These Are Our Top Gift Ideas for a Tech Dad

Do you know a dad who is into the latest tech? Consider getting him any one of these gift ideas!

Is your dad really into the latest tech? Or perhaps do you know a dad that has a birthday coming up and you’d like to get him a gift that supports his hobby? Regardless, you’re going to want to find a special gift that he’ll not only use, but that he’ll actually enjoy using. Lots of dads are into tech gifts, and every year there seems to be more and more technological advances that make our lives more enriching and fulfilling. 

Some dads like having the latest smartphones, others get techy about their music, while still others love to game. No matter what kind of technology your dad is into, we have something he’s sure to love on this list of gift ideas for a tech dad.

In today’s article we’ll be covering:

  • Gift cards to help a dad get new tech
  • Practical gifts that he’ll use daily
  • Fun tech that he’s sure to enjoy

Get a GiftYa gift card for your techy dad!

One of the best gifts to give someone is the gift of choice, and that’s exactly what you can do with a digital gift card from GiftYa. There are over 250,000 merchants to choose from, ranging from national brands to local small businesses. All you need to do is choose the vendor, decide on the amount, personalize it with a video or picture, and then just text or email it to the recipient! They’ll never need to worry about losing or forgetting a plastic gift card again, since this digital gift card will stay in their phone. When they’re ready to use it, they simply transfer the amount to their credit card or use it as an eGift so they can redeem it on something that they get to pick out!

1. Apple gift card

Get your tech loving dad a gift card to add more Apple products to his collection

Text an Apple gift card

Does the tech dad in your life swear by Apple products? Is he always waiting to get his hands on the latest iPhone or Macbook? Then you can’t go wrong giving him a gift card to Apple. With this card he can choose to upgrade any one of the many tech devices Apple offers, from desktop computers, earbuds, phones, tablets, or watches. While your gift card may not cover the entire purchase price of these expensive items, they will at least give him a little bit of cushion so he doesn’t have to spend all his hard earned money on the latest tech. 

In addition to tech items, he can also use an Apple gift card to see what’s available for purchase in iTunes. Here he can browse through music, movies, and tv shows and then decide which one he’d like to own—he can then easily watch it on his Apple device!

Text an Apple gift card

2. Solar charger

A solar charger would be a great gift if your dad’s tech is always low on battery

Having lots of tech means you’re going to have to charge it, so why not give a tech dad this helpful gift! Image courtesy of Amazon.

Tech dads never want to be without their gear, so they’ll always need to find a way to charge it. While this normally isn’t an issue when they’re hanging out at home, what if they’re on the go, or are planning to take a vacation with limited access to outlets? This is where a solar powered charging station comes in handy. He’ll just need to make sure he finds a sunny spot to place the panels, then he can feel free to plug in all his devices. This charger can convert up to 24% of solar power into energy so he’ll always have battery life in his phone or tablet. 

The panels on this device are waterproof, making them the perfect accessory if he likes to spend time outdoors hiking or going camping. It’s compact and portable, and can easily be clipped onto a backpack and has safety measures in place to prevent overheating or short-circuiting.

3. Phone holder for the car

Keep your dad safe while driving with this handy phone holder

A phone holder for the car is a great idea for a tech dad who never wants to be far from his phone. Image courtesy of Amazon

We all know it’s important to not look at our screens while we’re driving and instead focus on the road. However sometimes you need to have your phone on you, especially if you’re driving for rideshare services or delivering food. That’s why it’s such a great idea to get a phone holder that can be attached to the dashboard or front window of a car to help a tech dad keep things organized and himself safe. This holder is designed to fit all kinds of phones, and can be adjusted on both the bottom and the sides to ensure a snug fit. You can also extend the telescopic arm anywhere from 5 to 8 inches, and pivot it 260 degrees.

This holder will keep his phone in his eyesight, so he’s not looking down at it or trying to see it while it rests on the passenger seat. A tech dad is sure to appreciate such a thoughtful gift that not only makes his day a little easier, but keeps his eyes on the road where they should be.

4. Best Buy gift card

A gift card to Best Buy is sure win for any tech dad

Email a Best Buy gift card

Best Buy gift card

One of the top stores to get a gift card from for a tech dad is definitely Best Buy. This store has it all when it comes to all things electronic and techy, whether that’s their impressive selection of computers and laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, and even smart appliances like washers/dryers and refrigerators. Best Buy also has an extensive selection of gaming consoles and games, if the dad you know happens to be a big gamer. Not to mention all the blu-rays of his favorite movies and tv shows that are just waiting to be picked up!

