7 Things to Do in Whitefish, Montana for an Unforgettable Day

From Beaches and Water Parks to Theaters and Golf Courses, We’re Counting Down Some of the Best Activities Around Glacier National Park

Hello and welcome to my article on great things to do around the Whitefish, Montana area. There were a lot of great things to do in town so I’ll keep the intro short. I’ll give you a link to each of these attractions websites and Yelp pages so that way you can check them out for yourselves. I’ll also be sure to give you their address so you can find your way there, and I will even hook you up with a link anytime one of these great things to do in Whitefish accept our digital GiftYa gift cards.

The nice thing about GiftYas digital format is that they can be purchased and sent wirelessly to the recipient in just seconds. And then once the recipient has them, they don’t ever have to worry about forgetting their gift card on the one night they need it, or remembering the balance on the card. The digital format means they are always accessible right from your phone. Which means you are almost guaranteed to have them with you when you need them. And since the phone does all the math for you, there’s no need to worry about writing the remaining balance on the back with a Sharpie.

But enough with the intro, let’s get to that list of fun things to do in Whitefish Montana that you were looking for! 

1. Whitefish Mountain Resort

Great Things to Do In Whitefish All Year Long

Image courtesy of Whitefish Mountain Resort website.

3889 Big Mountain Rd | Whitefish | skiwhitefish.com

The great thing about the Whitefish Mountain Resort is that they have something fun to do for everybody all year long. The weather in Whitefish can go from beautiful and sunny in the summer, to cold and snowy in the winter. So you can’t do everything all year long in Whitefish.

If it’s summer time you can enjoy zip lines, mountain biking, hiking, and lodging while you are at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. And then in the winter you can hit the slopes and enjoy some fantastic skiing or snowboarding.

And since they have something fun you can do all year long, I felt they deserved the spot at the top of the list. Not everything on the list is something you can enjoy all year long so I thought that was a huge positive in their column. The only real negative I have in their column is that since it's a resort, it of course comes with a bit of a price tag, but they really offset that with all the great activities they have for everyone to enjoy.

“Perfect way to spend a summer day as a family.  Our two boys 5/7 loved it and so did the grown ups!  Our younger son was too young to join on the ropes course but there was plenty to do while they waited. The staff was helpful and informative and it was a challenging and fun thing for us to do!” - Yelp Review 

2. Whitefish City Beach

Great Thing to Do In Whitefish In the Summer!

Lakeside Blvd | Whitefish | explorewhitefish.com/entries/whitefish-city-beach

I feel like this one is gonna be pretty self explanatory, but I’ll try the best I can to explain what a beach is. Basically you can enjoy a nice small beach that’s right on the lake. And you can do all kinds of regular beach activities like catch some rays and work on your tan, grill up an amazing summer lunch, play in the sand with the kids, and swim in the water. 

But if you are looking for more fun they also have kayaks and paddleboards for rent. It’s a ton of fun and lets you get a lot further out into the water than it would be safe to swim to. Just be sure to wear your personal flotation device because there are rules on the beach!

“Great time here. Quiet beach with a beautiful scenic backdrop. Also, they have rentals for kayaks and paddle boards, which I highly recommend.” - Yelp Review 

3. Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

Amazing Scenic Adventure Near Whitefish

Image courtesy of Glacier Guides website.

11970 Hwy 2 E | West Glacier | glacierguides.com

Glacier Guides and Montana Raft is a little bit of a drive from Whitefish, but it’s totally worth it. If the resort or the beach didn’t look like they have the great outdoor activities you are looking for then be sure to check out Glacier Guides. They offer a full comprehensive guide to Glacier National Park. And as such, they take you on the most efficient route through the park so that way you get to see everything. So it can be well worth your money to go with a park guide company. You will be sure to see every exciting part of the park, and it won’t even take you three days of wandering around.

And while you are seeing the park you can take part in all kinds of hiking obviously. But they also offer kayaking and rafting for those who are interested. And they will even take you to the best spots for fishing if there is an angler in your party. All in all they make for a really great day out in the sun enjoying some of Whitefish’s jaw dropping natural beauty. 

“Loved our raft trip with Nate Rider as our guide. He gave us a great history of the River and area, made sure we were safe the entire rafting trip and he was a lot of fun. I definitely recommend a raft trip with Glacier Guides and Nate.” - Yelp Review 

4. Big Sky Waterpark

Montana’s Largest Waterpark!

