6 Things to Do Near Moab with Kids (And Kids At Heart)

From Ziplining to Hanging out with Some Prehistoric Friends, Here Are Some of the Best, Family-Friendly Activities in Moab, UT

Hello and welcome to my article on great things there are to do for families around the Moab area in Utah. Now obviously Moab is right by Arches National Park so I tried not to focus too much of my article on things in the park itself. But for each of these adventures that aren’t in the park I will be sure to give you their address so you can find your way to their front door when the time comes. 

But I’ll also be sure to link you to each of their websites so that way you can check them out more in-depth if something catches your eye. I’ll be honest, some of the stuff on the list today is pretty pricey, but I tried to make sure to have some more affordable options as well. And anytime one of these great adventures accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards I’ll be sure to throw you a link as well!

If you haven’t heard of GiftYas before then let me fill you in real quick. They are essentially a gift card that exists in an entirely digital format. Which makes them super easy to buy, or send as a gift, in just a matter of seconds. And the all digital format makes them perfect for people who love to travel or explore. Since they are kept entirely on your phone you never have to worry that you left the card itself sitting on your dresser that morning. And on top of that, the digital format guarantees that you never have to worry about losing track of the remaining balance after you have used it. Yup that’s right, GiftYa will do all the math for you!

But enough about how convenient GiftYa are for those who love to travel and explore, let’s get to that list of great activities there are to do around Moab Utah that you came here for.

1 - Hike to Delicate Arch

The Most Recognized Landmark In All of Arches National Park


Arches National Park | Moab | .nps.gov

Delicate Arch is such a fundamental part of the Utah experience that it even appears on their license plates. And that is largely because it is the most recognized landmark anywhere in all of Arches National Park. Which means you will have to pay for access to the park if you want to see it. But it’s well worth the $30 it costs to tackle a whole car load of people with you. 

Unfortunately you aren't going to be able to drive right out to the arch and see it. Instead you will have to find parking and make the 3 mile out-and-back trip to the actual arches. Now this isn’t the easiest hike in the world. It’s considered moderate difficulty due to the elevation gain and the weather so it might not be the best option if you have very young children with you. 

For everybody else, it should be quite manageable. So just be sure to put on your sun-screen and plan your hike appropriately so that you have enough time to hike out there, spend some time enjoying the arches, and enough time to hike back to your car before the sun starts to set and it gets cold out!

“Moderate, but beautiful hike. Highly recommend. Amazing reward at the end. Please be aware of weather and time. Don't be caught by cold or darkness! Hike prepared!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Moab Giants

State-of-the-Art Dinosaur Replicas Set In the Moab Wilderness

112 W SR-313 | Moab | moabgiants.com

Moab Giants is a really interesting take on what is essentially a museum experience. However, instead of being locked away in a dusty old building, this museum features life size state-of-the-art replicas of real dinosaurs that used to wander in Utah. So you can go out and experience an opportunity to see them in the actual wilderness that they lived in. Which means that not only are there incredible dinosaur replicas, you get to see them set against the breathtaking scenery around Moab. 

I don’t know that this is necessarily going to be as fun for the adults as it is going to be for the kids, but it is the first of its kind worldwide. So even if dinosaurs aren’t as exciting to you as they are to your five year old, you’ll still get to say you had a brand new experience that you never had before. 

“Worth the stop if you have kids. This was our kids favorite part of our trip to Moab. The "aquarium" was amazing and the outdoor walk didn't disappoint either. Would definitely visit again.” - Yelp Review 

3 - Adrift Adventures

The Best Way to See and Experience the Local Beauty

Grab an Adrift Adventures gift card by following the link!

378 N Main St | Moab | adrift.net

Adrift Adventures is a company that offers a wide variety of different tours of the local beauty around Moab. They have everything from kayaking tours to tours that take you around offroading in a Jeep. But no matter which of their services you decide to go with, you are going to get your money’s worth out of it. They have been rated as the #1 outfitter on Tripadvisor for 45 years. 

The most important thing to know about Adrift Adventures is that they only offer the river tours from March to October each year. That way the weather is comfortable and the river is running. However, if you are around Moab in the offseason, you can still get a land tour all year long. 

