8 of the Best Hikes in Moab for Every Experience Level

From Family and Beginner Friendly to Advanced Treks, This is Our List of the Best Hiking Trails You Can Find Around Moab, Utah!

Moab is a city that is surrounded by absolutely beautiful natural features and topography. Its close proximity to places like Arches National Park also makes it a popular vacation destination for people all over the world. So if you are planning a trip or vacation to Arches or Moab anytime soon, and are hoping to soak in as much of the natural beauty as possible, I have something I think will come in handy. 

Today I have a list of some of the best hikes you can find in the area. I’ll list the hikes in order of difficulty so that way you can quickly find the hiking trail that is right for you. But since most of these hikes are in Arches National Park itself, you will have to fork over the money for at least a day pass in order to get in the park and find the trailheads.

But enough with the introduction, let’s get right to that list of great hikes that you can find near Moab, Utah that brought you here in the first place!


1 - Double Arch Trail

One of the Most Accessible Hikes Anywhere Around Moab!

.6 Miles | Arches Entrance Road | nps.gov/places/double-arch

Double Arch is one of the most popular pieces of natural landscape in all of Arches National Park. And it’s pretty easy to see why. It is the tallest (112 ft) in the entire park, and it even the second-longest (144 ft) arch in the park as well. You can see the arch pretty well from the parking spot at The Windows, but if you want to hike out and get a better look at this magnificent natural feature you are in luck! 

The hike carries you along a gentle slope with a total elevation change of only about 30 ft. And on top of that the hike is only a little around a half mile for a round trip. So you can expect the trip to only take you somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. And since the trail is so packed down and gentle it’s widely accessible to just about everybody. Which is one of the reasons I like this trail so much. Even if a member of your hiking party is in a wheelchair, they will still be able to enjoy this trail with you with just a little bit of assistance. 

And I love to be able to recommend trails and hikes in the park that are accessible for everybody. Our national parks are one of our country’s most beautiful and treasured natural resources and I think they should be enjoyed by each and every American who wants to see them!

“This was one of my favorite arches in the Arch National Park for its beautiful views! Easy hike for all ages :)” - Yelp Review 

2 - Window Loop Trail

A Great Hike That is Considered the Beating Heart of Arches National Park!

1 Mile | Windows Section (Arches National Park) | nps.gov/the-windows-section-trailhead

The nice thing about the Window Loop Trail is that it actually takes you by a couple of great natural features in Arches National Park, which might be why it is considered to be the beating heart of Arches. This includes Turret Arch, North Window, South Window, and Double Arch. And you can see all these great natural features on a hike that is only around one mile total length for the round trip. There’s about 100 ft of elevation change on the trail so you can expect it to take you around half an hour to an hour total to hike it. 

The only downside is that because it has so many great natural features to see, along with the fact that the hike is pretty easy/accessible, means that it is going to be pretty packed with other hikers and backpackers during the busy season at the park. So if you go in the busy season and are hoping to get a parking spot near the trail, you will want to get there before 9AM or a bit later in the afternoon to avoid the park trail congestion

“Great Hike but very crowded. Go to the Turret arch as well, and you can really climb around on the rocks. Makes for great picture taking as well.” - Alltrails Review 

3 - Landscape Arch Trail

This Easy Hike Near Moab Takes You By the Crown Jewel of Devils Garden!

1.9 Miles | Devils Garden | nps.gov/places/landscape-arch-trail

If you start at the trailhead for Landscape Arch you can actually set off on a few different options. The easiest hike is to the Landscape Arch itself. It’s about a 2 mile hike round trip with only about 40 ft of elevation change over the entire hike. So you can expect it to take you around half an hour to an hour to complete depending on how you pace yourself. But it will be worth the trip because Landscape Arch is considered the crown jewel of Devils Garden. And it’s easy to understand why when you find out that Landscape Arch is the longest (306 ft) arch on the entire continent of North America! 

In addition to Landscape Arch, you can also hike to the Double O Arch or hike the entire Devils Garden Trail. The trip to Double O Arch is around 4 miles with 275 ft of elevation change over the course of the trail. It’s considered to be a more strenuous hike so you can expect it to take between two and three hours round trip. If you hike the entire Devils Garden Trail you are going to be in for an even more strenuous hike and you can check out that trail further down the list!

“Beautiful rock arch. The hike was not bad if you're used to hiking it's just 1.2 miles and the trail is well maintained and there's no way of getting lost here. On the way to the arch you'll see some amazing rock formations and the color of the fine sand beautiful rust orange. Nice to take pics at sunrise.” - Yelp Review 

4 - Grand View Point Trail

Spectacular Views and Geology Talks On This Easy Hike Near Moab

2 Miles | Canyonlands National Park | nps.gov/places/grand-view-point

The Grand View Point trail lies at the most southern end of the Island in the Sky Scenic drive. You can take a short sidewalk over to a spectacular viewpoint and from the point itself you can see all sorts of valleys and canyons for miles. And from that initial viewpoint you can set off on the hiking trail to take you to a great secondary viewpoint. The trail itself is around 2 miles roundtrip with about 75 ft of elevation change over the course of the trail. So this hike is pretty easy overall and only takes about an hour and a half to complete. 

