5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Louisville, KY That’ll Add Some Heat to Your Dinner Plans

The South’s Hospitality Meets South of the Border Flavors

So you're looking for Mexican restaurants in Louisville Kentucky huh? I felt the need to specify because when I started doing research for this article I was surprised to find out that there are plenty of other Louisvilles in other states. So I justSo just wanted to make sure you're in the right place. Still here? Great, let's get started.  

You probably searched for something like “Louisville Mexican restaurants” or “Mexican restaurants Louisville” or maybe even “What are the best Mexican restaurants in Louisville” Well don’t worry, the search engine (I won’t specify which one… *cough* Google *cough*) brought you to the right place. You didn’t really think the all knowing power of the algorithms would lead you to the wrong place did you? Of course this is the place you are looking for! If you live in Louisville, or even if you are just there for an afternoon, or have a friend or loved one who is there, this list will feature some of the best Mexican restaurants in Louisville for a lunch or dinner that you can possibly find. This list features some authentic Mexican restaurants, and some restaurants with their own individual takes on classic Mexican dishes, but it features some of the best reviewed restaurants on the internet in Louisville. There is sure to be something on the list that peaks your interest, or at least peaks your appetite. And whenever you find what it is we provide links to every restaurant's menu so you can decide what you want ahead of time. We’ll even let you know if one of the Mexican restaurants in Louisville accept our quality and convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

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La Cocina De Mama

The Most Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Louisville

2809 N Hurstbourne Pkwy | Westport | lacocinademamaky.com

Established only as far back as 2015, this area newcomernew comer comes in at the top of our list today for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can count on authentic flavors at La Cocina De Mama. The restaurant is family owned and as such everything from the decor to the menu is deeply rooted in their Mexican heritage. Authenticity is a word that gets thrown around pretty easily, but the kitchen at Lo Cocina De Mama prepares amazing recipes that have been passed down through the generations and tempered to absolute perfection by the sands of time and countless hours of experiments and experience. There’s no doubt you’ll find some of the boldest flavors in all of Kentucky at La Cocina De Mama. And since the business is family owned you know they are genuine about their customer service. Their livelihood depends on making sure the customer has a wonderful experience each and every time they visit.

“I was honestly just expecting La Cocina de Mama to be your typical Mexican joint, but I can say now that it is much more than that! It's such an adorable place with the nicest of employees.

 Everything from the margs, the queso and the food were wonderful!”  - Yelp Review 

La Cocina De Mama is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated Mexican restaurants in Louisville!

Las Cazuelas Mexican Cuisine

The Best Bang for Your Buck When It Comes to Mexican Cuisine in Louisville

4214 Bishop Ln | Louisville | lascazuelasmexicaneats.com

As far as bang for your buck goes you’re gonna find it hard to beat Las Cazuelas Mexican Cuisine when you’re looking for Mexican food in Louisville. They are well knownknow for the generous size of their portions and their authentic Mexican flavors. The locals in particular love the Carne Asada, Burritos, and Enchiladas, but you absolutely can’t be their fresh made Carnitas when you stop by. 

“Great place to go get some unique Mexican food! Priced right with huge servings, you may end up with a take home bag! The chips and salsa was delicious with a variety of sauces. The food came out hot and fresh. They offer alcohol, inside outside seating. Great food, Great Prices! Large Servings!” - Yelp Review

If you are looking for one of the best Mexican restaurants in Louisville then you really can’t go wrong with Las Cazuelas Mexican Cuisine. And whether you decide to eat in the dining room at Las Cazuelas, or just want to order takeout, just know they accept GiftYa digital gift cards which can be purchased and sent wirelessly in seconds.

