7 Breweries In and Around Whitefish, Montana Where You Can Grab a Cold One

The Best Breweries You Can Find Around Whitefish Montana

Today I have a list for you of the best breweries you can find around the Whitefish, Montana area. There was a lot to say about them all so I’ll keep the intro short. I’ll give you a blurb about the brewery, links to their website and Yelp page, and their address so you can find them. I’ll also hook you up with a link anytime one of these great breweries accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

GiftYas are digital gift cards that keep track of the balance for you and that can be bought and sent wirelessly. They're really the perfect evolution of those clunky plastic gift cards for the 21st Century. My favorite thing is that since they are on your phone, you will almost always have them with you.

But enough about how great GiftYas are, let’s get to that list of great breweries that you came here for!

1. Backslope Brewing

Best Brewery You Can Find In Whitefish

1107 9th St W | Columbia Falls | backslopebrewing.com

What I like about Backslope Brewing is that not only do they have great beer, they absolutely do, but I really like that they serve a fantastic lunch and dinner menu to go along with their great beer that they make right in house. The thing I like about their lunch and dinner menu is that it features plenty of classic pub food like fried chicken sandwiches. But you can also get some dishes that you wouldn’t normally expect at a brewery like ginger pork bowls. 

And they elevate every meal up a level with fantastic presentation and service. I mean just take a look at their website or their Yelp page and you can see what I mean. They really present their food in a more elegant fashion than you expect to find at any ‘ol brewery. And it’s for that reason that I put them at the top of the list. Not only do they have an amazing reputation with their customers, they also take pride in everything they do.

And it’s easy to see why. The owner has over 15 years of restaurant and customer service experience. And her husband has over 15 years of brewing experience. So they naturally combined their talents to create a one of a kind brewery that specializes not only in great crafted beer, but also amazing food and service. In fact Backslope Brewing was the only brewery in Whitefish that also made it onto my list of best restaurants in Whitefish because they really do have food just as good as any restaurant out there.

“Everything I've tried here has been delicious.  The veggie burger has so much flavor and it's loaded and layered with fresh tomatoes and pickled onions and a slice of delicious cheese. My son tried the Indian butter chicken and loved it. They seem to use very good fresh ingredients. Love trying everything on the menu.” - Yelp Review  

2. Tamarack Alehouse & Grill

Great Burgers and Brews By the Lake

105 Blacktail Rd | Lakeside| tamarackbrewing.com

Tamarack Alehouse and Grill comes in at the number two spot on my list of great breweries around the Whitefish area. And that being said, you should note that Tamarack Alehouse isn’t in Whitefish itself. It’s over in Lakeside which is over by, well, the lake. But it is well worth the drive. See Tamarack Alehouse specializes in craft beer and an American style cuisine. And what I like about Tamarack is that they are just as much of a restaurant as they are a brewery. Which means you can get all kinds of classics like burgers, fish tacos, and buffalo chicken. 

But don’t let that make you think that they don’t have great beer. Tamarack Alehouse first opened their doors in 2007. That year they brewed 380 barrels of beer. But these days they are up over 4000 barrels a year. So they have consistently become more and more popular in the decade and a half they have been open.

“Wow wow wow I love it. We (4) we had the Fish and Chips and the fish tacos

And the French Dip and four specialty beers. And it was Fabulous, large portions excellent taste my friend she had the Fish Tacos (2) BIG ONES with like one side of a fish in each. We will

Definitely be back many more times.Thank You Tamarack.

” - Yelp Review 

3. Blackstar Brewery

Pizza, Burgers, and Beers

2 Central Ave | Whitefish | blackstarmt.com

Blackstar Brewery was originally built as The Great Northern Brewing Company by a renowned architect in 1994. However, in the desire to preserve this town landmark, and keep it serving the community for many more years to come, an acclaimed architecture agency was brought in. And when they redesigned The Great Northern Brewing Company into Blackstar Brewery, they sourced it with local wood and natural materials. And even used a color palette that was inspired by the historic train cars that have run through the city of Whitefish for generations. 

They have an extensive collection of handcrafted beer. They hired world acclaimed architects for the redesign. And they are so community minded that they sourced the entire remodel using local materials and wood. I can’t imagine what else you would be looking for in a brewery in Whitefish Montana honestly. It seems like such a perfect representation of the town

“Great beer and friendly bartenders. The Honeyweizen is delicious! The Citra IPA is hoppy and citrusy. So good! Was so tempted by the amazing smelling (and looking) pizza but didn't get a chance to try. Next time, I certainly will!” - Yelp Review 

4. Bonsai Brewing Project

Small Independent and Locally Owned Brewery In Whitefish

549 Wisconsin Ave | Whitefish | bonsaibrew.com

Bonsai Brewing Project isn’t quite as large or fancy as the breweries further up the list today. But what they lack in size they make for in creating a laid back, relaxing, and intimate environment. Their beer is popular enough that you can get it in stores around the area, but 90% of the handcrafted beer they make can only be obtained in their tap room. And that tap room is really just part of a small house that the brewery is attached to. So expect a much more informal and homelike environment then you might see at other breweries.

