Grab a Slice of the Best Pizza in Louisville At One of These 5 Locations

New York Style, Chicago Style, Who Can Go Wrong With Any Kind of Pizza?

Pizza is often considered the ultimate American comfort food with one person eating an average of 46 slices per year -- or 350 slices per second as a whole. The truth is we love pizza, and we know you do as well. Looking for the best pizza is one journey that most people embark on, sure we have a favorite spot, but we’re always looking to try the latest and greatest offerings. 

From New York style to Chicago style and even Philly style, thick crust and thin crust, white sauce and red sauce -- the options are endless. We’ve put together a list of our five favorite pizza spots in Louisville that come with an extensive award list and rave reviews from locals. Check them out for yourself to decide which is best!

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1. Coals Artisan Pizza

Coal fired American Neapolitan style pizza using homemade dough

Margherita pizza -- the true test of pizza. Places with a great margherita are sure to have a winning menu!

3724 Frankfort Ave | Louisville |

Coals Artisan Pizza first opened in 2011 and immediately hit the ground running. They started the first coal-fire pizza in the state of Kentucky. Then, in 2011 (the same year they opened) and 2018, Coals won the Louisville Magazine’s award for “Best Pizza” and “Best Italian Restaurant” in 2012. They also appeared in Food and Wine Magazine for “Best Pizza” in Kentucky. That’s not to mention, locals hold Coals in high regard -- some would say the best in town, our Yelp reviewer does!

Their focus is all about the dough. Fresh dough is made daily and cold fermented for two days to achieve the perfect light, crispy crust that is packed with flavor. Their pizza menu consists of house specials, red pizzas, white pizza, and create your own. That’s virtually any pizza imaginable! When possible, they use fresh, local in-season ingredients for their huge variety of pizza offerings. 

“Coals is our favorite pizza joint in town. They have the highest quality ingredients and they're pizza is simply the best. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't try this place out.” - Yelp Review 

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2. Wick’s Pizza Parlor 

Thick crust pizza served in a sports bar atmosphere 

Sometimes we just want a cheesy, gooey pizza piled high with our favorite toppings. 

975 Baxter Ave | Louisville |

30 years, lots of love, and hundreds of employees later -- Wick’s Pizza now has three booming locations. Beginning in 1991, Wick’s started with a loan from a friend, hope, and diving into the learning process that comes with the business world. Michael and Meredith Wickliffe are still running the business today with Michael working as the business frontman and Meredith performing crucial behind the scenes tasks. They want all employees and guests to feel like friends in a comfortable environment. 

The menu is simple, start with a classic cheese pizza and add toppings to your heart's desire or choose one of their house specialty pizzas. Dough is made fresh daily in-house, and topped with fresh ingredients. All pizzas are hand-tossed and made to order. If you’re not in the mood for a pizza -- try their sandwiches, pasta, salads, appetizers, and finish the meal off with something sweet! This year is their 30th anniversary and they’re offering free garlic cheese toast, a stuffed breadwick, or a full order of breadsticks with a 14” or larger pizza!

“Great pizza and sandwich!!!! The spaghetti was really good too!!! Delivery was great, delivered right to the lobby at the hotel I was staying in. - Yelp Review 

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3. The Post 

Unique New York Style pizza served in a restored VFW building 

Unconventional pizzas made with interesting ingredients and out of the box bases in a modern and inviting atmosphere. 

1045 Goss Ave | Louisville |

New York style pizza by the slice, beer, and the rest is history. During the pandemic, they are offering online ordering only for everything but pizza by the slice. Pizza by the slice can be ordered in person and the best news is slices change daily! 

Their menu is small and simple. They offer hot subs, calzones, salads, and sides like breadsticks and chicken bites. The specialty pizzas are where it’s at! The New Dill is -- you guessed it, a pickle pizza made with a dill ranch base, spicy pickles, and a hot or mild drizzle. The new colossus is a pesto pizza with chicken, tomatoes, parmesan, and a balsamic drizzle. This is only the beginning because they offer countless other pizzas as well as a create your own option. 

“I'm a little late to the party but definitely glad I showed up! I've always heard wondering things about this place but only during the pandemic did we finally decide to check this place out, curbside pick up of course!” - Yelp Review 

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4. MozzaPi 

Bakery serving bread, pastries, and pizza using homemade stone milled flour

Pizza made with fresh, stone ground ancient grains and topped with pepperoni and a layer of pickled vegetables.

12102 La Grange Rd | Louisville |

MozzaPi is not your average meets the eye pizza joint. They do a lot more than just bake pizza -- in fact they mill all their own flour using ancient grains. Now that’s a commitment to the process. They believe that milling their own flour contributes to their overall goal -- creating food that leaves a lasting memory, is consistent, and unique to the consumer. 

They bake bread -- sourdough, focaccia, rye, brioche, etc, and make their own baked goods. You can order a number of different breads, cookies, flour, bread and cookie mixes, salads, coffee, and of course pizza. They offer your basic cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas as well as specialty pizzas and a vegan option. When you go, they also offer freshly brewed coffee, this might be a unique pairing for pizza that’s even better with a fresh baked pastry. If you’re looking for an innovative, different pizza experience -- this is the place to go!

“I will definitely continue to order from MozzaPi. Next I want to try the cookies and the focaccia and hopefully soon I will be able to dine in and have a cup of coffee. This place is such a gem in the East End.” - Yelp Review 

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5. Derby City Pizza Co.

Exciting pizzas served alongside pasta, wings, appetizers, and more

Pizzas can be made using thin or thick crust, but as the post says -- you have to try “The Champ.” 

5603 Greenwood Rd | Louisville |

Larry Davis, owner of Derby City Pizza Co. has been growing his love for pizza since 1991, at the ripe old age of 15. He began making pizza at a local chain to support his family, then he soon became the manager for the location he worked at. By the age of 23, he owned three locations in the franchise. He moved on from the pizza chain and opened a sports bar called Shooters. However, he still had a desire for pizza. 

In 2005, he finally opened his own pizza parlor that has won awards, including best pizza. There are now multiple locations of Derby City Pizza Co. His pizza parlor offers subs, pasta, wings, salads, appetizers, and pizza! He offers a select number of specialty pizzas, and healthier options that can be made gluten free, crustless, and with a broccoli and cheese crust. If this doesn’t satisfy -- you can create your own pizza to your perfect size that will include all of your favorite toppings. 

“This pizza place is the best !!  We got the meat lover pizza.  Which was an award winning pie !! If you want a local business.  Do yourself a favor and try Derby City Pizza !!” - Yelp Review 

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When on the hunt to find the best pizza and Louisville, you should no doubt try all of these locations. Put your tastebuds to the ultimate test to determine which of these locations reigns supreme!

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