Your Guide to Asian Markets in Cincinnati

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These Asian markets are guaranteed to help you create some amazing meals!

Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of markets, but no matter what their specialties, they all have one thing in common — providing an amazing selection of items! Asian markets in the area are no different, and offer customers access to produce, spices, oils, and packaged items they might not otherwise find at their local supermarket.

These specialized markets give locals a chance to expand their options when it comes to creating home cooked, delicious meals — or just the opportunity to enjoy some international candy or salty snacks! We’ve put together a list of some of the best Asian markets in the Cincinnati area, so the next time you’re feeling adventurous, why not stock up on some of their items? Who knows you might just find your new favorite store!

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1. Cincinnati Asia Market

This market has everything you need to make an amazing Asian meal!

10400 Reading Rd. | Cincinnati |

When you think Asian market in the Cincinnati area, most locals will immediately think of Cincinnati Asia Market, or CAM. This market originally started in Columbus to serve the Chinese professors and students of Ohio State University, but it quickly expanded due to the demands of more and more customers becoming aware of how amazing Asian cooking can be! 

After Columbus stores were opened in Cincinnati and Cleveland, and today each store sells produce, snacks, dry foods, baked goods, and kitchen from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and India just to name a few. The store is very popular among the local Asian as well as non-Asian population, and you can find items here that are just not available anywhere else. 

“This is the biggest authentic Asian market you'll find in the NKY/Cincinnati area...They offer a wide selection of diverse Asian ingredients for you to cook from scratch and they also offer pre packaged dishes.” - Yelp Review

2. Happy Asian Mart

Pick up the freshest ingredients for your next Asian-inspired meal

355 W McMillan St. | University Heights |

Another fantastic option when it comes to local Cincinnati Asian markets is the Happy Asian Mart. Whether you’re looking to stock up on fresh seafood for a special dinner you’re planning, or just looking for the right ingredients to start learning how to roll sushi, you’ll find all you need at this spot. 

Sometimes the items on their shelves are so authentic that the ingredients are not listed in English — no problem, the friendly staff can help you translate to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for!

The owners are adding new items each week, so if you don’t see a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean item, just ask if it will be available there in the future! 

“This place is incredible. There is everything Asian you could imagine and many things you never could have. I love to come here.” - Yelp Review

3. Saigon Market

Shop at the oldest Asian grocery store in Cincinnati!

Whether you need ingredients or new Asian cookware, this mart has what you’re looking for. Image courtesy of Yelp.

119 W Elder St. | Over-the-Rhine |

Saigon Market is a part of the very popular Findlay Market, which is Cincinnati’s oldest public market, and is itself home to over 40 indoor vendors that sell anything from seafood, meat, baked goods, cheese, to produce. This Asian market was first opened in 1976 and since then has been providing the local community with direct access to foodstuffs from China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

In addition they also offer items from West Africa, Jamaica, and Mexico — allowing the people of Cincinnati to continue to try new recipes. Not only does this place stock up on hard to find produce and dry food, but they also carry Asian cookware and tableware, to ensure your meals are prepared and presented in the authentic Asian way!

Purchase a GiftYa for Saigon Market.

“Would recommend picking up ingredients here instead of eating out the next time you think about Asian. Or really just challenging yourself to cook something new and outside your comfort zone.” - Yelp Review

4. Little Asiana Market

A smaller market that carries all your favorite Asian items

This Korean grocery has many items you just can’t locate elsewhere. Image courtesy of Yelp.

9731 Montgomery Rd. | Cincinnati 

Little Asiana Market arrived on the Cincinnati scene in 2005, and since then has been helping locals find all their favorite Asian products — that are very hard to find elsewhere! This specialized store has items from Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand, so no matter if you’re looking for gochujang, kimchi, or purple rice, you’re going to be able to find it at this store.

Although they do not have a fresh meat counter, they do offer a wide selection of frozen meats such as bulgogi that are available for you to take home. From there, the cooking possibilities are endless! Most customers like the smaller feel of this store, and it really does seem like the type of store that you could pick up any daily Asian item you might need!

“This Asian grocery store is by no means big, but the variety of items in this place is amazing...from Ramen, Kimchi, Korean and Japanese snacks to fresh vegetables. I definitely recommend this place!!” - Yelp Review

5. Tokyo Oriental Food Shop

A favorite place to pick up anything you need to prepare amazing Japanese meals

Try out some of their ready made Japanese meals! Image courtesy of Yelp.

10738 Reading Rd. | Cincinnati

If you’re looking to try out a new Japanese recipe — or you’re just starting to learn how to cook Japanese food — you’re going to want to stop at the Tokyo Oriental Market. Although it might be a little smaller, this Asian market really seems to have all that anyone could need to prepare an amazing Japanese meal. 

Whether you’re looking for sauces, frozen meat or seafood, a variety of noodles, fish cakes, snacks, or dry goods, you’ll find them at this local store. They also have a wide variety of prepared foods such as wrappers and udon noodle packets that can be prepared super quickly if you happen to be craving a Japanese meal. The prices are reasonable, and you’ll be supporting a small family business as well!

“I'm thrilled to have found such a great store in Ohio! I'm definitely coming back as often as I can.” - Yelp Review

6. Sakura Mart

The Cincinnati area’s one stop shop for any Japanese food item!