But don’t worry, they still keep it fun. Every Thursday night they have a “Vinyl Night” where DJs come in and play their collections from 6-8PM. And the nice thing is that they have different DJs come and play records every time. So you won’t be stuck hearing the same old tunes time and time again. In fact you can even sign up to get on the DJ list and make everybody listen to your obviously superior taste in music one Thursday night if you feel like it.

Overall the Bonsai Brewing Project seems like a really fun place to relax and unwind. The only thing that knocked them down the list was that the Tamarack Alehouse and Backslope Brewing both featured expansive food menus as well. And I know a lot of people are looking for a meal to go with their drinks. In every other way Bonsai Brewing Project seems like a number one choice of breweries Whitefish, Montana!

“Bonsai was an awesome brewery in Whitefish. They had a good selection of beers and some of us got flights so we could try different ones. The food was tasty too and lots of outdoor seating to choose from.” - Yelp Review 

5. H.A. Brewing

Brewery With Award Winning Beer In Eureka, Montana

2525 Grave Creek Rd | Eureka | habrewing.com

H.A. Brewing is a great little brewery near Whitefish over in Eureka, Montana. However, don’t drive all the way over there on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday because they will be closed. Thursday through Sunday they are open from 3:00PM to 9PM. And although they aren’t open that late, they are so good while they are open that it’s worth making the visit.

At H.A. Brewing they always have nine styles of beer on tap. And on those nine taps you expect them to feature their literal award winning IPA, PA, and Saison beers on tap. But they also have award winning beer served in bottles too if you prefer. If you want my advice, start out with a flight and see what you like most. Because they have so many great choices you might have a hard time choosing. 

“Take a drive just outside of Eureka to enjoy this fine brewery. Warm and welcoming with a great selection of brews. We enjoyed a flight so we could test out four of the beers. The Irish Red was dark and full body, by far my favorite. The porter was Hubbies favorite which he decided to leave with a crawler for later.” - Yelp Review 

6. Sacred Waters Brewing Company

Female and Veteran Owned Brewery Near Whitefish

3250 US Hwy 2 E | Kalispell | brewerykalispell.com

Sacred Waters Brewing is another one that isn’t technically in Whitefish. It’s actually over in Kalispell. But it’ll be worth the short drive over there. You can enjoy their local handcrafted beer in the taproom. Or you can take a seat at the bar and have a beer while you enjoy some live music. You can even get the beer in growlers to go if you aren’t looking for a night out, but still want to enjoy some great locally crafted beer. 

And if you want to enjoy more than just a drink, they also have a lunch/dinner menu filled with many of the classics you have learned to come to expect from a brewery. Philly cheesesteaks, fries, and even tacos are on the menu at Sacred Waters Brewing Company so I am sure they will have something that sounds good to everybody.

And if you are the kind of customer who likes to live your values when you spend your dollar then I also think it is worth mentioning that Sacred Waters is owned by a female veteran. So when you stop in for a drink or a meal your dollar goes to support women, veterans, and the local economy so what’s not to like about that? How often do you get to feel good about where your money goes? Especially when you’re drinking.

“One of our absolute favorite restaurants! The food tastes so wholesome and fresh and the drinks are always good. There's also a really nice back outdoor area (perfect for kids to run around) with picnic benches and live music in the summertime.” - Yelp Review 

7. Sundrift Beer Company

Small Brewery In Kalispell That’s Great For A Quick Bite & A Beer

55 1st Ave West N | Kalispell | sunriftbeer.com

Sundrift Beer Company rounds out my list of breweries today. It’s not that there is anything bad about them, it’s just that there is nothing that makes them stand out as much to me as the other ones on the list. But they do have a very high rating with customer reviews so I thought they were worth including on the list in case nothing else stood out to you today.

“Best beer we had after 3 stops in Kalispell. Visited the small bar beside the restaurant and enjoyed our time and coconut beer there.” - Yelp Review 

And that is my list of the best breweries you can find in the Whitefish, Montana area. I tried to find something about each brewery that made them unique. But to be honest it can be pretty hard when every palace claims to have the best hand crafted beer and the best pub style food. 

So I tried to find something about the atmosphere or style that would give you a better idea of what they are like. But hey if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for here, be sure to check out our other articles on great restaurants around the Whitefish area as well as our article on all the fun things you can do in the area!

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