12 Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Brooklyn, NY To Enjoy!

Breakfast and brunch are the best meals of the day, that’s right, we said it, and these restaurants prove us right.

It’s finally the weekend in the city and you want to go out with your friends to gossip and enjoy the savory and sweet flavors of breakfast and brunch. And finding the best breakfast and brunch spots in Brooklyn has never been easier.

With long-time dining staples and up-and-coming spots, there is a wide variety of outstanding restaurants with flavors from across the world, all while appreciating the best scenery Brooklyn has to offer. From the remarkable views of Manhattan’s horizon to the serene gardens located at the Vinegar Hill House, there’s a lot of cool things to do after you eat.

Make Brooklyn your newest culinary destination with these top breakfast and brunch spots.

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1. Sisters

Calling brunch lovers, swing by this famous spot in Brooklyn and enjoy the best local cuisines!

900 Fulton St | Brooklyn | sistersbklyn.com

If having breakfast or brunch outdoors especially during weekends is your thing, Sisters in Brooklyn is the best place to be. What’s most impressive about this spot is the light-filled environment, thanks to a giant skylight in its front room. Their seasonal menu is something to talk home about with custom-tailored dishes made from local produce. Serving organic foods along with farm-fresh meats without hormones or antibiotics.

When you visit the restaurant, order their savory French toast, made with scallions, pulled pork, fried egg, and cheddar, and pair that with a Mimosa for a truly great meal. You’ll also love the Bohemian vibe in this place and the architectural bar which is a show stopper.

“First off, the decor is beautiful. You get a sense of walking into an upscale brunch spot. From the menu, the ingredients seems to be top notched and it taste that was as well. However one thing I suggest is to offer more options, the menu lacks variety.” -Yelp Review

2. Cafe Mogador

Don’t miss out on the delicious Moroccan themed breakfast at Café Mogador!

133 Wythe Ave | Brooklyn | cafemogador.com

Considered by the locals as the “best brunch in Brooklyn,” Cafe Mogador continues to capture the hearts of regulars with their mix of Moroccan and Mediterranean classics. You can opt for a modest Moroccan breakfast with two poached eggs, pita bread, roasted potatoes, and spicy simmered tomatoes, or try their tasty pancakes made with banana and buttermilk as well as the organic almond granola.

You may also find other items that are fun to try including the Middle Eastern Breakfast which consists of eggs in any style, hummus, za’atar pita, tabouli, and an Arabic salad.

They also have a back-herb garden that grows most of their ingredients such as rosemary, mint, and thyme, which puts out signature dishes such as dried apricots, lamb tagine, and prunes.

“I love coming here for breakfast! You can never go wrong with the middle eastern breakfast. The hummus with pita bread is a chef's kiss, and the tabouli is refreshing. Please try the felafel too! Best felafels in town! Good service and very chill ambiance.” -Yelp Review

3. Sweet Chick

A casual eatery in Brooklyn that serves breakfast and brunch as part of their large and varied menu.

341 Flatbush Ave | Brooklyn | sweetchick.com

If you love brunch, especially the home-made Southern comfort food with a touch of gourmet, Sweet Chick is where you’ll want to dine this weekend. After-all that is the best time for carb high savory and sweet food.

Sweet Chick will always treat you to a fine dining experience, but their breakfast and brunch menu will leave you coming back for more. With the good vibes, great food, and an interesting variety of cocktails, what’s not to love? The restaurant is popular for serving the best chicken and waffles in the city. And the home-baked desserts will leave any sweet-tooth satisfied.

Enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes such as your own choice of apple cinnamon, bacon cheddar, chocolate chip, or vanilla glaze waffles or the Impossible Sausage, Egg and Cheese Buttermilk Biscuit.

“The maple chipotle chicken with the waffles... possibly the best chicken and waffle combo i've had in my life so far. Incredibly delicious. Every thing we've had here so far was very good! Definitely a Brooklyn staple for me now.” -Yelp Review

4. Colonie

An upscale restaurant that delivers brunch and home-baked dishes!

127 Atlantic Ave | Brooklyn | colonienyc.com

Rocking an open expansive space, filled with long wooden tables and greens growing along the walls, this restaurant makes you feel like you’re dining somewhere special. Meet up with friends and family for a weekend brunch as you enjoy the perfect view of chefs at work preparing your mouth-watering dishes.