Best Buy always has great sales going on, so no matter if he wants to put the gift card towards a larger purchase, or wants to pick up a few things, he’ll definitely get a lot of bang for his buck at this tech-friendly store.

Email a Best Buy gift card

5. Video doorbell

What tech dad wouldn’t want a camera doorbell?

A video doorbell will not only help a tech dad and his family feel more safe, but they’ll be able to speak to any visitors through it! Image courtesy of Amazon

If a tech dad you know doesn’t yet have a video doorbell, this would make a great gift. This particular doorbell not only gives you eyes on any people or vehicles that are in the preset detection area, but you also get a video call sent right to your phone if someone rings the doorbell. This way you can speak to the person outside, and let them know whether or not it’s a good time for a visit. This doorbell is waterproof and has a powerful infrared camera so you’ll see everything, even in the darkness of nighttime. Data that is sent from the doorbell to your phone is encrypted from end to end, ensuring your privacy.

6. GameStop gift card

If your dad is a gamer, chances are he’d love a gift card to GameStop!

Text a GameStop gift card

Does a tech dad you know love to game? Then chances are he’d really appreciate a gift card to GameStop! This is one of the top places to find video games, whether they’re legacy titles like Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda, or they’re new additions to the gaming scene like Fallout or Final Fantasy XVI. In addition to gaming titles, you can also purchase your favorite console systems like Xbox or Playstation, as well as all kinds of accessories such as controllers, headsets, or keyboards.

In addition to games, this place also carries collectibles like t-shirts, toys, and trading cards if he already has a collection going. 

Text a GameStop gift card

7. Visa gift card

A Visa gift card can be used to purchase all kinds of tech!

Email a Visa gift card

If you want to make sure a tech dad you know gets exactly what he wants, then you can’t go wrong gifting him a Visa gift card. Giving a Visa as a gift means he gets to decide on exactly what he wants, whenever it suits him best. The best part about a Visa gift card is that he doesn’t have to stick to one store, and instead can choose from any place that accepts Visa—which is a lot of stores! So whether he wants to pick up a vintage game at a local consignment shop, wants to take the family out for pizza and a movie, or prefers to add to his t-shirt collection, he can do all that and more with this card.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a gift at the last minute, sending a Visa GiftYa is a great idea, and it can be in his inbox in seconds!

Email a Visa gift card

8. Pair of noise canceling headphones

A good pair of headphones is a must for seamless music listening

Whether he needs a good pair of headphones for gaming, or to listen to his favorite vinyls, any tech dad would love to receive this gift. Image courtesy of Amazon

Having a good pair of headphones can make all the difference in the world. And while you can get headphones that are hundreds of dollars, this pair from Audio Technica won’t break the bank at just $79.00. They’re comfortable and easily can adjust to any head size for wireless listening pleasure. They can be used with gaming systems or just to listen to his favorite music, without all the annoying cords getting in the way. They also offer 60 hours of listening time on a full charge, or three hours on a quick rapid charge with their USB-C charging port.

Give a tech dad the gift of hearing everything in crystal clear quality with this nice pair of headphones!

9. Google Play gift card

If your tech dad has Android devices, he’d love to receive a Google Play gift card!

Text a Google Play gift card

Google Play gift card

Does your tech dad prefer Android devices? If so, then consider getting him a Google Play gift card. Just like the Apple iTunes store, Google Play allows Android users to choose from all kinds of music, movies, and tv shows for download. You can also find a variety of games on this application that he’s sure to find entertaining. A gift card to Google Play gives a tech dad the choice of adding whatever he feels like to his phone or tablet, which is why it’s always a great idea to send over a gift card, no matter what the occasion is!

Text a Google Play gift card

10. Portable outdoor speaker

Take all the tunes outside with a speaker that can go anywhere

A portable speaker ensures a techy dad you know will always have his tunes available. Image courtesy of Walmart.

If your tech dad loves to have his music with him no matter where he is inside (or outside) the house, then this portable speaker would make a fantastic gift idea. It easily connects to his phone so he can stream albums and playlists from anywhere, and have the music really fill up the room! If he happens to be outside, that’s not a problem either, as the sound on this is powerful enough for everyone to enjoy, and includes a beat driven light show for a great visual performance. It’s also a good speaker to have by the pool, since it can tolerate full submersion in water.

Those are our favorite gift ideas for a tech dad!

No matter what type of tech your dad is into, there are plenty of gift ideas on this list he would simply love. So whether you decide to get him a giftcard to his favorite store, or get him the specific gift you know he wants, you can’t go wrong with these top tech gift ideas for dad!

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