9 Mexican Restaurants in Homestead, FL That Will Spice Up Your Evening

A List of the All the Great Mexican Restaurants You Can Find Around Homestead, Florida

Hello and welcome to my article on Mexican restaurants you can find around Homestead, Florida. Homestead had so many great Mexican places that it was hard to choose which restaurants would make the list today. So I tried to get a little bit of variety. You can expect everything from authentic Mexican cuisine to Taco Bell as an option when you are in Homestead. And for each of these restaurants, I will give you a summary of their style, a link to their website (or their menu), as well as a Yelp review so you can see what other customers have had to say about them.

On top of all of that, I will also give you a convenient link anytime one of these Mexican places accepts our digital GiftYa gift cards. The nice thing about their digital format means they can be bought, sent, and received wirelessly in just seconds. Which makes them a really great gift option because you can always be sure it will get to the recipient on time. 

But that’s enough about the brand for now, let’s get to all those great Mexican places in Homestead that you were looking for!

1 -  La Cruzada Restaurant

Local Family Owned Mexican Place That’s Been Serving the Homestead Area for Over 15 Years

331 Park Pl | Homestead | lacruzadarestaurant.com

La Cruzada restaurant is owned by a Miami/Homestead local who strives to deliver authentic Mexican food and share it with their amazing team and customers. They’ve been around since 2007 so you know they must be onto something. Many restaurants never make it out of their first year. It’s amazing this place was able to survive their first couple years given the economic downturn in 2008. Any restaurant that can survive in such tough circumstances and come out thriving, is definitely on to something. 

And I think what they are onto is serving people’s favorite Mexican dishes in a high quality and authentic way. You can get all your favorites like burritos, quesadillas, chips and guacamole, and a wide variety of tacos and other entrees. They were even featured as Miami’s best spot for Mexican food by Trip Advisor in 2016 so you know that they have been delivering high quality authentic Mexican food that blows people away for years now.

“WOW hands down best taco birrias ever! Their food is amazing! Little hole in the wall with a pretty big menu and affordable prices. Their tacos birria were so soft and the tacos al pastor tasted like if you were in mexico. If I'm ever back in Homestead I'll come back for sure!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Taqueria Cinco Hermanos

Fantastic Mexican Food Truck That Makes for A Perfect Lunch

941 West Palm Drive | Florida | taqueriacincohermanos.com

The absolute best Mexican food truck you can find in Homestead is going to be Taqueria Cinco Hermanos. And I usually don’t recommend a food truck in the top three spots on a list, mostly because none of them have had such good reviews. By Taqueria CInco Hermanos seems to be beloved by everybody who stops by. 

There are many people who consider it the best Mexican place in all of Homestead. But they don’t have the same track record as La Cruzada so I didn’t feel confident placing them any higher. They have everything from tacos and quesadillas to enchiladas and tostadas. So you can expect to be able to get your favorite classic Mexican cuisine served up fast and with a smile.

“Best tacos in this town. Quick enough turn over during a very busy lunch time. Nice service as well.” - Yelp Review 

3 - El Rincon De Jalisco

30360 Old Dixie Hwy | Homestead | facebook.com/elrincondejalisco1

El Rincon De Jalisco makes it to the number three spot on the list for a couple of reasons. First of all, they also have an enormous amount of positive customer feedback. But in addition to that, they serve Mexican food, and seafood. So if you are looking for something that is a little new and unique for your next Mexican meal then this might be a great spot for you. The nice thing about a Mexican place that also serves seafood is that they can offer great options that take a classic and put a unique spin on it.

“Food was delicious, I had the shrimp tacos. Tasted very fresh and authentic. The service was also great, our waitress was very sweet and attentive. Definitely coming back !” - Yelp Review 

4 - Taqueria Morelia - Florida City

A Great Taqueria and Mexican Place In Nearby Florida CIty

961 W Palm Dr | Florida City | taqueriasmorelia.com

Taqueria Morella has been around since 2007. So they have been successfully serving authentic Mexican food to a loyal customer base for over 15 years. And I always love to recommend a restaurant that is that kind of consistent when I make these lists. I can have peace of mind knowing that if you go to Taqueria Morelia they aren’t going to disappoint. They deliver time after time after time. 

They make homemade tortillas every day. And those tortillas are used to create all kinds of great entrees and appetizers that are served up with a wide variety of great sauces. You can count on them having a lot of menu depth with plenty of options that include all of your favorites served up in an authentic and delicious fashion.

