8 Italian Restaurants in Whitefish, MT That Will Transport Your Tastebuds

The Best Italian Food You Can Find In Whitefish, Montana from Local Pizza Shop to Authentic Italian Kitchens

Today I have an article that is going to be great for anybody looking for great Italian food or pizza around the Whitefish, Montana area. On the list today I have everything from fresh handmade Italian cuisine, to popular national fast food pizza chains so I’m hoping there’s a little something for everybody on the list today. I’ll give you the address for all of the restaurants, a quick summary of what you can expect, and a link to their website as well. I always recommend checking out their website and menu yourself so that way you can see all the delicious offerings they have. And when one of these Italian places in Whitefish accepts GiftYa, I’ll throw you a link.

If you haven’t used GiftYa before, they are all digital gift cards that can be bought and sent wirelessly in seconds and used at thousands and thousands of different restaurants, attractions, and businesses around the country. And the nice part about the digital format means you never have to worry about losing them, or losing track of the balance that is on the card. The cards will always be safe and sound in an easily accessible digital format, and your phone will even take care of all the math for you whenever you use one of your GiftYas.

But enough about how great the brand is, let’s get to that list of great Italian places in Whitefish that you came here for!

1 - Abruzzo Italian Kitchen

The Best Italian Restaurant Anywhere Around Whitefish

115 Central Ave | Whitefish | abruzzoitaliankitchen.com

Abruzzo Italian Kitchen has been open since 2017, but in that time they have amassed an incredible amount of positive customer feedback and word of mouth. If you are looking for delicious and authentic Italian cuisine while you are in Whitefish then this is cooking to be just the spot for you. They make all their pastas and pizzas from scratch. And then they cook them with the utmost care and style. 

All the pizzas are wood fired and cooked to perfection. And they have plenty of amazing drinks to compliment your meal as well. The wine list, and the cocktail ist, are focused on providing Italian drinks to compliment the Italian meals. So if you want a meal that is constructed with craft and care to deliver the most authentic and delicious Italian cuisine you’ve ever had, then be sure to stop in at Abruzzo Italian Kitchen next time you are in Whitefish.

“My favorite place in the entire Flathead area! If you love Italian food, there is no place that does it better than here.” - Yelp Review 

2 - Jersey Boys Pizzeria

The Best Italian Spot In Whitefish for Pizza

550 1st St | Whitefish | jerseyboyswhitefish.com

You can find Jersey Boys Pizzeria right in downtown Whitefish so it’s really easy to get to. And if you do manage to make it there, you will be treated to the best pizza place in the whole area. They are a family owned and operated pizzeria that uses the freshest ingredients to deliver the best pizza in town. They say they have one rule. “Give the customer a fun and delicious experience.” So you know that you are in for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere along with the incredible food. 

And they offer more than just pizza in the way of food. They also have sandwiches, salads, strombolis, and calzones to help fill you up. And they are all hand-made with fresh ingredients everyday. This is the kind of place where a real person in the kitchen is tossing the dough everyday and it doesn't come frozen in a box and just get dethawed everyday. This is hands down, the best pizza in Whitefish!

“10/10 Ran away for a one night birthday Staycation and had J-Boys deliver.  It was amazing.  The garden salad was delicious. The pizza was worth the wait.  You know a place is good when they will do a 1/2 & 1/2 specialty pizza on Labor Day weekend.  Thank you, J-Boys and Crew you made us very happy.” - Yelp Review 

3 - Bonelli’s Bistro

Great Italian Spot In Nearby Kalispell

38 1st Ave E | Kalispell | bonellisbistro.com

Bonelli’s Bistro is another popular spot for Italian food, but it’s actually located near Kalispell. But if you’re willing to make the twenty minute drive, you will be treated to some of the best Italian and Mediterranean style food anywhere around Whitefish. They have everything ranging from a tuscan turkey club to a chopped Greek salad. So I think their menu probably has the most variety in tastes and flavor profiles of any of the restaurants in the top three on the list today.

Which I think makes them a great spot for Italian food for anybody who is in a dining party with a couple of people. They have many different offerings so it’s more than unlikely that everybody will be able to find something that sounds and tastes good to them!

