Feeling Fishy? Check Out These Tasty Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans

Tasty Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans

Seafood restaurants are some of the most popular all around the world. With so many different fish to try such as cod, catfish, shrimp, crab, tilapia, salmon, and much more, there are so many different options to choose from to keep you coming back and trying something different each time. Seafood of any kind is popular to eat in New Orleans and whether you’re a tourist, or a local looking for a new restaurant to go to, the city of New Orleans can provide you with different seafood experiences! With that being said, check out these top seven seafood restaurants in New Orleans as soon as you can! 

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Oceana Grill

Sit in the courtyard and have some delicious seafood at this laid back New Orleans restaurant!

New Orleans is home to lots of seafood restaurants, so make sure to stop by Oceana Grill for some classic New Orleans seafood dishes! Image courtesy of Oceana Grill.


739 Conti Street

French Quarter

There’s nothing better than some classic New Orleans fare food, so stop by Oceana Grill for some of the best seafood dishes around! Oceana Grill is known for their many seafood options, especially their delicious oysters that are a hot item on the menu. Featuring a beautiful outdoor patio, this restaurant is one of the main seafood hot spots to go to in New Orleans.

We know you’re dying to know what kind of food that Oceana Grill offers, and let us tell you, there is a lot to choose from! You got oysters, a fried seafood platter, cajun jambalaya pasta, seafood gumbo, fried shrimp, and so much more. There is so much to choose from that it can be quite difficult, but we know that you will find something delicious at Oceana Grill!

“The food was SO GOOD that I came back the next day. The gentleman on the phone recommended their best dishes, we got mixed gator bites, fish, some really great Cajun pasta and so on, even their fries were on point!” - Yelp Review 

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Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

Stop at this seafood restaurant with St. Charles Avenue views and great food!

Try out Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar’s signature oysters and other delectable seafood options with St. Charles Avenue views! Image courtesy of Total Happy Hour. 


4338 St. Charles Avenue


Want to try some of the best oysters in all of New Orleans? Look no further than Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar for the freshest and best oysters, along with lots of other seafood options. Located in the historic Uptown New Orleans, Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar features great seafood and even award winning happy hour specials that everyone loves!

Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar offers a great and large selection of seafood options when you decide to stop in. They serve crawfish cornbread, blackened catfish, BBQ shrimp, seafood stuffed mushrooms, fried alligator, grilled salmon salad, and so much more! We know you’ll love your experience at Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar, so stop in today for some great food and a great time! 

“The shrimp pesto risotto is very tasty as well to get a bit of variety during the oyster fest.  The risotto is cooked at the right texture and the shrimp wasn't overcooked.  It's a well-prepared dish.” - Yelp Review 

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Grand Isle Restaurant

Come to this laid back restaurant that serves fresh seafood straight from the coast of Grand Isle!

Try out some fresh seafood that is straight from the coast of Grand Isle Coast in the open, laid back space of Grand Isle Restaurant! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 


575 Convention Center

Warehouse District

Do you like your seafood to be as fresh as possible? Well, we recommend that you stop by Grand Isle Restaurant for some of the freshest seafood in the city of New Orleans. Straight from the coast of Grand Isle, the seafood here is the freshest it can possibly be, along with serving southern beef and poultry too.

We know you’re dying to know what some of the seafood options are at Grand Isle Restaurant. If we read your mind correctly, here are some of the best seafood options they have. These options include smoked fried oysters, baked oysters, BBQ shrimp, shrimp po boys, alligator wings, and so much more! With all of these delicious options at Grand Isle Restaurant, we know that this is the perfect seafood place for you to go to!

“Fried shrimp tossed in a spiced and creamy dressing that has a good smoky taste to it. I would've totally licked all the dressing off that bowl! The shrimp & grits was made perfect and well seasoned with andouille gravy.” - Yelp Review 

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Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House

Experience your oysters in three different ways: grilled, fried, and raw at this fun restaurant!

If you’re a fan of oysters, then Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House is the perfect place for you where you can have your oysters grilled, fried, and raw! Image courtesy of French Quarter.