Taco Choza

A Mexican Rrestaurant in Louisville With a Cool Ddecor and Quality Ingredients to Match

3922 Westport Rd | Louisville | tacochoza.com

Taco Choza comes in at number three on our list for a couple of reasons, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that they just so happen to accept digital GiftYa cards. They’re good, maybe not great, at just about everything. However, they are versatile. A jack of all trades but not exactly a master of any. You can count on them to have all the staple Mexican dishes prepared with quality fresh ingredients. They specialize in tacos, burritos, and margaritas, but you can find something to please everybody on their extensive menu. If you decide to eat at the location (instead of, ya know, getting takeout for dinner and eating it in front of your tv like you always do) you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique atmosphere and cool vibes that emanate from the decor. And if you aren’t in the mood for sitting outside there is also plenty of outdoor seating available.

“This is one of mine and my friends' go to spot! The staff is so nice and helpful. The food is absolutely amazing! One of my favorite things about Taco Choza is that they will let you mix two different meats instead of picking only one. The nachos are absolutely huge just to warn you. I highly recommend trying all of their hot sauces! They are way too tasty to limit yourself to one. Do yourself a favor and try Taco Choza. I promise you will not regret it!” - Yelp Review 

Taco Choza doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding Mexican restaurants and attractions in Louisville!

Taco Luchador

Little Street Tacos with Big Flavors in Louisville’s Highlands

938 Baxter Ave | Original Highlands | el-taco-luchador.com

Taco Luchador is a Mexican restaurant that specializes in? … That’s right! You guessed it Tacos. As the name would suggest you can count on getting some of the best tacos you can find on our list right at Taco Luchador. With a guarantee that the owner’s love of tacos stems from their love of fresh ingredients. Each and every bite of the tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas are constructed from the ground up with a reliance that fresh ingredients lead to fresh tastes and bold flavors. You can also count on a diverse array of delicious appetizers on Taco Luchador’s menu. And you know that each dish is prepared with meticulous forethought as the restaurant is co-owned by the two head chefs.  

“My go to Taco place in Louisville. It is always a welcomed experience when you get good service from the ordering and all the way to when you receive the order.

Quality well prepared food, flavorful and colorful, it is just right.

It is good for the soul to enjoy good food that fills your heart and your stomach.” - Yelp Review 

Taco Luchador is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Louisville and they accept GiftYa digital gift cards and you can grab one for you or someone on your list by following the link!

Noche Mexican BBQ

A Southern Spin On Classic Mexican Dishes

1838 Bardstown Rd | Highlands/Deer Park | nochemexicanbbq.com

Noche Mexican BBQ is probably the most unique restaurant on our menu. With the intent to take classic Mexican dishes and give them a southern style spin. The owner’s mission is to bring people together so they can eat, laugh, make memories, and celebrate their tiem together.So you can be sure that the menu will be accompanied by an extensive list of hand crafted cocktails. Every guest is treated like a family over for a fiesta at Noche Mexican BBQ. So you can be sure that the fun vibrant atmosphere extends to their customer service where they strive to provide you with the most enjoyable night that you can spend eating Mexican cuisine in Louisville Kentucky. 

“Make sure to make a reservation! We have stopped by for dinner, and there is always a long wait. That being said...The wait is 100% worth it! This was some of the best Mexican food that we have had in forever! Don't skip on the nachos. They were delicious. We each got a variety of tacos, and everything was delicious! And the marg pitcher was so good! And not lacking on alcohol” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Noche Mexican BBQ doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding new restaurants and attractions in Louisville!

There you go you finally have it, a list of Mexican restaurants you can find in Louisville. You will be sure to find something that fits your appetite and your wallet somewhere on that list I’m sure of it. And don’t worry the list is comprised of some of the best reviewed Mexican restaurants in Louisville on the internet so you can be sure everything on the list has been well vetted. But even if you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, GiftYa has something to offer for everybody when they are in Louisville looking for food. And remember you can grab a GiftYa digital gift card to the participating restaurants for you or a loved one and send them instantly and keep track of everything digitally.. 

But even if you pick a restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa you are sure to get a delicious meal in Louisville. There is a real diversity of cuisine offered just on this list alone. With everything from authentic Mexican cuisine to interesting modern takes and fusion of Mexican classics, you are sure to find a restaurant that meets your needs somewhere in Louisville. And if you don't, GiftYa are available in countless other cities all across America!

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