6 Breakfast Spots in Seattle That You Need to Visit ASAP

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Waffles. Pancakes. Eggs Benedict. For many people, breakfast is not only the most important meal of their day, but it’s also the most delicious! If you live in Seattle, you have access to some of the best breakfast spots in the country! From upscale eateries to laid back diners, Seattle has something for every preference and taste. That said, the wide selection of breakfast spots can make it challenging to decide on a place to go when planning a meal with your friends. That’s why we’re featuring our top 6 breakfast spots in Seattle. Check them out now!

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1. The Fat Hen

Charming breakfast cafe located in the Ballard neighborhood

Try a bite of the popular Alla Boscaiola. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1418 NW 70th St. | Ballard, Phinney Ridge |

The Fat Hen is a small, charming neighborhood cafe known for its hearty breakfast and lunch dishes. Along with its wide selection of cuisine, The Fat Hen also offers coffee, tea, juice, and mimosas to enjoy alongside your meals. Some of their most popular dishes include the Fat Hen Chicken Sandwich, Eggs Benedict, and Salmon Toast. Bringing the kids along? The Fat Hen offers a special Little Hen dish featuring scrambled eggs, English muffin, and a side of pancetta. 

“The Sweet Toast was top notch with a perfect mixture of sweet and spice. The Shakshuka was a tomato burst delight, but the Fat Hen Chicken Sandwich was everything...From the potato buns topped with honey mustard, frisée, housemade spicy pickle cucumbers, and Fresno chili to the fried chicken breast, this sandwich was a tantalizing experience full of deliciousness.” - Yelp Review

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2. Porkchop & Co.

Popular breakfast spot known for its delicious bagels

Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast before starting the day! Image courtesy of Yelp.

5451 Leary Ave NW | Ballard |

Porkchop & Co. is another popular breakfast spot in Ballard. Dine-in services are still temporarily closed due to the pandemic, however guests can still order food for takeout! Want a quick breakfast? Grab a housemade bagel filled with poppy, sesame, or togarashi! Tarragon, wild lox, scallion, and other cream cheeses are available to top your bagel with. If you want a little something extra, you can add delicious toppings like bacon and avocado to your bagel too! Bagel sandwiches filled with hummus, mushrooms, avocado, and other savory ingredients are also available. 

If you aren’t in the mood for bagels, Porkchop & Co. also serves burritos, sandwiches, and various breakfast plates like the Pork Belly Hash, Rachel's Scramble, and The McJoey. 

“This Chile Schmaltz Fried Chicken was calling my name. Came with kim cheese and an asparagus, fennel, mint salad and one of their yummy biscuits which doesn't really need a condiment. It's that tasty moist on the inside and a little crunch on the outside. The chicken was cooked perfectly crunchy on the outside and still moist. The salad was a perfect pairing to brighten the richness of the rest of the dish, and I loved the smokiness on the grilled asparagus...Can't wait to try the everything bagels and passion fruit mimosas!” - Yelp Review

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3. Morsel & Bean

Classic biscuit and coffee shop located in the University District 

Plain biscuits, cheesy biscuits, sandwich biscuits, and more are offered at this popular cafe. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5000 University Way NE, Suite D | University District |

Located in the University District, Morsel & Bean is a popular breakfast cafe that specializes in biscuits. Whether you just want a buttermilk breakfast and some coffee to start your day or you want to enjoy a full sandwich on a biscuit, you can find a number of delicious options that will leave you filled and satisfied. Extra fixings like honey butter and strawberry balsamic jam are also available to add to your biscuit. 

While the cafe mainly serves biscuits, you can also purchase a seasonal soup to accompany your main dish. Various coffee and beverages are also available such as cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, orange juice, and lemonade. 

“I don't remember how I discovered Morsel but all I know is that it's the best biscuit place that I've found and I can't go anywhere else. I used to go there all the time in college and now that I've moved away, I find myself still coming back. I always say I'm going for the farmer's market, but really, I'm going back for Morsel...I highly recommend getting the cheddar chive biscuits for whatever you're getting.” - Yelp Review

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4. North Star Diner & Shanghai Room

24/7 diner serving classic breakfast dishes, cocktails, and beer

Fill yourself up with a delicious breakfast burrito. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8580 Greenwood Ave N | Greenwood |

The North Star Diner & Shanghai Room is known for its classic breakfast dishes such as the Chicken-Fried Steak & Eggs, Huevos Rancheros, Chicken Flautas, and Buttermilk Pancakes. Their handmade milkshakes are also popular among guests. You can order a regular milkshake like the Summer Peach or Luxardo Cherry. But if you want to spice things up a bit, you can order a boozy milkshake instead! Vodka, Irish whiskey, and other popular alcohols are infused in these delicious milkshakes. 

Because it’s a 24/7 diner, you can enjoy these dishes no matter what time of day you stop in. If you stop in late at night, you can head to the Shanghai Room for some fun karaoke and drinks! 

“For dinner I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak plate because you can get this bad boy at all hours of the day, including dinner time! I don't often eat breakfast food, but the chicken fried steak was di-vine. The meat was tenderized, so as to easily cut it, with just a butter knife, and I really enjoyed the country gravy smothered on top, with a bed of hashbrowns underneath the steak. I also ordered my eggs sunny side up, which made my meal all the more yummy, with its runny yolk, creating its own sauce.” - Yelp Review

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5. B-Side Foods

Cozy breakfast spot known for its savory bites and mimosas

B-Side Foods offers a number of delicious breakfast and lunch options. Image courtesy of Yelp.

205 Franklin St. | Hayes Valley |

B-Side Foods is a quaint and cozy breakfast spot located in Hayes Valley. The menu is limited, but you don’t be disappointed with your order. Some of their most popular dishes include the egg sandwich, rice bowl, and frittata with green salad. 

Coffee and cocktails are also available to enjoy alongside your small meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a mimosa or you want to wake yourself up with cold brew, you will be satisfied by any drink that you order from this adorable cafe.

“This spot is essentially a part of SFJAZZ on Fell & Franklin. We swung by around lunch time on a Sunday to meet up with a friend. Great casual lounge-type feel. Decor is cool without being stuffy. Service was attentive and friendly. We tried some of their brunch options and everything was fresh and tasty. The food was not too heavy and left us ready to go strolling around Hayes Valley.” - Yelp Review

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6. Nue

Global street food eatery open for brunch and dinner

Take a bite out of the Poli Filipino Tosilog Brunch plate. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1519 14th Ave. | Capitol Hill |

Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Nue is a unique restaurant specializing in street food from around the world. Rather than focusing on one specific cuisine, Nue serves dishes inspired by dishes from Cambodia, Israel, South Africa, and other countries outside the United States. Brunch is served everyday until 3pm. Guests can sit inside or outside. However, indoor seating is limited at the moment. 

“A cute little restaurant featuring many different types of cuisines — I'm generally deeply skeptical of restaurants which don't focus on one regional cuisine because it's hard to get everything right but Nue proved me wrong! They have a small outdoor seating setup for COVID and a limited menu as well but it was a great experience all around. I got the Malaysian Kari Kentang, a curry dish with roti on the side, and loved it!” - Yelp Review

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Seattle is the perfect place for breakfast lovers. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast burrito or a plate of pancakes, you can find all of the breakfast dishes you could ever want in this bustling city. Which breakfast spot on the list do you want to visit next? Tell us in the comments below!


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