On their brunch menu, they offer you just what you wish for from the traditional American staples such as Shrimp & Grits to baked goods such as the Sticky Date Cake with crème fraîche gelato and toffee sauce, as well as everyone’s favorite on the side- Applewood Smoked Bacon. You’ll also find other options on their extensive menu including the Eggplant Caponata Crostino and Turkish Eggs.

“Been here several times for brunch and get the same thing every time because it's unreal - the Turkish eggs. Soooo tasty!!! The French toast is also really unique and delicious. Good service, nice atmosphere, good tea as well.” -Yelp Review

5. Diner

A modern restaurant famous for serving the best brunch in town!

85 Broadway | Brooklyn | dinernyc.com

Before you go out exploring the town, shopping and sightseeing, why don’t you take a pit-stop and grab some amazing weekend brunch at the Diner? This laidback restaurant treats you to something special with their atmosphere and delicious brunch options.

Some of their most popular dishes include the whitefish salad, egg sandwich, BLT, french toast, and more. The brunch menu can vary day-to-day based on what’s trending at the moment. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a cocktail like the “Study Break” which is suze, cocchi americano, herbsaint, and soda.

“Yummy little spot! The staff was super nice and the food was great. The restaurant itself is small and cramped, but still lots of seating outside and to the side. It was a little pricey but nothing crazy for NY.” -Yelp Review

6. Sunday in Brooklyn

Enjoy a classic breakfast and brunch at this simple, yet trendy restaurant!

348 Wythe Ave | Brooklyn | sundayinbrooklyn.com

There’s nothing better than a relaxed and simple brunch meal on a Sunday in Brooklyn…and that’s exactly why this restaurant is named that.

When you enter. you instantly understand why so many locals love it. Between the countryside themed three-story space that features an outdoor patio, and a private dining room, marketplace, rooftop garden, as well as their exciting menu, it’s no wonder why Sunday in Brooklyn is beloved by many.

Contrary to the name, Sunday in Brooklyn offers brunch even on weekdays. It’s known for its popular dishes like the Sunday Pancakes™ which you can get with Hazelnut Maple Praline and/or Brown Butter, and the Steak & Eggs. What better way to experience brunch than at a popular and classic restaurant on Wythe Avenue!

“This restaurant is on the cutest street in the neighborhood. The inside is super cute and very "Brooklyn." The food was fresh and everything was very tasty. It wasn't too quiet or too loud, just right.” -Yelp Review

7. Five Leaves

This laid-back joint is known to serve locals a mix of American and Australian brunch cuisine.

18 Bedford Ave | Brooklyn | fiveleavesny.com

We know how badly some really nice vibes and good brunch is needed, so why not drop by Five Leaves in Brooklyn to enjoy American brunch offerings with a bit of an Aussie accent. Here, you can enjoy some tasty selections that are prepared from local products and sustainable meat, seafood, and poultry.

On their large menu, you’ll find a lot of options when it comes to brunch. They have ricotta pancakes, avocado toast, a sage scrambled egg sandwich, a grain bowl, and their incredibly popular Moroccan scramble. And this is just the breakfast menu!

For your “lunch” portion of brunch, you can have a grass-fed burger complete with a fried egg or pineapple, grilled chicken, watermelon salad, as well as the crème brûlée. Plus if you still want to add something to your meal, truffle fries will be the ideal option.

“This is a super popular spot and if you go on the weekends, you can expect to wait but trust me the wait is worth it. The food is delicious. The staff are friendly and the drinks are incredible.” -Yelp Review

8. Clark’s Restaurant

Make sure to check out this local restaurant serving the best breakfast and brunch in Brooklyn!

80 Clark St | Brooklyn | clarksdiner.com

You’ve come here to find out about some truly amazing breakfast options in Brooklynm then Clark’s Restaurant should definitely be on the list. Since 1986, this locally owned restaurant has been serving a lot of classic breakfast options that you won’t be able to say no to, so make sure to make a reservation and head over.

At Clark’s their menu is ever-changing, but right now you can try out their Banana-Walnut Pancakes, Fruits & Nuts French Toast, Broiled Salmon, Goat Cheese flatbread, Egg Sandwich, and all of the other classics that make for a delicious breakfast. Go to Clark’s for an incredible meal you won’t want to say no to!

“5 stars are not enough, from the moment we walked in and was greeted the service was nothing less then perfect, the food was yummy very tasty and the drinks was more then enough reasons to go back  perfect service for a Sunday” -Yelp Review

9. Parlay

A coffee shop in Brooklyn where you can grab a snack or meal anytime!

