6 Hidden Gem Haitian Restaurants Near Homestead, FL

These Restaurants May Not Be Big, But They’re Serving Up Some of the Biggest Haitian, Jamaican, and Caribbean Flavors Around

Haitian cuisine has had an enormous impact on the food scene in America’s south east, and Homestead, FL is no exception. Haitian food is a type of Creole cuisine that brings together flavors and techniques from a wide variety of sources, reflecting the African, French, indigenous Taíno, Spanish, and Arab influences on the island of Hispaniola where Haiti is located.

Whether you grew up on Haitian cuisine and are looking for a meal that tastes like home, or you’re looking to broaden your culinary horizons, we’re sure that we’ve found a Haitian restaurant near Homestead that will fit your needs.

To make things easy, we’ve also gathered reviews, links to websites, and even pointed out which of the restaurants on this list currently accept GiftYa.

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1 - West Mowry Restaurant

An Unpretentious Family-Run Haitian Restaurant with Big Flavor

328 W Mowry Dr | Homestead | www.facebook.com/West-Mowry-Restaurant

If you’re searching for the best Haitian food in Homestead, you’re looking for big flavors. This family-owned and operated hidden gem certainly fits the bill with its authentic Haitian and Caribbean dishes. 

One of their popular dishes – griot – is made up of flavorful marinated pork shoulder, which comes complete with a bed of fresh veggies to round out the dish. You also can’t go wrong with the Taso kabrit – fried goat, which is a dish you might not find at other restaurants around Miami.

“Hidden gem in South Florida.  Best Hatian food in Miami hands down.  The Grio and Stewed Chicken are amazing.  Be sure to bring cash, I don't believe they accept credit cards.  They have a great Caribbean menu and everything I've ever had has been awesome.  It's definitely worth the drive anywhere in Miami or the Keys.” - Yelp Review 

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2 - Crafty Crab - The Falls

Haitian Flavors and Fresh Seafood Make For A Delicious COmbo

8705 SW 136th St | Miami | www.craftycrab136.com

Haitain flavors have had a big impact on cuisine across the southeast United States, including Cajun/Creole cuisine like you can find at the Crafty Crab. The Crafty Crab owes its popularity in part to its unique blending seasonings. They make a mean low boil in the New Orleans style – a city with a notable Haitian population and plenty of Haitian influence in its culinary scene.

Whether you prefer your seafood fresh, fried, boiled, or steamed, there’s something on the Crafty Crab’s menu that’s sure to satisfy. The fried oyster, dungeness crab boil, raw oysters, and lobster special are all popular options, depending on what you prefer.

“Excellent dining experience. Also had delivered and same thing. Delicious! Highly recommend trying if you've enjoyed Cajun boils. Got to try the gumbo” - Yelp Review 

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3 - Yardie Spice

Jamaican and Haitian Cuisine with Plenty of Vegan Options

225 S Krome Ave | Homestead | www.yardiespicehomestead.com

Since it opened in 2013, Yardie Spice has been adding some heat to Homestead’s local food scene. Their take on authentic Haitian and Jamaican dishes offers a modern interpretation while keeping the spirit of the food authentic. When you’re looking at the menu, don’t be alarmed by all of the “spice.” Most of the dishes at Yardie Spice use spice to pack in deep, layered flavors rather than heat that will have your eyes watering.

The jerk chicken wings are one of Yardie Spice’s best-selling options, but you can’t go wrong with the empanadas or curry lentils, too!

“We went to Yardie Spice after a long day of travel, hungry and exhausted. The staff were incredibly kind and friendly, and the food was incredible! Some of the best food I had in Southern Florida- the sautéed shrimp was to die for! We ordered a lot of food and devoured all of it- surely a memorable meal and experience!” - Yelp Review 

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4 - O’Deeny’s Caribbean Restaurant

Your One Stop Shop for Caribbean Flavors in Homestead, FL

1380 N Krome Ave | Florida City 

Craving the bold flavors of Caribbean cuisine? O’Deeny’s Caribbean restaurant has you covered with authentic Haitian food, Jamaican dishes, and more. From juicy jerk chicken to flavorful griot, O’Deeny’s will transport your taste buds to tropical Caribbean isles. 