Grab a Big Sky Waterpark gift card by following the link!

7211 Hwy 2 E | Columbia Falls | bigskywp.com

Big Sky Waterpark is right next to Whitefish in Columbia Falls. And at the park you enjoy Montana’s largest water park. Which includes over ten slides, a massive whirlpool, and a shallow and safe pool for kids activities. There is nothing better for beating the summer heat than a nice day in some cool water. And nothing makes it better than adding some excitement to the process with some fantastic water slides!

And if the water attractions aren’t your cup of tea don’t worry. They have tons of other great activities like mini golf that everybody can enjoy. They also have bumper cars, a climbing wall, and an antique carousel. So there is some sort of summer fun at Big Sky Waterpark for everybody. Which I think makes it one of the best choices of things to do for families in Whitefish.

“Love this place! Small, but has great slides, smaller crowds, shorter lines. Plus mini golf and bumper cars! All a slide lover like myself needs!” - Yelp Review 

You can grab a digital Big Sky Waterpark gift card by using this link!

5. Whitefish Depot

Great Historic Train Station In Whitefish

500 Depot St | Whitefish | visitmt.com

If you are looking for something informative and culturally enriching while you are in Whitefish, then be sure to check out the Amtrak station. This isn’t just any old train station. It features a full museum about the trains that have run through Whitefish for generations. It’s a great quick and quiet afternoon activity. So if you are in Whitefish and your outdoor plans got rained out or snowed out, then the Whitefish Train Depot can make a really great way to spend an afternoon.

“We like visiting The Train Depot/Whitefish Museum, when we are walking around town. It is so interesting. We met Mr. Duffy today along with his lovely wife, Diane. His family has been renting cars from this Train Depot for more than 60 years. He gave us a very welcomed history lesson! What an awesome treat!” - Yelp Review 

6. Cinemark Theaters

Great Movie Theater You Can Enjoy Year Long In Whitefish

Grab yourself a Cinemark Theaters gift card by following the link!

185 Hutton Ranch Rd | Kalispeli| cinemark.com

If you are looking for something great to do on a rainy or snow filled afternoon then be sure to check out the Cinemark theater location in town. I grew up in a town with a Cinemark chain and I can say that I have always had a great experience at their theaters. Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, great screens and high-quality sound, and even better than all of that, reasonably priced snacks. 

The great thing about a movie theater is that they have so many different films showing at once that you can get a new experience even if you go on back to back days. Which I think makes it a great location to know about for those days when you have to see the newest release you’ve been waiting for, for months, or just a fun place to spend some time on a dreary afternoon. Either way, Cinemark Theaters will have you covered with all of the new releases and plenty of theaters. 

“Feels so good to be back at a movie theater. The fresh tasty popcorn, slushy drinks, candies, and a big screen with surround sound makes it so enjoyable. The staff is extremely friendly and kind. Looking forward to another evening here. Thank you very much!!!!” - Yelp Review 

Grab a digital Cinemark Theaters gift card you can keep on your phone by using the link!

7. Meadow Lake Golf Resort

Great Year Long Activities For Men and Women Alike

Grab a Meadow Lake Golf Resort gift card by following the link!

100 Saint Andrews Dr | Columbia Falls | meadowlake.com

Listen, Meadow Lake Golf Resort isn’t at the bottom of the list because they aren’t awesome, they are at the bottom of the list because they are expensive and I don’t think they are as readily accessible to as many people. But for those of you who can afford an afternoon at a golf club/resort, you are going to get your money’s worth. You can play 18 holes, or you can relax indoors at the spa while you get pampered and treated.

“The Spa at Meadow Lake Resort is fabulous. We had Swedish massages, facials and a soak in the galvanized copper tub. Heaven on earth!  The staff was professional, skilled and calming. One of the best spa days I've ever had- highly recommend. And the resort setting is so beautiful.!” - Yelp Review 

You can get a slick digital Meadow Lake Golf Resort gift card by following the link! 

There you have it. That is a list of some of the great things there are to do in the Whitefish, Montana area. I tried to keep this to just activities and didn’t include restaurants. But that is only because there are so many great restaurants and breweries in Whitefish that they actually got their own articles. 

So be sure to check out one or both of those if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for on this list. But I hope you did find something fun to do. Everything from water parks and hiking trails to museums and movie theaters are an option when you are looking for something fun to do when you are in Whitefish, Montana!

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