10 Things to Do in Homestead, FL on Your Own, With Friends, and with Little Ones

From Natural Attractions and Parks to Zoos and Wineries, Here Are Our Top Ways to Spend a Day Around the Everglades

Hello and welcome to my article on the fun things there are to do around the Homestead area in Florida. As you might expect, the list has lots of great outdoor activities where you can enjoy Florida's natural beauty and wildlife. But I tried to get something for everybody on this list. And for each of these great activities in Homestead I will give you a quick review, a link to their website, their address, and I’ll even provide you with a handy link anytime one of these locations accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

The digital format of GiftYa really makes them superior to those clunky plastic cards that most gift cards are in. Since they are completely digital they can be bought and sent wirelessly in just seconds. And once the recipient has the card on their phone, they never have to worry about being out and about on the town without their gift cards because they are all stored digitally right in their pocket. And their digital format also means you never have to worry about doing math to keep track of the balance. Your phone’s calculator does all of that for you!

But that’s enough about how GiftYa work, let’s get to that list of fun things to do in Homestead that you were looking for!

1 - Everglades Alligator Farm

What Might Very Well Be the Quintessential Florida Experience 

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40351 SW 192nd Ave | Homestead | everglades.com

Everglades Alligator Farm is kind of exactly what it sounds like. It’s an alligator farm that welcomes customers and viewers on to the property to help educate them about alligators and the everglades themselves. They provide a pretty unique experience because you get to go on an airboat ride, see an alligator performance, and an alligator feeding. And that is on top of the wider access you get to the park.

What I think I like best about Everglades Alligator Farm is that it offers such a unique and entertaining experience that it’s easy to forget how educational it is. I think it’s fun for people of all ages, but if you are a parent who is trying to get your kid to pay attention to something other than screens for an afternoon then I think it is the best location on the list. It’s educational, but they might not even notice with all the fun they are having. 

“Great experience! We loved learning about the flora and fauna of the everglades. The shows were both entertaining and educational. Kissing an alligator was not on my to do list but it was definitely an interesting experience. Can't wait to bring my kids and grandkids next time.” - Yelp Review

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2 - Schnebly Redland’s Winery

An Amazing Winery Loved By Locals and Travelers Alike

30205 SW 217th Ave | Homestead |  schneblywinery.com

Schnebly Redland’s Winery is one of the highest rated attractions anywhere around the Homestead area. Like any winery, they are going to offer tastings of their different wines. But they also host all kinds of big events at Schnebly’s as well. They have parties, brunches, dinners, and live music, so be sure to check out their website to see all the upcoming events they have on the calendar.

But they have plenty to offer in the way of wine as well. They have a unique selection of wines made from tropical fruits. So you can find wines that you would never find at the local wine and spirits store. You honestly are gonna wanna do a tasting just to get to try so many new things at once. And once you have tried all the wine and found your favorite(s), you can buy a bottle to take home with you and share with friends the next time you have a get together. 

“Wine tasting 305 style. Beautiful grounds with waterfalls. The bartenders and staff are super helpful and friendly! … …We didn't have a reservation but were accommodated right away at the bar. Loved every wine but my favorites were the Cocovino and the Chocolate Passion!! Loved my time here!!!” - Yelp Review 

3 - Coral Castle

Has Been Referred to as America’s Stonehenge

28655 S Dixie Hwy | Homestead | coralcastle.com

Scientists and scholars have been baffled for generations by how one man could construct such a monument out of coral rock. And it has been wildly successful since it first opened in 1923. But it’s been especially popular over the past 50 years as the media has been sure to spotlight it over and over again. It’s been on everything from the Discovery Channel to the Travel Channel. But if this is your first time hearing about it, don't feel bad. I hadn’t heard about it before I started researching for this article.

Honestly this is one of those things in the area that should be a must stop on your list. You don’t want to look back and know that you didn’t go when you could have gone. Come check out this beautiful mystery that is nestled between Miami and the Florida Keys for a once in a lifetime experience. 

“One of the absolute most unique places to visit- I do think it's overpriced for what it is- but the tour guides give adequate time to look and snap photos.” - Yelp Review 

4 - Zoo Miami

The Largest Zoo In Florida

12400 SW 152nd St | Miami | zoomiami.org

The zoo in Miami is really a great spot where you can spend the whole day if you are willing to make the hour drive over to Miami. It’s the largest zoo in Florida (and the fifth largest zoo in the US) so you can be sure you can fill an entire day up looking at all the amazing animal exhibits. It happens to be the only tropical zoo in the US given its amazing location in Southern Florida. 

The fact they are a tropical zoo means that they can host a wide variety of animal species from all over Africa, Australia, and Asia. They have over 500 different species of animals and are even protecting over 40 species that are considered endangered. So even if you have been to zoos before and think you have seen it all, Zoo Miami is THE ZOO in the US that is going to have something new and unique to offer you. 

