Nothing Beats These Indian Restaurants In Seattle

Spice Up Your Day in Seattle with Delicious Dishes at these Authentic Indian Restaurants in Seattle

The flavors can’t be compared! Indian cuisine perfectly caters to the range of eaters from those who don’t like spicy food at all to those that can’t get enough heat. If you live in the city of Seattle, or you’re just visiting, you can’t miss out on some of the best tasting Indian food around. Not only will you get comfortable and inviting dining atmospheres with your meal, but the food will make you want to come back every day for the next month. Check out these Indian restaurants near you now!

Indian Food

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Taste of India

One of the finest restaurants of authentic Indian cuisine 

Bring the family to Taste of India’s cozy restaurant. It’ll become the family’s favorite spot to get a tasty family meal. Image courtesy of Taste of India’s Facebook.

5517 Roosevelt Way | University District | 

The dining experience at Taste of India is without comparison! No one does a cozy and friendly atmosphere better. Get your meal started with a pot of delicious chai tea. That will get you ready for the real reason you came, for the amazing food. Their menu has a selection of Indian and Mediterranean dishes. Try authentic Indian dishes like spinach naan, tikka masala, and curries. Vegetarians and vegans will have a lot to order here, with their own section of menu that includes dishes such as shahi korma and vindaloo.  End the night with a scoop of irresistible mango pistachio ice cream.

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“Really fantastic indian food in the greater Seattle area… A few notes: the best chai tea I have ever tried. Amazing samosas. Paneer tikka is what you write home about. Their mango chutney is honestly a kitchen staple…” - Yelp Review

Dakshin South Indian Bistro

Sit down in their contemporary eating area to enjoy traditional dishes

Everything on Dakshin South Indian Bistro looks irresistible. Once you order one item, you’ll want to order everything else to see if it’s all just as high quality. Image courtesy of Dakshin South Indian Bistro’s Facebook

238 Park Ln | Kirkland Square | 

When you first step foot in Dakshin South Indian Bistro, you’ll notice the contemporary and inviting ambiance that adds that little extra comfort to your meal. You’ve come to the right place to enjoy a traditional South Indian dish done right. Enjoy some South Indian staples like rice crepes, steamed rice cakes, and Kerala style layered flat bread. If you’re stopping in but are in a rush, no problem! Dakshin South Indian Bistro has a quick lunch menu that perfectly suits the businessperson on a short lunch break. Don’t miss out on their veggie combos and dosa specials that have simple but examplorary flavors.  

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“This place is delicious!! … The Mysore is very good and the Mysore coconut is a fun treat. Their sambar is delicious and hearty. I love Dosa and have been trying to find a good one- this one is the biggest, freshest and most reasonably priced of them all…” - Yelp Review

Saffron Grill

Innovative dishes of Indian cuisine served here!

Come for the delightful meal with new and interesting flavors. Saffron Grill has a large and wonderfully decorated dining area that makes you want to stay all night. Image courtesy of Saffron Grill’s Facebook.

2132 N Northgate Way | Haller Lake | 

If you’re looking for a new style of Indian cuisine, you have to check out Saffron Grill. They take classic Indian and Mediterranean cuisine and reinvent them into dishes you’ll have to come to try again and again. Saffron isn’t just the name of the restaurant, but also the theme ingredient throughout the dishes. You’ll notice its unique and rich flavor to some extent in the dish you order. This restaurant uses the highest quality ingredients and spices so your meal is as flavorful and fresh as possible. Come by for lunch, dinner, or enjoy their bar during happy hour!

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“What an absolute gem! Saffron Grill is a beauty. This restaurant is very clean, has excellent decor and seating… I am so full not just in my tummy but in my soul as well. The vibe here is family friendly and very soothing…” - Yelp Review

Qazis Indian Curry House

This is the perfect spot to get the taste of your favorite dishes

Qazis Indian Curry House has a perfectly cozy restaurant that makes it a great place for a date. They are also very take-out friendly! Image courtesy of Qazis Indian Curry House’s Facebook.

473 N 36th St. | Fremont | 

Qazis Indian Curry House has dishes packed with spices and flavors, which is why it qualifies to be one of your favorite Indian restaurants in the city. Their friendly staff will serve you some of the freshest ingredients available to make a meal with some powerful flavors. Get a taste of their modern take on classic dishes such as their mango or coconut curry, or vegetable kofta. Qazis Indian Curry House’s freshly baked tandoori breads are definitely a reason for you to stop by, with flavors like garlic, spinach, or mint. Finish a perfect meal off with some traditional Indian desserts. 

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“Qazi's Indian Curry House is definitely in our top 3… And the garlic naan...on point. Best garlic naan I have ever had. Fluffy on top. Slightly crisp on the bottom. Phenomenal. The service was also great…” - Yelp Review

Annapurna Cafe

Experience vibrant flavors from India, Nepal, and Tibet

The food is beautifully presented, but just wait until you take the first bite. You’ll soon find out it’s got even better tastes than looks. Image courtesy of Annapurna Cafe’s Facebook

1833 Broadway | Capitol Hill | 

Once you walk through these restaurant’s doors, you better be prepared for a journey of flavors. The owner of Annapurna Cafe is from Nepal and has traveled to India and Tibet, enough to pick up on their techniques and flavors and bring to you a revolutionary culinary experience. You can’t go wrong no matter what you order. Start off with scrumptious appetizers like tenzing momo and tandoori chicken bites. Annapurna has a menu full of options, from breads and soups to meat and seafood specials, as well as vegetarian specials! Stop by their Yeti Bar for a cocktail and martini. 

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“This my favorite restaurant in all of Seattle. The chicken tikka masala is to die for as well as their naan. They always have a wait and it's no surprise why! I get the same thing every time because it's just that good… Support this local joint!! They're amazing.” - Yelp Review

Kastoori Grill

You’re in for a fulfilling meal prepared with the finest ingredients

What goes better with a hot Indian dish than some cold beer? Kastoori Grill is more than happy to serve it to you. Image courtesy of Kastoori Grill’s Facebook

94 Stewart St. | Downtown | 

Kastoori Grill has the flavors covered! Try one of their Nepali specials; each meal is served with basmati rice and you get to choose your spice level. You’ll love aloo bodi tama or khasi ko masu. They also have kastoori grill specials served with homemade sauce! Kastoori Grill is a haven for meat lovers, with large sections of the menu dedicated to their chicken, lamb, and shrimp entrees. Vegetarians also get their own share of the menu, making this restaurant perfect for a large group of friends with a large range of preferences. 

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“We had butter chicken and Chicken Korma and couldn't decide which was better! Delicious and nice presentation. The garlic naan was fantastic and definitely worth the price! Good portion sizes and friendly staff…” - Yelp Review

From the naan bread to the korma and mango ice cream, there’s no reason not to love Indian cuisine. Seattle is ready to set you up with the best Indian cuisine you’ve had in awhile at these six restaurants. They’re all great places to find a table at with friends, or do take-out with and enjoy the meal at home. No matter how you like your Indian food prepared and enjoyed, these restaurants are sure not to disappoint!

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