Locals love the food, but they love the owners of O’Deeny’s Caribbean Restaurant too. And as a small restaurant tucked away in an unassuming cluster off stores, it’s easy to miss. However if you’re looking for some of the best Haitian food in Homestead, you’ll be happy you took the time to seek out this hidden gem.

“Fire!! The best Haitian food in Homestead that I've had the pleasure to experience. Definitely would recommend others try this” - Yelp Review 

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5 - Sak Pase Restaurant

Successful Haitian Restaurant That Just Opened a New Location in Miami

Text a Sak Pase Restaurant gift card

27156 S Dixie Hwy | Naranja | www.sakpasenaranja.com

You might not expect to discover delicious Haitian food directly off the highway, but that’s just what you’ll find at Sak Pase Restaurant. Their original restaurant – the Naranja location– has been so successful that the owners have recently expanded to a second location in Miami, making it easier than ever to get your hands on tasty Haitian cuisine near Homestead.

But what makes Sak Pase Restaurant so special? Yes they have friendly service, but the real star of the show is the food. Enjoy classic dishes like griot (fried pork) with plantains, tassot boeuf (fried beef), ragou pied cochon (pigs feet), tassot cabrit (fried goat), and jerk chicken. For younger kids or anyone in your group that’s not craving Haitian flavors, Sak Pase also prepares a number of tasty American options – like chicken fingers, hot dogs, and fries.

Still hungry? Order something sweet off of the dessert menu. There are only a few options, but with flavor-packed offerings like these, you’ll still have trouble choosing. Pain patate? Lemon cake? Rum cake? The choice is yours – no matter which one you go with, we’re sure you’ll join dozens of other satisfied customers leaving rave reviews for this restaurant, which has a 4.5 star rating on Yelp as of this writing.

“This place was delicious!!! Bringing Haitian and loving Haitian food...this place hit the spot. The owner, Jean even came out and introduced himself and was very nice and thanked us for coming there to try it out. It was truly delicious and tasted like my family's cooking” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Sak Pase Restaurant

6 - Le Jardin Haitian Restaurant

A Hole-in-the-Wall Haitian Food Hidden Gem

14814 N St Rd | Ft Lauderdale 

Not to be confused with nearby Le Jardinier (Michelin star rated, but decidedly not Haitian with its classical French cuisine), Le Jardin is a hidden gem located near Homestead in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. With big portions and even bigger flavors, and hardly any internet presence to speak of, Le Jardin is one of Homestead’s best-kept secrets.

If you’re new to Haitian cuisine, be prepared to Google the menu items – translations are not offered on the signage, but the photographs should help steer you in the right direction. Looking for recommendations? Some of their most popular dishes include lambi (conch stew), mais fawdi (cornmeal dish similar to polenta), and of course the griot (fried pork). And don’t forget about sides – Le Jardin is serving up rice, plantains, and a variety of other tasty items to round out your Haitian restaurant experience.

“Fried goat and griot is something serious here‼ Rice real good here to. They don't have Djon Djon but all they rice is good ‼‼Trust me this is a real Hatian restaurant full of flaaavaa” - Yelp Review 

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That’s it for Haitian Restaurants near Homestead, FL!

There you have it! All the best rated Haitian restaurants you can find in and around Homestead. We’ve covered some of the hottest Haitian, Jamaican, and Cajun/Creole restaurants in town, and we hope that one of them is starting to look a lot like your next lunch or dinner!

And remember, if you want to treat someone you love to a tasty Haitian food meal in Homestead, we marked off which of these restaurants accept convenient GiftYA digital gift cards. 

Be sure to come back soon because we are always adding new restaurants, hotels, and things to do to the GiftYa catalog, and we’re always writing new guides to cities around the country for the GiftYa blog. Stay tuned to find new things to do in your hometown, or get a little help planning your next trip!

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