Refuel With Carbs and Deliciousness at the Top 7 Pizza Shops in Seattle

Do you prefer pepperoni, plain cheese, veggies, or pineapples on top of your pizza? Whatever you want, make sure to check out the top seven pizza shops in Seattle!

There is nothing better than biting into a cheesy, sauce-filled, thin or thick sliced pizza that comes in many different shapes and sizes. From Sicillian pizza, Chicago pizza, deep-dish, New York-style, and just being able to pick out all of the toppings that you love, there is so much to choose from when it comes to customizing pizza. Pizza is a favorite among millions of people for its uniqueness and because it’s a tasty comfort food lots of people turn to. If you’re in the mood for some pizza, why not check out these top seven pizza shops in Seattle ASAP!

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MOD Pizza

Experience the best pizza in the heart of downtown Seattle you’ll never forget!

Want to enjoy some of the best pizza in Seattle? Make sure to check out MOD Pizza today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

1302 6th Avenue | Downtown |

Do you love pizza just as much as the next person and want to try out one of the best pizza shops in Seattle? Make sure to check out MOD Pizza then! MOD Pizza is located in downtown Seattle known for the funky names that they give their pizza and their customization options that you will love.

At MOD Pizza, you can try plain pepperoni and cheese pizza, pineapple pizza, and their unique pizzas like the Ulysses, the Jasper, My Creature, Mad Dog, and so much more. Each pizza has its own unique set of toppings, so make sure to check out MOD Pizza today for some of the best pizza options for you today!

“Best pizza, best prices, best customer service!  Highly recommend for you locals!!  If we lived here we would be here every week!” - Yelp Review 

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Serious Pie Downtown

Are you “serious” about your pizza? Try out their wood-fired thin-crust pizza!

Come to Serious Pie Downtown where their pizza is top-notch with it’s tasty wood-fired thin-crust! Image courtesy of Serious Pie Downtown. 

316 Virginia Street | Belltown |

Craving some tasty wood-fired pizza? This is a hit among many, so make sure to check out Serious Pie Downtown, which is some of the best in Seattle! Serious Pie Downtown is known for their wood-fired thin-crust pizza served with your choice of beer or wine to perfectly complement the flavor of the pizza.

At Serious Pie Downtown, you can try pizza with unique toppings such as their sweet fennel sausage pizza, soft eggs and pecorino sardo, roasted seasonal mushroom, clam pizza, and even the buffalo mozzarella pizza. Why not try out the many flavors of pizza that Serious Pie Downtown has to offer that you will definitely enjoy!

“The service has always been amazing and chef Tony makes the best pizza I have ever had!! The worst part about moving to the east coast was that I could not eat at Serious Pie anymore!” - Yelp Review 

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Pagliacci Pizza

Opened and serving smiles since 1979 with the best pizza around at this local chain!

Come to Pagliacci Pizza in Seattle and try out their classic pizza specials that you will fall in love with! Image courtesy of Seattle Met. 

4003 Stone Way N | Fremont |

Craving some classic pizza in Seattle? Make sure to check out the Seattle chain, Pagliacci Pizza for some of the tastiest pizza at a great price! Opened since 1979, Pagliacci Pizza has been named one of the best pizza joints in Seattle with their many pizza options, the size of them, and the other side options they offer, such as breadsticks with marinara and more.

Pagliacci Pizza offers some classic pizza options such as cheese, pepperoni, margherita, and other unique kinds, like the Brooklyn Bridge, and many seasonal options depending on what time of the year it is. They also offer breadsticks, caesar salad, and lots more to go with the pizza. Why not check out Pagliacci Pizza today!

“The Seasonals are Always delicious and unique. Local gelato, beer and wine, nice delivery-people. Pagliacci is a Pacific Northwest staple.” - Yelp Review 

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Veraci Pizza Ballard

Enjoy a bustling atmosphere at this pizza joint with wood-fired thin-crust pizzas!

We know you love wood-fired thin-crust pizza, so make sure to check out Veraci Pizza Ballard today! Image courtesy of Seattle Met. 

