Vegetarian Restaurants in Cincinnati that Will Make Your Tastebuds Sing

Love to eat out but hate only seeing one or two meat-free options on the menu? These vegetarian restaurants are just what you need.

It can be tough to eat out when you’re meat-free. While more and more restaurants have been springing up with vegetarian options to offer to their guests, they still don’t usually include more than a few options. And if you’re a foodie who loves to go out and discover the ethnic diversity of restaurants in your city, eating out can be even harder. With meat being a key ingredient in cuisines all over the world, it’s not always easy to find a good variety of vegetarian options if you’re feeling adventurous. Luckily, Cincinnati has some restaurants with a lot of veggie options.

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Amma’s Kitchen

Enjoy these carefully crafted vegetarian meals with a twist of Indian flavors right in Cincinnati.

With dishes crafted from potatoes, chickpeas, and rice and infused with Indian flavors, the dishes at Amma’s Kitchen are great for your vegetarian needs and tasty! Image courtesy of Amma’s Kitchen Instagram.

  • Website:
  • Neighborhood: Roselawn
  • Address: 7633 Reading RD, Cincinnati, OH 45237

Sick of seeing the same four vegetarian options offered at every place you go out to eat? Interested in some vegetarian meals with bold flavors? Amma’s Kitchen might be your favorite new spot!

As they restaurant’s namesake, “Amma” means “one’s mother,” and to Amma’s Kitchen, it also directly translates to a mother who provides food for her children with extra care

The menu is packed with vegetarian options, which you can either order on-site or order ahead of time for takeout. Amma’s Kitchen is also certifiably Kosher, so if you have other dietary needs, they can meet you where you are.

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“This is my second time here and I love the food and the hospitality shown by the wait staff here...If you are in Cincinnati and looking for some good home style vegetarian cooking, don’t miss out on Amma’s.” - Yelp Review

Yard House

Discover what’s on tap while exploring some vegetarian options.

Enjoy pastas, pizzas, and even meatless wings here at Yard House. Image courtesy of Yard House Instagram.

Yard House

Discover what’s on tap while exploring some vegetarian options.

  • Website:
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Address: 95 East Freedom Way

Are you sick of being relegated to the same old chips and salsa every time you go to the bar? It’s not very filling, is it? Well luckily for you, Yard House has a fairly extensive vegetarian menu that will fill you up.

Their Gardein™ menu, specifically, gives you plenty of options that allow you to easily switch out any meat ingredients with a vegetarian substitute made from soy, wheat, pea proteins, vegetables, and ancient grains.

Stop in to see what Yard House has to offer, and while you’re there, see what they have on tap. Beer is their specialty, after all.

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“If you’re a vegetarian in search of a restaurant with a lot of yummy vegetarian options, Yard House should definitely be on your radar.” - Yelp Review

Melt Revival, an Eclectic Cafe

There’s a little something for everyone at Melt Revival...and it’s all delicious!

With a menu designed for both vegetarians and vegans - but enough classic options for your meat-eating friends, you can’t go wrong at Melt Revival. Image courtesy of Melt Revival Instagram.

Melt Revival, an Eclectic Cafe

There’s a little something for everyone at Melt Revival...and it’s all delicious!

  • Website:
  • Neighborhood: Northside
  • Address: 4100 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223

Are you a fan of all things brunch? At Melt Revival, you’ll discover a cafe that can do both sweet and savory -- and make it healthy!

Drop by to taste a superfood bowl made with granola, a dairy-free smoothie, berries, seeds, and coconut in the morning, or try an artichoke flatbread melt packed with a spinach and artichoke spread, tomatoes, and white cheddar later in the day.

Melt Revival also makes fresh desserts and bakery items daily. When you come in, ask your server what’s available for the day. Come discover this healthy California twist to an already eclectic menu.

“Vegan… vegetarian… omnivore… all the meats… this place has got something for everyone and it’s all delicious...Our work frequents there for lunch. The service is fast and they are able to accommodate all 8 of us!” - Yelp Review


Stop in for a quick, healthy customizable veggie burrito

Packed with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, you won’t want to miss out on these burritos and bowls. Image courtesy of Currito Instagram


Stop in for a quick, healthy customizable veggie burrito.

  • Website:
  • Neighborhood: Hyde Park
  • Address: 3654 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Love burritos but hate when most places have pre-prepared recipes with meat already in them and none of the fresh ingredients you enjoy? Currito is revolutionizing the burrito world with fresh ingredients and customizable orders.

When you stop in for a burrito at Currito, you can choose to order it however you’d like -- as a traditional burrito or as a tortilla-less bowl. Even better, you can choose everything that goes in your burrito, including a tofu option if you would like some extra protein or no meat at all.

Pick a salad by itself (no meat, unless you ask for it!) or ask to have one wrapped up in a tortilla to make it more transportable. With the freshness of Currito’s ingredients, you’ll love how these vegetarian-friendly burritos taste and how they make you feel.

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“The salads at Currito are my favorite and I love how much room for customization there are...The portions are generous and the prices are on-par for a typical fast casual dining. I'll be back!” - Yelp Review

Crzy Monk

This Asian cuisine with a vegetarian twist will have you rushing back for more

Check out the extensive options for vegetarian food on the menu at this great Cincy Asian eatery. Image courtesy of Crzy Monk Instagram.

Crzy Monk

This Asian cuisine with a vegetarian twist will have you rushing back for more.

  • Website:
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Address: 627 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

Love the flavors of Asian cuisine but hate that most of them are attached to meat? Crzy Monk is a spunky restaurant in Cincinnati with Asian-infused food that you can order any which way you’d like.

Drawing inspiration from “the crazy monk,” Ji Gong, the folks at Crzy Monk try to infuse his core values -- modesty, sensitivity to health, and balance -- into every dish. And they’ll even alter anything in the recipe to make sure you enjoy your experience there as much as possible.

Try their detox of the day, or maybe their warming goodness rice for a peek at what it is they value most at Crzy Monk. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite vegetarian restaurant.

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“Since moving from California we hadn't come across good quality mock protein/’meat’ that we had at all vegan Asian restaurants over there but today this noodle soup satisfied that craving.”Yelp Review link?

Mazunte Taqueria

Get your taco fix with tasty vegetarian flavors

Pick from a number of fresh ingredients to add to your vegetarian tacos. Image courtesy of Mazunte Taqueria Instagram.

Mazunte Taqueria

Get your taco fix with tasty vegetarian flavors.

If you love Mexican cuisine but are wary of the traditional proteins they include in their recipes, Mazunte Taqueria might be the perfect place to start looking for some good vegetarian options again.

When Mazunte was first formed, founder Josh Wamsley established his menu based on traditional Mexican street food. They learned the tricks of the trade from local Mexican natives while living there and brought them back here to the U.S. to create Mazunte Taqueria.

Today, you can find an extensive menu of authentic flavors, many of which, while traditionally made with meat, have a vegetarian substitute as well. Stop in soon to discover what the traditional flavors of Mexico taste like with vegetarian cuisine.

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“From the tacos to the tamales to the pozole, the food is phenomenal, with a great balance of traditional flavors...and modern touches...There are some solid vegetarian options as well as the more meat-forward options.” - Yelp Review

Whether you’re a vegetarian yourself or you’re just looking for some new places to try that will be vegetarian friendly for your friends, we understand that eating out can be tough. Take a look at these restaurants located right in Cincinnati, though. From authentic Indian, to traditional Mexican, to Asian fusion, to the kooky options at Melt Revival, there are choices all around Cincy that will satisfy everyone in your crew. Discover your new favorite today.

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