Out with the Old and in with the New at These Restaurants on Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street is an homage to Frenchmen past, but they’re living in the now these days.

You’ve probably heard of Broadway in New York City. Perhaps you’ve also heard of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Most cities have that one street bursting with music and energy, helping to breathe life into the city. For New Orleans, that street is most definitely Frenchmen Street. As the hub for all things jazz, you’ll find bar upon bar and club upon club playing all of the jazz you could possibly dream of. The catch? Not all of them offer up food to go with the music and libations. That’s why we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find some of the best restaurants on Frenchmen Street.

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Whether you’re worried about having to pay for both a cover to get into one of Frenchmen’s famous jazz clubs and your dinner or you’re just trying to save a little extra money so you can come see these shows more often, there is no shortage of reasons why you might be reluctant to test the waters of what’s affordable. That’s why GiftYa is here. They understand that a fun night out on the town isn’t always something you can swing on a regular basis, and to help you out, they’ve put together a list of restaurants they’ve partnered with to help you get e-gift cards and hopefully take a little chunk out of your bill. Order one for your favorite music fan today!

Three Muses

Caption. Image courtesy of Three Muses Instagram

536 Frenchmen St | Marigny | 3musesnola.com

Because it’s defined as a “source of inspiration,” many people are under the impression that a muse must be something profound or extraordinary, but that’s not always the case. Writers can be inspired by a single line from a song, musicians can be inspired by nature, and chefs can be inspired by something as simple as an herb they’ve only just encountered for the first time.

At Frenchmen Street’s Three Muses, they cite three fairly simple aspects of their everyday lives as the source of their inspiration: food, music, and spirits. 

They are, of course, elements that you will see heavily featured throughout all aspects of the restaurant, but bear in mind that they are also just the beginning - the inspirational spark that set the whole Three Muses mission ablaze.

Here, you’ll find a fairly limited menu as far as eats go, but they treat each and every one of the dishes they offer up for you as a work of art in and of itself. Beautiful presentations in their food and drinks alike are something you can surely expect at this restaurant - not to mention music that’ll make you want to put on your dancing shoes!

“I need to dedicate a whole paragraph to the tastiness of the gumbo. I've had gumbo before but nothing as good as the gumbo here...It's a great restaurant with live music.” - Yelp Review

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Marigny Brasserie

Caption. Image courtesy of Marigny Brasserie Instagram

640 Frenchmen St | Marigny | marignybrasserie.com

When the United States first took possession of New Orleans following the Louisiana Purchase, the colonial Frenchmen who had previously resided there didn’t just up and leave. Rather, they integrated with the newcomers to create the city we now know as New Orleans.

It’s precisely why you’ll find pockets of the city that still speak a bit of French. The French Quarter isn’t called that for no reason, after all - and Frenchmen Street had to be named after some sort of legacy, didn’t it?

There is no restaurant in the city that captures is French history quite like Marigny Brasserie does. Named for the neighborhood it’s located in, as well as an informal, cafe-style restaurant you would typically find in France, you’ll discover a creole twist on plenty of French classics here.

“The food was good and reasonably priced; the pork mac-n-cheese was totally addictive! And let's not forget they have great handcrafted cocktails too. I definitely would go back to The Marigny Brasserie when in NOLA.” - Yelp Review

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Caption. Image courtesy of Adolfo’s Instagram

611 Frenchmen St | Marigny | facebook.com

The best kept secrets are the ones that actually appear as though they’re a secret. If you’re from the area, you’ve probably at least heard of Apple Barrel, the local bar that plays blues and jazz every night of the week.

What you may be less familiar with, however, is the small restaurant located directly above Apple Barrel - called Adolfo’s - where you can find yourself some of the best cajun-style Italian food in the city.

There’s no shortage of cajun and creole joints throughout the city, but it’s pretty rare that you’ll find one incorporating those flavors with Italian cuisine, and especially on Frenchmen where they tend to stick to bar classics, but that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

While you eat, feel free to enjoy the music playing down below, and if you really like it, head down to the bar once you’re finished to enjoy the music live and in person. The acoustics are so good that quite a few local musicians are said to have done their recordings there!