4024 8th Ave | Brooklyn | instagram.com/parlaybk

There’s not a lot that beats that classic “café” atmosphere and if you’re wanting exactly that then Parlay in Brookly is the place to go. Sip on a unique cup of coffee, bite into a sweet pastry, or enjoy a full breakfast meal. Whatever you’re looking for, you can get it at Parlay. This cute coffee shop serves some of the best breakfast options around.

Making brunch all day, Parlay has Eggs Benedict w/ Canadian bacon, Spinach & Cheese Omelette, French Toast, Pancakes, and more. Don’t miss out on Parlay and some of the tasty dishes they have!

“I love the food here, this is my "to go to" place whenever I'm looking for a good and delicious breakfast, the service is good for only two workers and the ambient is very chill love the decorations” -Yelp Review

10. Tom’s Restaurant

Want to enjoy all your favorite breakfast classics? Don’t miss out on this spot!

brunch plate of a plate of the "Crab Cakes and Egg Combo" breakfast at Tom's Restaurant. Consists of two over-easy eggs, four slices of triangle cut toast, 2 crab cakes, potatoes, and a little container of sauce on the side.
Leave feeling happy and full at this breakfast and brunch spot in Brooklyn! Image courtesy of the Tom’s Yelp photo page.

782 Washington Ave | Brooklyn | tomsbrooklyn.com

People love diners, especially ones that feel like a second home and at Tom’s Restaurant you’ll find exactly that and more. Come to Tom’s to enjoy some delicious and appetizing classic breakfast options that’ll have you thinking about them till your next visit.

Make sure to check out Tom’s and everything they’ve got on their menu because you don’t want to be stuck trying to decide on what to get! They offer everything from crab cakes, french toast, beef sausage omelets, pumpkin walnut pancakes, huevos rancheros, eggs benedict, turkey bacon omelets, Belgian waffles, and more. Don’t miss out on Tom’s for some incredible food that’s been delivering to customers since 1936!

“Blast from the past... I always took my kids to Tom's when they were little. Now that they are grown we went back for nostalgia. Same great brunch and attentive servers. Thanks for the memories!” -Yelp Review

11. Egg Shop

A cafe focused on serving lots of egg options may be exactly what you need!

138 N 8th St | Brooklyn | eggshopnyc.com

The Egg Shop is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for some incredible breakfast options that are centered around eggs. Eggs are an important food to eat, so why not incorporate them in your breakfast in fun and exciting ways?

At the Egg Shop you can try out the “A.E.C” which is an egg scramble sandwich with cheddar, avocado, tomato jam, and pickled jalapenos all on a ciabatta roll. Plus they have a Ricotta Scramble, Smoked Salmon Benedict With Dam Good English Muffin, and even a selection of cocktails that go really well with your egg themed breakfast.

“Came here for brunch and got their Hot Chix sandwich, a great buttermilk fried chicken sandwich on a brioche bun. Deliciously made and would recommend. Indoor is a cute, brunchy vibe and would be fun for a brunch with friends.” -Yelp Review

12. Shane's Brooklyn

A quaint and cozy spot that’s cookin’ up American comfort food!

794 Washington Ave | Brooklyn | facebook.com/ShanesBrooklyn

Comfort food, good vibes, and groovy music all awaits you at Shane’s Brooklyn, this small spot in Brooklyn really shows off that “New York” restaurant feel with their close quarter tables and community experiences. Meet new people and dine out with your favorite people at Shane’s.

Try some of the restaurant's most popular items, like

  • 2 Eggs on a Brioche Roll
  • Spinach Omelet
  • Greek Omelet
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Classic Belgian Waffle
  • Challah Bread French Toast
  • Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit

...and more all await you at this spot to get breakfast and brunch in Brooklyn.

“Always good to come back to Shane's in Brooklyn. I've been eating here since they were called "Cafe Shane" and it's good to see the upgrades and the food still as delicious as ever. This place is a MUST visit when in NYC.” -Yelp Review

That's a wrap on the best breakfast and brunch joints in all of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn city eateries offer a mix of comfort, culture, and excitement. Whether you’re craving for a lighter brunch, a heavier brunch, or something in the middle, you are sure to find a wide variety of options that surpass your expectations. Is there a breakfast and brunch spot in Brooklyn that you would like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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