese, lettuce, and rice—in their freshest forms here! Get your meal wrapped up in warmed flour tortilla and call it the tasties burrito ever, or get it served up in a burrito bowl. Or maybe you’re more of a taco person. Three tacos cost only nine dollars; what a steal! All your other favorite Mexican favorites are here as well at the most convenient prices, such as quesadillas, chimichangas, nachos, and chips and dip. Before you leave, treat yourself to a Mexican favorite dessert: the churro! 

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“Felipe's has something for everyone… It's good for an individual meal, or for a group to munch on some nachos in the middle of a long day walking. Food is made fresh, right in front of you. It's a great location by the Mississippi River…” - Yelp Review

Commerce Restaurant

It has a comfortable dining area as well as the meal that’s going to make your day

Commerce Restaurant has you covered for all your breakfast and lunch needs. You won’t believe the omelettes and biscuits they serve. Image courtesy of Commerce Restaurant’s Facebook

300 Camp St. | Central Business District | 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and lunch is under appreciated. Commerce Restaurant will take care of all your early day eating needs, with refreshing cups of coffee and comforting plates of deliciousness. Start your day with a breakfast under ten dollars with a plate of hash browns, a biscuit sandwich, or a three egg omelette. You’ll go wide-eyes after visiting their coffee and espresso side of the menu. They’ll serve you your caffeine exactly how you like, hot or cold. If you’re coming in a little later in the day, enjoy their lunch menu that includes such items as Po’boys, burgers, sandwiches stuffed full with fresh ingredients. 

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“What a gem!… The restaurant itself has more of a diner feel and the ambience made me feel like family. From gumbo to omelettes, Commerce has stood the test of time in this history rich city…” - Yelp Review

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

Get a taste of some of the best Po’boy in the city

Parkway Bakery and Tavern is the perfect place to relax and take a seat with friends or family. You and your group will love the affordable meal that’s coming your way. Image courtesy of Parkway Bakery and Tavern’s Facebook

538 Hagan Ave. | Bayou St. John | 

Once you’ve found Parkway Bakery and Tavern, you won’t be able to get Po’boy anywhere else. They have some of the best Po’boy in the state! Parkway Bakery and Tavern has a full ball and plenty of seating, just waiting for you and your group to come stop by. You’re sure to enjoy their photo booth, as well as the prices on that menu! Try their seafood poor boys sandwich, stuffed with golden fried gulf oysters, surf and turf, or Louisiana catfish. Their other poor boys can be filled with smoked ham, beyond burger, italian meatball, or one of the many other options they have! 

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“They are definitely generous with their seafood… The French bread was so fresh and there was the perfect amount of veggies and pickles to balance out the sandwich. They have definitely perfected the po boy!…” - Yelp Review

Dat Dog

Try out a vendor classic in new and delicious forms!

Have a nice day in New Orleans while enjoying the best hot dog you’ve ever been served. They’re stuffed with incredible unique flavors! Image courtesy of Dat Dog’s Facebook

601 Frenchmen St. | Marigny | 

Dat Dog has taken the simple and beloved hot dog and made it something you won’t forget anytime soon. Enjoy their bright decor, affordable prices, and innovative flavors! They have a very inclusive menu, with options for vegetarians and vegans. As well as hot dogs, Dat Dog serves burgers, chicken, and some of the best fries you’ve ever tasted. You won’t be able to fit all the toppings they have available on top of your hot dog, but you can try! Make your very best hot dog by choosing your sausage, the bun, and toppings. 

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“Holy moly, we loved Dat Dog!… We went upstairs and had fun looking at all the Star Wars and space themed decor… The menu is really cool because you can build your own dog and they have tons of toppings and sausages to choose from…” - Yelp Review

Cajun Seafood

Fill up on some of the freshest and best prepared seafood in the city

Stop by Cajun Seafood for an amazing meal at even more amazing prices. Don’t forget to check out their raw menu. Image courtesy of Cajun Seafood’s Facebook

1479 N Claiborne Ave. | Seventh Ward | 

When you crave seafood, you have to get it from a venue that has guaranteed fresh ingredients. Cajun Seafood is what you’re looking for. They use fresh, local, seasonal, and sustainable products. Looking for something raw? They have a whole menu for that! It includes favorites like shrimp, crawfish, fish, crab, and oysters. You’ll also love their other side of the menu that includes seafood platters, penne pasta, chicken plates, fried rice and gumbo, and more! Cajun Seafood is the perfect place to satisfy that seafood craving at an affordable price. 

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“this place is the real deal! It looks a little rough in the surrounding areas, but don't let that stop you from going. These places are always the BEST. Delicious seafood and reasonably priced. We got a ton of things, shared, and all of it was delicious…” - Yelp Review

There are a lot of options in New Orleans that are affordable and irresistibly delicious. You don’t need a big budget to enjoy these incredible flavors! By going to places like these more often, you can afford to get take-out more often, or save up for something special at the end of the month. You don’t even have to compromise on comfort, because these restaurants are cheap and deliver on taste and satisfaction.

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