And whether you decide to raft or Jeep your adventure around Moab, they have licensed and experienced guides who will take you on a trip that will make your visit to Moab memorable for years to come! 

“Our expectations were met and exceeded! We had done our research and saw all the great reviews for this company and now I can see why. We really enjoyed being able to go and see locations that less touristy... but just as amazing!” - Yelp Review 

You can get an Adrift Adventures gift card for you or a loved one by following the link!

4 - Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

A Great Indoor Activity For When You Need to Beat the Heat

374 Park Ave | Moab | moabrecreation.org

Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center makes a great choice anytime you have had enough of the heat around Moab for the day. Maybe you’ve been out in the sun hiking or rafting for a few days and you are ready to get out of the heat for a little bit. They have a full indoor pool that even features a water slide that will keep your kids entertained for a while. And if you are there anytime between the middle of May up through the end of September there is also an outdoor 3-lane lap pool with an adjoined bubble pool. And there’s even an outdoor leisure pool with play structures and slides.

And for the parents there’s a 2400 square foot fitness center and a huge grassy outdoor lounging area where you can kick back and relax while your kids play in the pools!  

“This place is a must, our 3 year old had a blast on the waterslide, diving board and all over the outside pool. Great way to beat the heat!” - Yelp Review 

5 - Zipline Adventure

See the Moab Area From Up in the Sky!


998 N Main St | Moab | ravensrim.com

You can visit Raven’s Rim when you are in Moab and are looking for a new adventure. In fact they boast the longest land-to-land zip line course anywhere in the country. They aim to be the ultimate Moab experience and it’s easy to see why. They offer nearly 400 private acres to explore atop the Sand Flats Recreation Area. And in that 400 acres they offer a zipline course, a climbing course, and plenty of river rafting.

The zipline adventure is around two and a half hours long and will be guided the entire time by trained experts. You’ll start at their office and ride a couple of off road ATVs up the 1,000 foot ascent to the top. And then once you are there, there are 6 exhilarating ziplines you can go on, a 100 foot suspension bridge, and breathtaking views of the desert from high above! This is another one that I don’t think is great if you have kids who are younger than 8 because they won’t be able to go due to safety reasons. But for everybody who is old enough to go, it is going to be the highlight of your visit to Moab!   

“This was a fantastic way to see Moab. An exciting 4x4 ride, epic zips, incredible views, and awesome guides (Adam and Anna). Definitely worth the time and money! Enjoyed thoroughly by the whole family, including 3 boys (9, 11, 13) and Nana (71)!” - Yelp Review 

6 - Moab Adventure Center

A Great Resource For Anybody Who Is Planning a Trip to Moab or Arches

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225 S Main St | Moab | moabadventurecenter.com

Moab Adventure Center is going to be a great resource for you if you are in the Moab area and are hoping to have a fun adventure where you get to see all of the main attractions. And that is because Moab Adventure Center is the easiest way to go about booking your spot on any of Moabs exciting outdoor adventures. You can even save some money by getting different vacation packages bundled together. 

And they even have a shopping center where you can stock up on any of the stuff you might need for one of these amazing outdoor adventures. They offer river rafting, tours of Arches National Park, Hummer tours of the area, rock climbing, hot air balloons, and biking tours. So I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you and your family so you can be sure your kids have as much of an amazing adventure as you do! 

“Went to Moab for the weekend and did the hummer tour in the morning and horseback riding at sunset. Both were an equally amazing experience for us and really enjoyed each activity. Can't wait to try the rest of the activities that they offer.” - Yelp Review 

You can get a convenient digital Moab Adventure Center gift card that you can use anytime by following the link!

And there you go! That is a list of some of the great activities you can get into around Moab that hopefully your kids will enjoy as well. I tried to get a variety of options because it’s hard to know the age of each reader's kids. So I wanted to have something fun for those of you with kids around 3 years old, as well as something fun for those of you who are dealing with moody pre-teens. 

But hey if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for on this list. Be sure to check out my other article on great things to do around Moab. And we even have some articles looking at the best restaurants in the area. So be sure to check those out if you are planning your vacation to Moab still! Nothing is better after a long day hiking or exploring out in the desert sun than a delicious meal.

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