Searching for the Best Mexican Food in Austin? Check Out These Restaurants Now

If you’re like many of us, you are probably itching to get out of your house and get some fresh air. As stay-at-home orders begin to ease up and the city of Austin starts to open up again, it is imperative that we continue to follow social distancing guidelines when we go out. Guests can continue to order food for pick-up or delivery. Craving some Mexican food for your next meal? Check out these top-rated restaurants where you are guaranteed to find the best Mexican food in Austin, Texas.

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GiftYa Partner: Angie’s Mexican Restaurant

1307 E 7th St, East Austin |

Fresh, Authentic Mexican Food for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

The Delux Combo is made of two enchiladas, a taco, and tostada. Image courtesy of Yelp

If you’re looking for a new place to use your GiftYa virtual gift card, check out Angie’s Mexican Restaurant. This popular Tex-Mex restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food in Austin. Guests also enjoy Angie’s Mexican Restaurant for its relaxing, yet upbeat atmosphere. During sunny days in the Fall and Spring, guests can also dine outside on the restaurant’s intimate patio filled with tables for two. 

Angie’s Mexican Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, including Chicken Flautas, Carne Guisada, Chile Relleno, and Chalupas Compuestas. The restaurant also serves freshly-made tacos made with different fillings such as chorizo with beans, egg with beans, barbacoa, and Carne guisada. Large groups are encouraged to share the restaurant’s signature appetizers like the Chile Con Queso or the Chorizo Flameado a la Mexicana. Not matter why you come to Angie’s Mexican Restaurant, you are sure to find a delicious dish to satisfy your taste buds. 

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“This is one of the last old school Tex Mex places in East Austin! The frozen lemonade is different and amazing and a simple cheese enchilada dinner is all you need.” - Yelp Review

Habanero Mexican Cafe 

501 W Oltorf St. South Austin |

Treat Yourself to Some Delicious Fajitas at This Popular South Austin Restaurant

Try the Beef Fajitas the next time you stop in. Image courtesy of Yelp

For 20 years, Habanero Mexican Cafe has served some of the best Mexican food in Austin, Texas. Guests have a wide variety of mouthwatering menu options to choose from. Start your meal off by sharing a plate of Nachos Supreme or some Chile Con Queso. All lunch and dinner plates are complemented with free Chips and Salsa. 

When it is time to pick your main meal, you might find yourself struggling to pick just one plate. If you’re in the mood for enchiladas, consider trying the Supremas Enchiladas, a platter made of two enchiladas with chicken covered in Habanero’s homemade red sauce and white cheese. Tex-Mex specialties such as the Zach Attack — which is a large flour tortilla filled with your choice of filling and beans — and the Habanero Burrito — a flour tortilla stuffed with ground beef, beans, and cheese — are two of the restaurant’s most popular options. 

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“I had potatoes and an egg breakfast taco with jalapenos, tomatoes, and onion. It came with beans and french fries...the chips and salsa were ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! If you want an authentic Mexican lunch/breakfast I would recommend this place. Very homey and very yummy.” - Yelp Review

Licha’s Cantina

1306 E 6th St. East Austin |

Enjoy Filling Dishes Inspired by Mexican Soulfood Cooking 

The Camote — a dish made of roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, piloncillo-chipotle sauce, and pumpkin seeds is one of the most popular menu items. Image courtesy of Yelp

Found in the heart of East 6th Street, Licha’s Cantina serves as the go-to restaurant in Austin for flavorful, authentic Mexican food. Guests are treated to a casual, family-like atmosphere that caters to their needs. 

Licha’s Cantina dishes were inspired by Mexican soul food cooking that the owner, Daniel Brooks, grew up with. All of the restaurant’s masa products are made daily in-house while their proteins are always seasoned with a medley of herbs and spices. Many of their dishes, such as the Tlacoyo de Camaron Con Mole and the Sopes de Lengua, also feature unique garnishes that are not found in your everyday restaurant. These garnishes add a flavorful kick with each bite.  

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“I ordered the Tinga de Pollo sopecito (corn masa cups with black beans), which was filled with chipotle-orange braised chicken, crema fresca, napa cabbage, queso fresco, and crispy chicken skins — soooooooo good!” - Yelp Review

La Cocina de Consuelo

4516 Burnet Rd, Rosedale |

Try Out This Popular Mexican Breakfast Spot in Rosedale

Fill your stomach up with a tasty breakfast burrito. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Known for serving some of the best chicken enchiladas in Austin, La Cocina de Consuelo is a bustling Mexican restaurant popular amongst hungry city dwellers. Whether you are looking for a new casual date spot or a lunch place to stop by during your break from work, La Cocina de Consuelo offers the perfect blend of casual and chic in its comfortable atmosphere. 

Stopping in for breakfast? Order a hearty breakfast burrito or a breakfast plate served with potatoes, refried beans, and a home-made tortilla. If you’re heading in for lunch, order an appetizer to split with the table before diving in on your Taco Salad or Chicken Flautas. 

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“Loved the chilaquiles. The salsa was delicious and authentic. My grandma was with us, and she's worked in the food industry all of her life, so she's quite picky if we go out to eat. She was happy with food, and service. If it's grandma approved then I know it's legit good.” - Yelp Review

Julio’s Cafe

4230 Duval St. Hyde Park |

Some of the Best Mexican Food in Austin Can Be Found Here

The chicken fajita taco plate includes two chicken tacos and a cheese quesadilla filled with onions and bell peppers. Image courtesy of Yelp

Since 1983, Julio’s Cafe has served fresh Mexican food to the Hyde Park community. From its famous roasted chicken to its savory green enchiladas, Julio’s Cafe has a wide assortment of dishes for the perfect lunch or dinner. Breakfast tacos and plates are served from Monday through Friday until 11:30 am, with a looser time restriction on the weekends. Along with their filling lunch and dinner plates, Julio’s Cafe also offers a bar menu featuring beer wine, martinis, and margaritas. 

“Best Mexican restaurant. Come at least once a week for lunch, sometimes more. You have to get the roasted chicken. I usually get the quarter chicken plate with dark meat and refried beans. Fajita tacos great too but roasted is the specialty. Salty crunchy skin, fall off the bone meat. Shred up and taco to your heart's content. Tortilla soup is also awesome, heavy on the veggies and get it with rice.” - Yelp Review

Casa Chapala Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar

9041 Research Blvd, Suite 100, Austin |

Grab a Margarita and Some Chips at This East Austin Hangout

Toast to the start of summer with your best friend. Image courtesy of Yelp

For over 30 years, Casa Chapala Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar has served as the premier destination for the best Mexican food in Austin. Casa Chapala’s authentic Mexican dishes such as their Conchita del Mar and Molcajete are prepared according to traditional family recipes that were handed down through the owner’s family line until it was at last bequeathed to them. Casa Chapala also serves a variety of different tequilas including Blanco, Reposados, and Anejos. Whatever you’re craving, Casa Chapala has the perfect dish for your taste buds. 

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“It's hard to stand out when you're a Mexican restaurant owner in Austin. There are just too many. However, Casa Chapala absolutely stands out in every aspect. First and foremost, the food is delicious. The traditional table side chips and salsa is delicious. Your server creates the salsa in front of you with the level of spiciness to your liking. I ordered the Burrito Verde and was completely satisfied in terms of taste and quantity.” - Yelp Review

The vibrant city of Austin offers a variety of lively Mexican restaurants for its hungry residents. Where do you think visitors can find the best Mexican food in Austin? Tell us your opinion in the comment section now!

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