5 Affordable Restaurants in Louisville, KY That’ll Give You the Biggest Bite for Your Buck

Great Food Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank – That’s Why We’re Counting Down the Best, Most Affordable Restaurants in Louisville

So you are looking for the best affordable restaurants in Louisville huh? That’s totally fair. These are unprecedented times, and even when we aren’t living through crazy events every other day, you don’t always want to break the bank to get something good to eat.

Luckily, Louisville has one of the most happening food scenes in all of Kentucky. There are plenty of incredibly affordable restaurants to choose from, which means you don’t have to sacrifice quality (because if the food isn’t tasty, what’s the point of buying it in the first place??) to chow down on all your favorite meals for an easy to afford price tag.

But where do you start looking for the best affordable restaurants in Louisville?

Well Google of course. You probably searched for something like “best affordable restaurants in Louisville Kentucky” or “what’s the best, most affordable restaurants places to eat in Louisville” right? 

What’s that? How did I know that? Well I mean this is on your phone or computer so this article will only show up for so many best affordable restaurants that you searched in Google so I know it had to be something like that. Either that, or you got here from another GiftYa post or article in which case thank you for reading two today! Well today, just like everyday we have exactly what you are looking for. 

This is a list of the best best affordable restaurants in Louisville and where you can find them. We also include links anytime one of these restaurants accept our super convenient virtual gift cards!

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The Eagle

Chow Down on a Big Pile of Southern Comfort Food Without Breaking the Bank

1314 Bardstown Rd | Tyler Park | eaglerestaurant.com

You shouldn’t have to dig into your life savings to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned down home southern American cuisine, now should you? It’s the home of the free, after all! Okay, so the food at The Eagle isn’t quite free, but it is an affordable restaurant that gets great ratings from Louisville locals and out of town visitors alike. 

Why? First and most importantly, the food at The Eagle is known around town for being delicious, every single time. Many restaurant regulars report that they’ve never stopped in when the kitchen was having an off night, which is pretty impressive considering The Eagle has been serving up southern favorites in Louisville for nearly a decade.

Be sure to try the blackened shrimp or the fried chicken sandwich – hundreds of reviewers on Yelp loved them, so we reckon you will too!

“This place was amazing! On a girls trip to Louisville we were in need of southern comfort food. The Eagle took it to the next level. Everything was fresh and hot! I highly recommend the grilled cheese but add the chicken and the spoon bread. Everything we ate was spectacular. Alex our server was great! They were new but extremely honest and positive during our whole experience!” - Yelp Review 

Grab a GiftYa digital gift card to The Eagle by following the link right HERE and enjoy some of the best best affordable restaurants in Louisville you can find!

Biscuit Belly

What Do You Get When You Mix Southern Comfort Food and Some Fresh Flavors? According to This Affordable Fave, “Genuine Good Times and Damn Good Biscuits!”

900 E Main St | NuLu | biscuitbelly.com

If you’re from anywhere in the southern United States, chances are you have some pretty strong opinions about biscuits and what makes a good one. And you certainly aren’t alone – in 2013 Georgia native Chad Coulter decided he just wasn’t satisfied with the biscuits that Louisville had to offer, so he teamed up with chef Travis Rockwell and the idea for Biscuit Belly was born!

Biscuit Belly opened its doors in 2019, promising guests “genuine good times and damn good biscuits,” and boy have they delivered! The Biscuit Belly menu is stacked with southern treats – biscuit donut holes, biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, plus other southern favorites like fried green tomatoes and thick cut bacon. Wash it all down with a breakfast cocktail or delicious ice cream float, and you’re sure to leave with a happy biscuit belly indeed.

Pro tip: Make your meal even more affordable and be sure to sign up for Biscuit Belly’s loyalty program by downloading their app. You can earn Belly Bucks on your purchases, which can add up to big savings over time.

“Absolutely delicious! Warning: if you want the biscuits and gravy plan to share it. You get two giant biscuits and the gravy is exceptionally rich. The loaded tots are really good too! Do it.” - Yelp Review

Biscuit Belly is one of the best affordable restaurants in Louisville and they accept GiftYa digital gift cards and you can grab one for you or someone on your list by following the link!

