Refuel at One of the Best Restaurants Near the Space Needle

Tourists Need to Eat Too, and These Are All Close By

Whether you’re new to town and trying to get your bearings, just visiting for a short stint, or finally taking the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the place you call home, there are all kinds of reasons you might find yourself visiting the Space Needle. While there’s no rule that says you have to eat at a restaurant nearby when you go to see the Space Needle, you never really know when the hunger will strike, so it’s good to know what options are nearby just in case - especially if you plan on making a day of your trip there. Below are some of the best restaurants near the Space Needle.

The Best Restaurant Near The Space Needle

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Caption. Image courtesy of GoldinBlack Instagram

621 Queen Anne Ave N | Lower Queen Anne |

Being a tourist in Seattle shouldn’t mean that you can only have access to traditional American fare like burgers or pizza near the sites of the city. While these may be some of the most popular dishes for Americans at large to enjoy while they’re in the city, it doesn’t mean that everyone wants them the whole time they’re visiting.

If you’ve made the trek out to Seattle and you’re excited to see the Space Needle but not as excited about what your food prospects might be, look no further than GoldinBlack. Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the most delicious Korean food in the city, but you’ll also be able to help support a local family in the process.

All of their food is made from scratch from family recipes, and it really is some of the best in the city. Whether you’re wrapping up a trip to the Space Needle or just looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before you head over, this is the perfect option for people who want to switch it up.

“Cozy little place with great food and fantastic service. This is one of the best places for Korean food in the city and it's this quiet, unassuming place.” - Yelp Review

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Plum Bistro

Caption. Image courtesy of Plum Bistro Instagram

1429 12th Ave | Capitol Hill |

The Pacific Northwest is pretty well-known for creating menus that are specifically catered to vegan people, but if you’re a tourist, you probably don’t know where to look. 

While most restaurants are willing to modify their recipes a little bit to fit your specific dietary needs, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about whether you’re accidentally eating something you’ve sworn off amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy day visiting the Space Needle?

Plum Bistro has put together a menu catered especially towards vegan and vegetarian eaters. Even better: it’s super close to the Space Needle. Pop by for one of the most delicious vegan brunches you’ve ever had before your trip over to the site. You might like it enough to just move in.

“My friend is vegan, and while I'm not, I wanted to make sure I found tasty vegan/vegetarian restaurants that we both would enjoy. I was so happy to run across Plum Bistro and find out that it is black woman-owned!” - Yelp Review

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Black Bottle

Caption. Image courtesy of Black Bottle Instagram

2600 1st Ave | Belltown |

If the Space Needle is your only intended spot for the day, you might be in the mood for something a bit more on the casual side of Seattle dining. And if that’s the case, well, it doesn’t really get much more casual than the way they serve up food at Black Bottle.

A self-proclaimed “gastrotavern,” Black Bottle serves up a variety of shareable plates that are perfect for people who have a hard time deciding exactly what it is that they’d like to eat. Their unique recipes highlight popular PNW ingredients in a way that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Here at Black Bottle, they specialize in a “no frills” kind of atmosphere. You can expect speedy, attentive service and delicious food - but the best part is that it’ll be served the second that it’s ready.

“Wonderful food! The ravioli and flatbread was amazing. A little loud, but in general the ambiance was lovely. Would definitely return!” - Yelp Review

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Tilikum Place Cafe

Caption. Image courtesy of Tilikum Place Cafe Instagram

407 Cedar St | Belltown |

From old industrial workshops to former homes, we’ve seen some restaurants pop up in some pretty strange places over the years. Up until now, however, we’ve never seen a restaurant take over the space of a former...print shop?

Tilikum Place Cafe might be located in a place that once printed out signs, posters, and even business cards, but these days it serves up some of the best breakfast food in all of Seattle - and it does so while putting in the kind of attention to detail that you usually see restaurants give to dinner over breakfast. 

They’ve turned this restaurant into a bit of a neighborhood hub, so you might meet some locals while you’re here, but it’s located so close to the Space Needle that we think it’s a hard chance to pass up on if you’re in the mood for some breakfast food.

“Holy smokes!!! This place is off the chain!! We got take-out and went to eat outside near the Space Needle. I have to say this is probably the best quiche I've ever had.” - Yelp Review

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No Anchor

Caption. Image courtesy of No Anchor Instagram

2505 2nd Ave, Ste 105 | Belltown |

If you’re in town with kids, you might be pretty limited in how many restaurants near the Space Needle you’ll be able to bring them to. If you’re in town and fixing to make a trip out to see the needle without kids, however, you’ve got plenty of options - and one of the best is No Anchor.

As a 21+ restaurant according to Seattle laws about alcohol, you won’t be able to bring the kiddos along to this particular restaurant, but if you don’t have any to begin with, then you’re about to be in great hands.

A beer bar first and a restaurant second (the food is still delicious, don’t worry), this is the perfect place for you to unwind at the end of a long day of sightseeing. Was the Space Needle the last on your list of sites to see for the day? Swing by No Anchor before you leave the area.

“This place is so cool!  Nice outdoor dining. Their chef is a genius producing outstanding PNW food that you shouldn't be able to find at a ‘weird beer’ bar. - Yelp Review

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Caption. Image courtesy of Citizen Instagram

706 Taylor Ave N | Lower Queen Anne |

Beer gardens are popular throughout Germany, but it isn’t often that you’ll find a makeshift one housed on the patio of a restaurant in Seattle that doesn’t even market itself as a German restaurant to begin with.

Here at Citizen, they serve up a variety of dishes with Korean and Mexican twists across breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu items, such as Korean tacos, bulgogi steak salads, and chorizo salsa verde savory waffles.

Out on the patio, you can enjoy a game or two of cornhole while you wait for your food and get to know some of the regulars in the meantime. Swing by before a midday trip to the Space Needle and you’ll only need to walk a short distance to get to your destination!

“Crepes...a must try. I got one with goat cheese and onions and whatever else it came with. Best savory crepe I've had in awhile. Cappuccino and regular coffee were great!” - Yelp Review

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Caption. Image courtesy of Dandylion Instagram

532 Queen Anne Ave N | Lower Queen Anne |

We’ve mentioned that not everyone who’s in the area for a visit is going to want to have their only food options near the Space Needle to be pizza and burgers, and there are a few options to help you explore a little bit.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to experience different cuisines while you’re in the area but aren’t too keen on stepping too far outside of your culinary comfort zone, Dandylion is the perfect blend of traditional American fare and Mediterranean cuisine.

You can enjoy Moroccan meatballs or a burger made out of scallops or even some brussel sprouts tossed with pork belly, brie, and cranberries. Unconventional is probably the word you’ll be looking for when you try to describe this restaurant, but we think it’s just conventional enough to not scare off any tourists in the area to see the Space Needle.

“The drinks, the food, the service are all amazing. If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy organic hone growl dishes and enjoy a specialty cocktail this is your kind of place.” - Yelp Review

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The Space Needle is quite a sight to behold. If you find that you’ve been staring at it for so long that you didn’t even realize you were starting to get hungry, you’re going to want a restaurant nearby to help satisfy that hunger. Let us know which of these restaurants hit the spot in the comments below.

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