“Our anniversary dinner was so divine and there is magic when the chef Adolfo is in the kitchen (over 30 years)  serving you all of this flavor and love. We will definitely be back!” - Yelp Review

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Dat Dog

Caption. Image courtesy of Dat Dog Instagram

601 Frenchmen St | Marigny | datdog.com

Let’s be realistic: hot dogs probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think about what food you should try out while in New Orleans. Don’t let that dissuade you from stopping by Dat Dog’s Frenchmen Street location when you’re in the area, though!

Dat Dog is an especially great option for you if you plan on heading out to one of the bars or clubs where they play live music all week that don’t actually serve up food that will tide you over until the morning. 

Stop by before you hit the bars, and you can get your hands on gourmet sausages (even alligator from out of the bayou!) or all beef hot dogs with any topping you could imagine. They even give you the opportunity to build your own dog, so nothing is really off limits at this local favorite.

“The menu is really cool because you can build your own dog and they have tons of toppings and sausages to choose from. They have vegan options and a couple sandwiches as well!” - Yelp Review

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Mona’s Cafe

Caption. Image courtesy of Pixabay

504 Frenchmen St | Marigny | monascafefrenchmen.com

Whether you’ve been living amongst cajun and creole southern cooking for a while now or you’re just hoping to be able to try something vastly different to varying dishes of the same dish over and over while you’re in the area, there are actually other options for you out there.

Though it is perhaps not the most expected of cuisines to find amongst the traditional dishes known throughout New Orleans, Mona’s Cafe offers up traditional Lebonese cuisine right on Frenchmen Street - a welcome reprieve, for some, of everything spicy and meat-centric.

A safe space for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Mona’s Cafe offers up some of the best of the best when it comes to Lebanese food you can find in New Orleans - and maybe all of Louisiana. Tuck in for some falafel or gyros or plant-based sandwiches. Oh, and don’t forget to try the baklava at the end of your meal!

“This place is the bomb, as you can see from the empty plates. We had the half and half entree (chicken and beef), red lentil soup and lamb kebab sandwich. All just  the right seasoning and taste. Dope!” - Yelp Review

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13 Monaghan

Caption. Image courtesy of 13 Monaghan Instagram

517 Frenchmen St | Marigny | 13monaghan.com

Can you really say that you’re in New Orleans if you only stick to the restaurants with fine china, crystal glasses, and impeccably presented food? We’re going to have to lean on the side of no.

Any New Orleanian knows that while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in some of the finer food the restaurant has to offer every now and then, most locals tend to enjoy places a little on the grungier side on a day-to-day basis.

Frenchmen Street’s 13 Monaghan is definitely a dive as far as we’re concerned, but they also offer up some of the tastiest food, most satisfying drinks, and friendliest service in the entire city. They’re also one of the few restaurants in New Orleans that makes an effort to provide plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for those who aren’t too keen on the meatier side of the city.

“Unassuming, cheap joint with an array of veggie and vegan options (a boon for an otherwise vegan-challenged city), anti-cop graffiti in the bathrooms, a slammin' jukebox, cheap drink specials, and friendly, down to earth service.” - Yelp Review

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The Maison

Caption. Image courtesy of The Maison Instagram

508 Frenchmen St | Marigny | maisonfrenchmen.com

If you’re on Frenchmen Street, you’re probably not looking for a quiet, intimate place to enjoy your dinner. Frenchmen is famous for its boisterous crowds, overflowing drinks, and - most importantly - its music scene.

There is no restaurant on all of Frenchmen that brings the music quite like The Maison does. Translating to, simply enough, “the house,” The Maison is home to three different levels of entertainment, each floor offering up something a little different on its own stage.

They try to bring the best of the best to this house, so if you’re down to hear some of the best jazz and blues in the city, be sure to make a reservation here for a fantastic show and meal. You can, of course, order food from wherever you sit on the floor, but we recommend somewhere towards the front for prime views of the brilliant musicians.

“They offer dinner reservations, which I would recommend making-- for $40/person you get a drink+entrée as well as prime front-row seating.” - Yelp Review

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A trip out to Frenchmen is always bound to be a good time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your options for good food are spilling over. These are Some of our favorite restaurants on Frenchmen Street. Let us know which one gave you the best meal in the comments below!

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