“Closest to real authentic Mexican I've had in a while . I'm Mexican from LA so that's saying a lot . I struggle a lot locating places that capture the essence of authentic Mexican food here in south Florida but this is definitely my favorite place to hit up anytime I'm down south . Absolutely recommend. My favorite are the nachos” - Yelp Review 

5 - Puerto Vallarta

Authentic Mexican Food That’s Been Served Up Successfully for Over 20 Years

Image courtesy of Yelp.

24811 S Dixie Hwy | Homestead | vallartaseafood.com

Puerto Vallarta might be the oldest restaurant on the list today. They were first established in the year 2000 and they have been serving delicious Mexican cuisine with authentic flavors the whole time. Puerto Vallarta Mexico was the childhood home of the owner and head chef. He named the restaurant after his beloved hometown from his childhood to honor his heritage and home.

In the 22 years since they have been open Puerto Vallarta has been family owned and operated. So you can feel good knowing that your dollar is going to support a real local small business. And nothing makes a great meal better than knowing that it was also a dollar well spent. 

“They are well known for the seafood dishes they serve. It's a great family restaurant” - Yelp Review 

6 - Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant

Another Great Local Place With Amazing Enchiladas

27 N Krome Ave | Homestead | casitatejas.com

Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant is another great local Mexican place that strives to serve authentic Mexican cuisine. The thing that brought them down the list is that they seem to be fairly hit or miss. They seem to get as many five star reviews as they do three star reviews. 

So in my honest opinion, there are better Mexican places further up the list, but there are plenty of people who think this is the best Mexican place in the city. So if I were you I would go in with mild expectations and you might end up very happily surprised.

“Casita Tejas is our go-to Mexican restaurant! My favorite is the Swiss enchiladas. That sauce is amazing! I wish I could order a spoon and a bowlful” - Yelp Review 

7 - Chili’s 

A Sit Down Mexican Restaurant Chain

Grab a Chili’s gift card by using this link!

2220 NE 8th St | Homestead | chilis.com

Chili’s is the first entry on the list that is part of a large national chain. If you are looking for Mexican cuisine served up fast in a relaxing sit down atmosphere then Chili’s would make a great spot for you. If you are looking for super high quality, authentic, and fresh Mexican Cuisine then this isn’t really gonna fit the bill for you. But if you want something safe and familiar then you really aren’t gonna be disappointed with Chilis. It will fill you up at a reasonable price and leave you satisfied.

“Came here for happy hour and I wasn't disappointed. They have it all day everyday with 2 for 1 margs, wells, and draft beers too! No specials on the apps but it's a pretty sweet deal on the drinks. The bartender was pretty chill and nice. I'll def come back for sure.” - Yelp Review 

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8 - Chipotle

A Popular Mexican Grill Franchise With A Location In Homestead

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2500 NE 10th Ct | Homestead | chipotle.com

Chipotle is a popular fast food chain that specializes in Tex-Mex/Cali-Mex style food. So they aren’t exactly going for authenticity. What they are going for is filling burritos, bowls, quesadillas, and salads served up as fast as possible. If you really want to get a good bang for your buck then order a burrito bowl and get a flour tortilla on the side. You can end up getting a whole burrito with plenty left over and end up getting two meals for the price of one, which really helped me out when I was a hungry college student. 

“Solid burrito bowl! I got lettuce, corn, beans, cheese, chicken, and pico! A lot of seating options and a nice outdoor patio. The reason for the 4 star is the wait is always long. I recommend ordering ahead of time on the app.” - Yelp Review 

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9 - Taco Bell

Popular National Mexican Fast Food Chain

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987 North Homestead Blvd | Homestead | tacobell.com

I’m pretty sure everybody who has read this far into an article about Mexican restaurants is familiar with Taco Bell, but if anybody isn’t aware, they are a popular Mexican fast food chain. You aren’t going to get amazing authenticity, or even the greatest quality, but you are going to get it fast.!

“Fast service (around 10pm), well made Burritos compared to other Taco Bells i've had (less rice and beans but more meat and cheese, which I prefer) Nice cashier. Not many people(10pm). Overall I liked it !!” - Yelp Review 

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And that concludes my article on the Mexican places you can find in Homestead, Florida. To be honest there was so much great Mexican food in the city that I was barely able to fit it all on this list. I tried my best to try to get something for everybody on the list. So everything from high quality authentic Mexican cuisine to Taco Bell made it onto the list today. But if you’ve gotten this far into the article and have decided maybe you aren’t in the mood for Mexican afterall, then be sure to check out one of our other great articles on restaurants in Homestead!

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