“Really good food, really nice people. I had the flatbread special and my sister got the eggplant Parmesan. I would definitely go back.” - Yelp Review 

4 - Ciao Mambo

Best Italian Spot In Whitefish for Dinner and Drinks

234 2nd St E | Whitefish | ciaomambo.com

If you are hoping to go out and have a really fantastic Italian meal, and drink plenty of incredible wine while you do, the Ciao Mambo is going to be just the spot for you. They describe their restaurants by saying “The lights are low, the music is turned up, wine is flowing, and energy is buzzing in the air,” which is not the way a lot of Italian places market themselves. And it really pays off when you give them a visit. Lot’s of Italian restaurants are fancy and high end, and a lot of them are just fun family owned pizza places, but Ciao Mambo is an Italian place that is half restaurant and half bar. Which makes it the perfect place for anybody who is hoping to have a great night of dinner and drinks when they are out and about in Whitefish. And you can count on the staff here to be knowledgeable and attentive and you’ll be able to pair the perfect wine to compliment the dinner you decided on.

“Food was on point. I had the Fettuccine. It was almost as good as mama makes it. Place was packed house and the service was still prompt.” - Yelp Review 

5 - When In Rome Pizzeria

The Best Spot In Kalispell For An Amazing Slice of Pizza

136 E Idaho St | Kalispell | facebook.com/WhenInRomePizzeria

If you are in nearby Kalispell and don’t feel like driving over to Whitefish to get a pizza at Jersey Boys, not to worry, I have a great local spot for you too. When In Rome Pizzeria is a great pizza place in Kalispell that offers all sorts of amazing pizza slices, full pizzas, and salads.  Which I think makes them a really good spot to get a quick lunch for one, or dinner for a family of five. And you won’t even have to break the bank to feed your family because their prices are surprisingly affordable for how good the food is. 

“10/10 recommend the pizza! We were traveling through and wanted to try something local- great hometown place and pizza! Service was slower, so set aside some time to sit down and enjoy.” - Yelp Review 

6 - Marcella’s Italian Cuisine

An Italian Place With An Absolutely Wonderful Staff 

7262 US-93 | Lakeside | homesteadlakeside.com/

Marcella’s Italian Cuisine might not be the absolute best food of any Italian place on the list today, but they do have the most friendly and accommodating staff. And sometimes having a great waiter or waitress can really change the way your evening goes. So I wanted to be sure that they were featured on the ist. Because not everybody wants to spend a lot to have delicious food but a stuffy evening overall. But don’t let just my opinion make up your mind. Plenty of people in the area think that they are the best Italian food around, so I think they are really the kind of place you have to try for yourself and make up your own mind about because there seems to be plenty of people who love, but also some who don’t.

“The BEST Italian food around! LOVE this place. They are kind, professional and the chef knows Italian food because the are family recipes! Don't miss out, everything on the menu is amazing.” - Yelp Review 

7 - Domino’s

One of America’s Most Popular Pizza Restaurant Chains

Grab a Domino’s gift card by following the link!

734 9th St W | Columbia Falls | pizza.dominos.com

If you are looking to get a fast food style pizza delivered to your front door, then Domino’s is going to be one of the best spots for you around Whitefish. They have pizza, but they also have plenty of pasta, breads, and desserts as well. So you can really get a whole meal delivered to your door for a very reasonable price.

“Super friendly staff. Was having issues redeeming a reward from my Dominos app and they were extremely helpful and friendly. Amazing staff!” - Yelp Review 

Grab Domino’s gift card for yourself or a loved one by using this link!

8 - Papa John’s

A Popular National Pizza Chain

Grab a Papa John’s gift card by following the link!

335 E Idaho St | Kalispell | papajohns.com

I’m sure most of you out there are familiar with Papa John’s. They are a large national pizza chain that offers a wide variety of different toppings and styles of pizza. And no I’m not saying Papa John’s is really amazing authentic Italian cuisine, but I know that plenty of people out there think of pizza right away when they think about Italian food. So I wanted to be sure to have plenty of pizza options on this list. Especially some pizza places that still have their own delivery drivers and don’t rely on the horrible food delivery apps.

“Literally the most friendly and helpful staff of any pizza joint I've been to. Pizza is delicious and reasonably priced. Keep it up papa!” - Yelp Review 

You can grab a digital  Papa John’s gift card (that you can use at any location across the country) by following the link!

And there you have it! That is my article on Italian places you can find around Whitefish, Montana. I hope I was able to help you narrow down your search for great Italian food. Because I know lots of people think pizza first when they think of Italian food so I wanted to make sure there were plenty of good pizza options on the list, so I made sure to include some local favorites, as well as some national favorites as well. 

But hey, if you didn’t find anything that sounded good to you on this list, GiftYa has tons of other great articles on places to eat around Whitefish. So if you’ve decided Italian isn’t what you are in the mood for after all, be sure to check out our list of the best restaurants, the best breweries, or the best breakfast places in Whitefish as well!

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