This store offers any item you might need for authentic Japanese cooking. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8640 Haines Dr. | Florence, KY |

Just a short drive across the Ohio River and into Kentucky and you’ll find a little hidden gem tucked away in Florence, the Sakura Mart. This Japanese grocery has anything and everything you need to start on your next Japanese cooking adventure. Whether you need seafood such as tuna or salmon, you can find some amazingly priced frozen options here. They also offer hard to find Japanese produce, so if you need a specific spice or root, chances are the Sakura Mart has what you’re looking for. 

You might notice that some of the items are a little pricier than others, and that’s because the owner has the shipped in directly from Japan — you just can’t get more authentic than that! So if you’re looking for something authentic, it’s going to be worth the increase in price. If you happen to stop by, see if this Asian mart is making some of their famous mochi ice cream — you won’t be disappointed!

“This is an amazing small store with authentic Japanese food items. I love going there.” - Yelp Review

7. Jagdeep’s Indian Grocery

A fantastic Asian mart that has everything you need for South Asian cuisine

‍270 Ludlow Ave. | Clifton 

If you’ve ever wanted to cook up some amazing Indian or Pakistani recipes, then Jagdeep’s Grocery is for you. They have all the ingredients that make South Asian cuisine so tasty, including spices like cumin, turmeric, green chili, and even curry leaves. You can also be sure to find a wide selection of frozen food such as parathas, naans, paneers, and idli, as well as a great variety of prepared food. 

Don’t forget to stock up on their fresh produce items as well, such as gourds, onions, and okra--sure to bring some amazing tastes to your meals. If you happen to need incense or the latest Bollywood DVDs, not to worry, they have these items as well. And for a great price!

“Jagdeep's is your one-stop destination for all Indian groceries at reasonable prices. You won't walk out disappointed.” - Yelp Review

8. Jungle Jim’s

This huge market has so many types of Asian cuisines to explore!

4450 Eastgate S | Eastgate |

One of the largest Asian markets in the Cincinnati area is Jungle Jim’s which houses an enormous amount of products from Asian, Hispanic, African, European, and Middle Eastern countries — all under one roof! It may seem a little overwhelming, but not to fear, there is a system and you can definitely find what you’re looking for! 

Utilize one of their helpful maps which organizes countries into sections, that way you’re sure to find exactly what you need. If all else fails, you can always ask a friendly associate to point you in the right direction! Jungle Jim’s Asian section has hard to find items from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines, so no matter what cuisine you need ingredients for, they are sure to have it!

9. Cam International Market

Popular Asian supermarket offering a wide selection of authentic ingredients

Shoppers love purchasing these juices for their children! Image courtesy of Yelp

10400 Reading Rd, Suite 145 | Cincinnati |

Located along Reading Road, Cam International Supermarket is one of the area’s best Asian supermarkets. You can find fruits, veggies, meat, seafood, snacks, and more at this popular market. Many hard-to-find Asian ingredients can also be found at an affordable price. Want to make a delicious sandwich or sub? Head to the deli section for ingredients or get a savory sandwich made for you right on the spot. There’s even a Russian section for people who want to branch out and try something a little different. 

“The variety here is strong. Whether it's veggies, meat, fruit, snacks, frozen, a specific sauce, seafood, or whatever... if you think there's a chance it could be here, they're sure to have it. I even tracked down specific cucumber chips which I had only had imported from China. While they're also available on Amazon...they're stupid expensive so I'm glad there's a place within a few hours that I can pick them up.” - Yelp Review

10. B&D Asian Plaza (Nepali Market)

Fresh produce offered at incredibly low prices

Rows upon rows of snacks await you. Image courtesy of Nepali Asian Market

3091 Galbraith Rd | Cincinnati |

Since 2014, customers have flocked to B&D Asian Plaza for its fresh produce and practical household items. In addition to its wide selection of consumer goods, B&D Asian Plaza also offers various community services and dress items provided by Bhutanese, Nepali, and Indian communities. Other services include tax filing assistance, tailoring, faxing, and even an arcade. All of these goods and services are offered at low, unbeatable prices! 

“Has some of the best rice, Kohinoor basmati. Everything for asian cooking. Plus a bazaar of clothing. An unknown treasure. Colerain has a growing Nepal and Asian community. Very close to a Mexican bakery, across the street from Walgreens on the corner of Colerain and Galbraith.” - Google Review

11. Francis International Market

International grocery store that has been serving customers since 1986

Francis brings foods from all around the world right to your table. Image courtesy of Francis International Market

4414 Colerain Ave. | Northside |

Francis International Market offers dozens of fresh produce and ingredients from around the world. While it doesn’t sell exclusively Asian products, you can still find a number of great Asian products you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. From fresh fish to tender goat meat, you can find everything you need to make a delicious meal for yourself at home. However, you’ll want to make sure you come early, as the supplies sometimes run out quickly. 

“This is a great place to buy foods from around the world. The owner is Filipina and is very helpful. She is knowledgeable about all the foods she offers. Our favorite is the Vietnamese Coffee in black and red box. The best coffee we've ever tasted. We buy a dozen boxes at a time to make sure we don't run out.” - Yelp Review

The Cincinnati area has quite a wide array of Asian markets that have been providing locals with a taste of the east for years, and continue to grow in popularity! Which Asian mart is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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