500 NW Market Street | Ballard |

Looking for a unique pizza shop around the Seattle area? Make sure to check out Veraci Pizza Ballard in Ballard today for their traditional Neapolitan pizza that is handmade every day! Their artisan-style pizza is made with a unique thin-crust that is made in a wood-fired oven with applewood at one thousand degrees to offer a unique flavor.

Veraci Pizza Ballard offers lots of tasty pizza options such as a gluten-free pizza, the New Yorker, the Spicy Tony pizza, pepperoni pizza, and even caesar salads, breadsticks, and more. Make sure to check out Veraci Pizza Ballard right around Seattle for some of the best pizza you’ll ever have!

“I love pizza, of all styles. I crave this pizza frequently, though. I can't spare a lot of room in my stomach for crust, so these thin pizzas are perfect for me.” - Yelp Review 

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Italian Family Pizza

Support your local family-owned restaurant with handcrafted pizza and beer!

Want a huge pizza with plenty to share with your family and friends? Make sure to check out Italian Family Pizza today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

1028 Madison Street | First Hill |

Want to enjoy a slice of pizza or two that is bigger than your hand? Why not come and check out Italian Family Pizza in Seattle, a family-owned local restaurant with huge slices and lots of combinations for toppings! Making homemade and handcrafted pizzas, Italian Family Pizza has lots of different options for pizza that you can pair with a beer, or even their homemade meatballs you’ll love.

Italian Family Pizza offers lots of different kinds of pizza, such as cheese pizza, white pizza, the New Yorker, pepperoni, margherita, and so much more. They even offer stromboli, tomato pie, salads, and even homemade desserts too. Stop by Italian Family Pizza today for some of the best, and biggest pizza around Seattle!

“Not only are the pizza good but it is an attraction on its own. I'm already looking at events so that I can order more pizza from here.” - Yelp Review 

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Big Mario’s Pizza

Enjoy lots of topping combinations for this famous pizza in Seattle!

Come check out Big Mario’s Pizza for some of the best and most delicious pizza in all of Seattle! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

815 5th Avenue N | Lower Queen Anne |

Still on the hunt for the best pizza in Seattle? Come and experience what Big Mario’s Pizza has to offer for you today! If you’re a huge fan of New York-style pizza, then just know that Big Mario’s is the place for you because of its delicious thin-crust pizza that is so big you are able to fold it up and eat it just like they do in New York!

Big Mario’s Pizza is your place to go for their pepperoni pizza, spicoli, black olive, margherita, white pizza, and so much more. All of their food is delicious and handcrafted just for you to indulge and enjoy it just like all of its customers do. With that being said, make a stop to Big Mario’s Pizza ASAP!
“Their pizza makes me rethink eating pizza and how good it should be. The pizzas are large and they have so many uniquely delicious options.” - Yelp Review

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Zeeks Pizza

If you want a thick-crust pizza, then this pizza shop is the one for you!

Do you love the crust on pizza? Make sure to check out Zeeks Pizza for their thick-crust pizza with creative toppings! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

419 Denny Way | Belltown |

Want a tasty slice of thick-crust pizza with some unique toppings? Make sure to stop by Zeeks Pizza, a popular joint in Seattle where you can enjoy some of the best pizza in the city! Zeeks Pizza has lots of unique pizza with creative names to it that you will enjoy reading aloud, but also eating too.

Zeeks Pizza offers pizza with names such as the Dragon, the Kitchen Sink, the Forager, Chicken Club, the Tree Hugger, the Yeti, Buffalo Soldier, and even John Candy. Interested to know what’s on these tasty pizza pies? Why not come to Zeeks Pizza yourself and see if they offer what you’re into!

“Great pizza place to get a quick bite to eat! Lots on the menu to order from simple to fancy.” - Yelp Review 

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We know that the hunt for the best pizza in Seattle can be quite challenging. With thin-crust, thick-crust, wood-fired or not, and even the amount of toppings and what they are is what makes the pizza. If you’re in or around Seattle, make sure to check out one of these seven top pizza shops today to satisfy your hunger!

Is there a pizza shop in Seattle that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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