Unfortunately the trail itself can be rocky and uneven so it isn’t wheelchair accessible. But for those of you who can enjoy it, it really is a pretty easy trail that you get a lot out of. It provides jaw dropping panoramic views as you travel around the canyon's edge. And if you are hoping to get a little something extra out of your hike, park rangers present geology talks (during the spring through the fall) that explain the history of the land and how it turned into an area with such spectacular views.

“One of the most breathtaking places I've seen.  We only explored the Island in the Sky area, but there are so many great views there.  Buck Canyon Overlook and Grand View Point are definitely ones to see.” - Yelp Review 


1 - Fisher Towers Trail

See One of Utah’s Most Bizarre Natural Landscapes

5 Miles | RIver Rd | visitutah.com

Fisher Towers National Recreation Trail is easily accessible from State Route 128 to the east of Moab. The trail was designated as a national Recreation Trail about 15 years ago and it’s pretty easy to see why. You can see stunning views of the Colorado River Basin which includes beautiful natural features like Castle Rock, Castle Valley, and the famous Book Cliffs.

The trail itself is around 2.5 miles and around 5.2 miles round trip. It starts at the base of Fisher Towers and you will explore the trail surrounded by a maze of incredible soaring sandstone towers. But with close to 700 ft of elevation across the entire hike it is considered to be moderately difficult so it can take between two and three hours to complete. And since there is only limited shade on the trail be sure to take plenty of water with you and apply your sunscreen before you set out.

“Fisher Towers is yet another example of the amazing geology that surrounds Moab.  Instead of sheer cliffs, however, you'll find convoluted towers that look more like gothic cathedrals. The climbing routes here aren't exactly the best quality rock-wise, but if you're up for adventure this is the place.  If you're not a climbing the hiking views are just as enjoyable.” - Yelp Review 

2 - Delicate Arch Trail

Utah’s Most Iconic Arch That You Can Visit On A Moderate Hiking Trail

3 Miles | Arches National Park | nps.gov/arch/planyourvisit/delicate-arch

Delicate Arch is on the top of many visitors to Arches National Park must see lists. The arch is so iconic that it has become a symbol for the entire state of Utah and is one of the most famous geological features in the entire world. And you can see it on a hiking trail that is around 3 miles for a round trip with close to 500 ft of elevation across the entire trail. 

So the hike itself is moderately difficult for anybody who isn’t an experienced hiker. It is highly recommended that you give yourself plenty of time to complete the trail. It takes an hour and a half minimum to complete the trail, but you will want to leave yourself some extra time to enjoy seeing the arch itself and snap some photos.

“Moderate, but beautiful hike. Highly recommend. Amazing reward at the end. Please be aware of weather and time. Don't be caught by cold or darkness! Hike prepared!” - Yelp Review 


1 - Dark Angel Trail

Phenomenal Views of Devils Garden On This Popular Hiking Trail

4.7 Miles | Arches National Park | utah.com

The Dark Angel is a 150 ft sandstone tower that sits above the Devil's Garden. You start the hike from the Devil's Garden parking area (get there early in the day if you are hoping to get a spot!) and set off on the 5 mile round trip hike. And what makes the trail more difficult than others is that the trail itself is pretty undeveloped. So you can’t expect smooth and level terrain for the entirety of the hike. 

And you can also expect over 700 of elevation gain as you travel the trail. You can expect it to take a little over two hours to complete. And even though this trail is more difficult than some of the others on the list today, it remains quite popular so you can expect to see plenty of other hikers, backpackers, and explorers out on this trail as well.

“We hiked the trail out to Double O Arches and Dark Angel; the views of the park were phenomenal. Straight out of Westworld phenomenal with an unmatched view of the valley and red rock backdrop. Perfect picturesque location. Trail to Double O was difficult and required some clambering up and over rocks. Be safe!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Devils Garden Trail 

A Longer and More Difficult Version of the Delicate Arch Hiking Trail

7 Miles | Arches National Park | nps.gov/arch/planyourvisit/devils-garden

Devils Garden Trail is the more difficult version of the Delicate Arch Trail that was listed earlier in the article. This trail is about 8 miles round trip with almost 300 ft of elevation change over the course of the trail. It’s estimated to take between three and five hours to complete the round trip. So you will want to be sure you brought plenty of water for the trip before you set out. But the trip itself is well worth it if the Devil's Garden is something that you want to experience more of so you can soak in all the stunning views and beautiful natural topography!

“Favorite hike was the Devil's Garden. You never know what's around the next turn. It's invigorating and definitely not for the faint of heart.” - Yelp Review 

And that concludes my article on the best hikes that you can find around Moab. With so much natural beauty it’s hard to get every great hiking trail on one list, so I tried to make sure to get you some of the most famous and popular hikes. And if you are planning a trip to Moab or Arches National Park in the near future, we here at GiftYa like to make sure we have everything you need to plan your entire vacation. 

So if you are still in the planning process and are looking for other great activities in the area besides hiking trails, be sure to check out some of our other great articles on the best restaurants in the area, activities to do near Arches, great activities in Moab for kids, and also plenty of great articles on hotels, campsites, Airbnbs, and places to stay in the area!

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