1327 St. Charles Avenue

Central City

Oysters are great, but what’s even better is that at Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, you can have them three different ways! Whether you want them fried, grilled, or raw, you can enjoy oysters however you see fit. Mr. Ed’s is also known for their southern fried chicken, and other classic seafood and Southern inspired dishes as well!

Mr. Ed’s has lots to offer when it comes to their seafood selection! Besides oysters, you can get other dishes such as crab cakes, pork chops, crawfish beignets, seafood nachos, crispy calamari, alligator jalapeno bites, and so much more! There are so many great food options to choose from, so try out Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House today!

“Delicious charbroiled oysters served up with the best garlic bread I've ever had in my life! Service was fast. We sat at the bar, and the bartender was friendly and funny- which we love!” - Yelp Review

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GW Fins

Try out this seafood restaurant with an ever changing menu of the freshest fish around!

Try out this upscale restaurant that features lots of different seafood options with an ever changing menu! Image courtesy of GW Fins. 


808 Bienville Street

French Quarter

Are you going out for a special occasion, or just want to enjoy a romantic night out with your significant other? Then try out GW Fins today for some great good in this fancy warehouse restaurant. GW Fin takes pride in serving the freshest and finest quality seafood in all of New Orleans, and we know that you will love everything about this restaurant!

GW Fins serves lots of different kinds of seafood and changes its menu often. They serve lots of different dishes, such as lobster dumplings, scalibut, crispy pork belly, parmesan crusted sheepshead, and even firecracker tuna tacos. With all of these delicious choices, we know the most difficult part of GW Fins will be picking which dish you want because they’re all delicious!

“The scalibut was like butter and the red snapper was also very good.  The restaurant itself had very nice decor and the entire staff was extremely professional.” - Yelp Review 

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Red Fish Grill

Seafood, oysters, and po boys, oh my! Check out this restaurant for its many different food selections!

Come to the Red Fish Grill for some of the best places in all of New Orleans to get some tasty oysters, and other seafood options! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 


115 Bourbon Street

Central Business District

Do you love a variety of food options when it comes to seafood? Make sure to stop by the Red Fish Grill for lots of awesome flavors of different kinds of seafood, oysters, po boys, and so much more! The Red Fish Grill is proud to serve fresh fish every single day, and with the lively decor, good food, and good drinks, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop here!

The Red Fish Grill serves some of the best seafood in New Orleans and this includes BBQ oysters, pan-fried Louisiana blue crab cake, creole jambalaya risotto, grilled gulf fish tacos, and so much more! Make sure to stop by the Red Fish Grill today for a great time and some even better food! 

“Red Fish has a pretty diverse menu so I ordered the BBQ Chicken as my main. Loved the BBQ sauce and chicken was tender and great over rice. Our table of 5 all ordered different items and loved them all.” - Yelp Review 

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Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

While sitting in a casual bar setting, enjoy some local seafood and creole food!

Try out some delicious oysters and so much more at Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar today! Image courtesy of Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar.


739 Iberville Street

French Quarter

If you just love oyster bars, look no further than Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar for all of your oyster needs! This restaurant is known for serving local New Orleans seafood, and even a blend of hot and spicy cajun-creole inspired food. With taking pride in New Orleans traditions and culture, and their famous chargrilled oysters are to die for!

Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar is the perfect place to go for a night out with friends or family to be able to have a cold beer to go with your seafood. Some dishes that would go perfect with a beer are charbroiled oysters, turtle soup, blackened alligator, soft shell crabs, and even oysters rockefeller. All of this sounds so good, so why not stop down at Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar today!

“If you love oysters this place is a MUST!  They have them raw, and cooked in any way possible.  You can see them chucking them through the window and the size of these oysters are BIG!” - Yelp Review

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There’s nothing better than a good seafood restaurant that hits the spot after a long day. No matter how you like your seafood, or which type of fish that you enjoy the best, seafood always finds a way to be the best choice, especially if you’re in New Orleans. We hope we were able to help you find the best seafood restaurant with the top seven in New Orleans!

Is there a seafood restaurant in New Orleans that you absolutely love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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