Louie’s Hot Chicken and Barbecue

Three Friends, One Mission: Open A Hot Chicken Joint That Breaks the Mold But Not Your Budget

4222 Poplar Level Rd | Poplar Level | louieshotchickenandbbq.com

They say that some like it hot, and if that applies to you, Louie’s is the place to be. 

Now that being said, you don’t have to go overboard on the heat, but you certainly can. Louie’s Hot Chicken and Barbeque offers a number of options – sandwiches ranging from smokey pulled pork to tender, juicy brisket as well as hot chicken, smoked wings, and plenty of sides. And if you do decide to go for the hot chicken, you can choose your spice level – no heat, medium, hot, or extra hot – which means there’s something to meet everyone’s preference.

Some visitors recommend bringing a bottle of Pepto Bismol if you decide to go extra spicy, but the choice is yours!

“Absolutely perfect and delicious. I LOVED the homemade sides too! This is definitely my go to when visiting the zoo for sure since it's right by! Everyone was friendly and they do sell out of items so make sure to get in early if you want something specific!” - Yelp Review 

Get a GiftYa digital gift card for yourself or a loved one to Louie’s Hot Chicken and Barbecue and enjoy one of the best affordable restaurants in Louisville by following the link!

District 6

Traditional Vietnamese Flavors. Local, Market-Fresh Ingredients. Affordable Menu Prices.

3930 Shelbyville Rd | Louisville | eatdistrict6.wixsite.com

Searching for affordable restaurants in Louisville doesn’t have to limit the type of cuisine you can order. Sure, you could hit up a drive through for a fast food burger, but you could also chow down on some delicious and nutritious Vietnamese food, too. District 6 is a Vietnamese gastropub that offers a variety of traditional and modern dishes for a reasonable price. 

Whether you’re looking for summer rolls, banh mi, veggie dumplings, fresh hot pho, sticky rice, noodles, or something else, you’re sure to find something on District 6’s menu that satisfies your craving.

“Everything about this place tonight makes me wish I had tried it sooner.   I have read reviews for months, mustering up the courage to jump off the Pho wagon.   I am forever changed.  ” - Yelp Review 

District 6 doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding the best affordable restaurants and attractions in Louisville!

Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago

Bringing Classic Chicago Dishes to the People of Louisville, KY Since 2001

121 St. Matthews Ave | Louisville | lonniesbesttasteofchicago.com

Craving something a little outside your usual Louisville fare? Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago has got you covered. Founded by native Chicagoans in 2001, the folks at Lonnie’s know a thing or two about northern cooking. We’re talking beef gyros, lamb gyros, traditional Chicago hot dogs (with or without chili and cheese), Polish beef sausage, Italian sausage, and big juicy burgers. 

The best part is, like every restaurant on this list, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on your house to eat your fill. Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago is all about good food, not a fancy price tag. Locals love the casual atmosphere, and those in the know say the food tastes just like it would in The Windy City. 

“It's easy to miss this place if you drive by, but it is definitely worth it. The people who work there are super kind and friendly. They said they the food is just like how it would be in Chicago and they were right. I got the beef chili dog and it was fantastic. Highly recommend it!” - Yelp Review 

Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated best affordable restaurants in Louisville!

See, you don’t have to spend big to eat well in Louisville!

There you go, you finally have it – a list of the best affordable restaurants you can find in Louisville. You will be sure to find something that fits your appetite and your wallet somewhere on that list I’m sure of it. And don’t worry the list is composed of some of the best reviewed best affordable restaurants in Louisville on the internet so you can be sure everything on the list has been well vetted.

But even if you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, GiftYa has something to offer for everybody when they are in Louisville looking for the best affordable restaurants. And remember you can grab a GiftYa digital gift card to the participating restaurants for you or a loved one and send them instantly and keep track of everything digitally.

But even if you pick a restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa you are sure to get a delicious meal in Louisville. There is a real diversity of cuisine offered just on this list alone. With everything from affordable pho from a Vietnamese gastropub to delicious southern comfort food like biscuits and gravy, you are sure to find the affordable restaurant that meets your needs somewhere in Louisville. And if you don't, GiftYas are available in countless other cities all across America!

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