“This place was very family friendly. I have the best time in the best zoo in the country!! My family loves coming here. Keep the animals healthy!!!!!” - Yelp Review 

5 - Fruit & Spice Park

The Preeminent Collection of Tropical Plants

24801 SW 187th Ave | Homestead | redlandfruitandspice.com

If you are looking to spend a day connecting with nature out in the fresh air, then I literally can’t think of a better spot than the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. It’s 37 acres of tropical paradise in Southern Florida. There are over 500 varieties of exotic fruits, herbs, and spices from tropical environments around the world.

This is honestly the most relaxing activity on the list I think. 37 acres of tropical paradise is a lot of tropical paradise to enjoy. You will be able to reconnect with nature, and learn a lot about different plant species from around the world. If you are looking to expand your horizons and spend a day in the beautiful sunshine, then this is going to be the perfect spot for you and your group the next time you are in Homestead.

“This place was very interesting. They give you a fresh fruit sampler that was cut that morning from fruits grow onsite.  The tram tour was very informative!  You were able to smell cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and many other spices.  The tram tour lasted for 1 hour.” - Yelp Review 

6 - Everglades Outpost Wildlife Refuge

An Amazing Animal Sanctuary That’s Been Saving Wildlife for Over 40 Years

35601 SW 192nd Ave | Homestead | evergladesoutpost.org

If you’ve already been to the zoo in Miami, but are still craving an outdoor adventure filled with tons of animals that you can learn about, then this wildlife refuge is gonna be a great spot for you.

The Everglades Outpost Wildlife Refuge has been an animal rescue and sanctuary for over 40 years. And you can tell that they really care about the animals because they operate entirely as a non-profit. So you don’t have to feel like you are contributing to the mistreatment of animals when you stop in for a visit. Their goal is to rehabilitate and release any and all Florida wildlife that comes through their door. So it’s not that they trapped the animals and are putting them on display. They rescued them, and educate people on how they care for them and take care of them.

“We took a middle school field trip here and everything about this place was outstanding. We got to see and hear about each animal at the outpost. They were well taken care of, and the staff were patient and kind with our students. We loved every minute. Recommend 10/10.” - Yelp Review 

7 - Homestead Bayfront Park

A Nice Local Beach For A Day In the Sun

9698 SW 328th St | Homestead | miamidade.gov

Homestead Bayfront Park is the city park and beach that is open to the public. So if you are just trying to spend a day out in the sun and the water then this is going to be a great spot for you. Like any park, it’s family friendly and welcoming to people of all ages. You can swim, tan, fish, have a picnic, or whatever else you like to do at the beach at this great location in Homestead.

“Nice park where you can fish, swim & enjoy some fun in the sun with family! The place is hardly packed, so it's nice for those that like a little seclusion.   :)” - Yelp Review 

8 - Chuck E. Cheese

A Fantastic Place to Take Kids for A Fun Filled Afternoon

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18575 S Dixie Hwy | Miami | chuckecheese.com

I’m gonna guess that a lot of you are already familiar with Chuck E. Cheese. But if this is the first you have heard of them, they are a pizza restaurant that features live robotic music performances, as well as tons of games and activities for kids. Honestly I always had a great time as a kid when we would go to Chuck E. Cheese, so if you are looking to keep your kids thoroughly entertained for an afternoon, this is a great spot for you. 

“This chuck e cheese is close to us so we frequently take the kids.  It's usually pretty clean and the employees are for the most part helpful and nice” - Yelp Review 

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9 - AMC Theaters

A Great Theatre Where You Can Catch All the Latest Releases

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11865 Sw 26th St | Miami | amctheatres.com

Although there have been huge advancements in home theaters over the past decade or so, you really can’t beat the theater experience for watching a movie. My biggest complaint about watching movies at home is that you constantly have to reach for the remote because the movies aren’t mixed for at home viewing. They are all scored and mixed with the idea that you are in a large theater with excellent sound equipment. There’s nobody else who can hear the movie except the audience in the theater so you can just sit back and enjoy, and you don’t have to ever break your immersion in the movie by having to reach for the remote to turn it up or down. 

“We went to this theater because of the price and it didn't disappoint. The only bad thing was that it a little hot in the theater. I'd definitely recommend this place for movie watching” - Yelp Review 

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And there you have it! That is my list of some of the great things there are to do around the Homestead area in Florida. I tried to keep restaurants off the list because we have so many articles focused on the great food around the area that it felt unfair to feature restaurants on this list. And as you might expect being in Southern Florida, Homestead is filled with all kinds of great outdoor activities so you can enjoy the sun. But I made sure to get some indoor activity son here too in case you are looking for something fun to do on a rainy day,

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