Try Some Brunch in Brooklyn at These Top Restaurants

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What's a meal that everyone loves but is often overlooked? Brunch. The beautiful combination between breakfast and lunch where drinking mimosas makes sense even if it's in the morning. Brooklyn has tons of restaurants that serve brunch so when you're planning a Sunday brunch, it can be difficult to pick one. We found the top six places for brunch in Brooklyn. Next time you're looking for a brunch spot, we've got you covered.

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Cafe Mogador

A lively restaurant serving traditional Moroccan cuisine from brunch to dinner in comfy surroundings.

Image courtesy of Cafe Mogador.

133 Wythe Ave | Brooklyn |

Cafe Mogador puts a smile on your face the instant you walk in. It offers a lot of natural lighting, exposed brick with garlic and chili hanging down on the walls along with beautiful ceramic plates, and unique decor. That's just the interior; they also offer a covered patio that looks like a greenhouse. Seriously, it’s filled with plants and gives you the feeling of eating in a garden. The atmosphere is unforgettable.

Cafe Mogador was founded in 1983 by Rivka who wanted to create Moroccan-inspired cuisine while pushing culinary boundaries. She felt a strong sense of community and opened Cafe Mogador. To this day, it is still family-owned and operated where they make award-winning brunch.

They have a unique menu with a wide variety of tasty food. They offer breakfast and lunch on the weekdays and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. We recommend the Zahatar Omelette Sandwich made with hummus, tahini, and salad in pita bread. From the atmosphere to the amazing food, Cafe Mogador is a must-visit restaurant.

"Recently discovered this place and will definitely be coming back! Lovely ambiance, great service and delicious food. Everything was fresh and incredibly tasty. Loved the hummus plate and vegetarian couscous. Highly recommend!" - Yelp Review

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An Israeli eatery serving up delicious Mediterranean meals with a very popular brunch.

Image courtesy of Miriam.

79 5th Ave | Brooklyn |

You can't miss the classic vibe when you step into Miriam. With the natural lighting, the dark furniture and wood floors, the plants in every window, it’s a charming spot to enjoy a meal. They also have a covered outdoor eating area where you can enjoy your meal on beautiful days.

Miriam has been a beloved local restaurant for two decades. With their unique food items and delectable flavors, it's no surprise that Miriam remains a popular spot to this day. The menu is seasonal and many of the ingredients used in their dishes come straight from Israel.

Their brunch menu is vast giving you many options to choose from. We recommend the Jerusalem Breakfast made with a Jerusalem bagel, two eggs, avocado salad, tomatoes, pickles, and tahini. You’ll be back to try more before you know it.

"My go to brunch spot . The food is always delicious! Never had anything that I didn't like, especially like their Israeli breakfast and Jerusalem bagel." - Yelp Review

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A bright restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean brunch in a garden-like environment.

Image courtesy of Olea.

171 Lafayette Ave | Brooklyn |

Have you ever eaten in a garden or a place filled with plants? If you have, you know that there is something refreshing and relaxing about it. Olea is just like that. They have a unique Bohemian style with interesting wall decorations and plants everywhere. It feels almost like you're eating in a beautiful Mediterranean garden. They also have an outdoor eating section if you'd like to eat outside.

Since they opened their doors in 2005, Olea has had one goal, to bring friends and neighbors together to enjoy each other's company while enjoying delicious food. To this day, Olea is a gathering place for friends, family, and neighbors where they can spend time together in a beautiful environment.

Olea offers a seasonal menu and uses fresh ingredients, ensuring that each meal is as delicious as it can be. A meal always starts with using top-notch ingredients and then the chefs will work their magic to turn it into something unforgettable. We can't make any recommendations due to the fact the menu changes frequently, but rest assured everything is delicious.

"Olea is such a beautiful restaurant. We came here to celebrate my birthday and it was the perfect spot. The tapas and entrees were so delicious and there were plenty of vegetarian options. Our favorite dishes were the halloumi cheese and the vegan "merguez" burger. The staff was super friendly and the ambiance was so relaxing. We will definitely be going back. Highly recommend." - Yelp Review

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Cebu Bar & Bistro

An upbeat bistro serving eclectic American cuisine including brunch.

Image courtesy of Cebu Bar & Bistro.

8801 3rd Ave | Brooklyn |

Cebu Bar & Bistro is a fascinating place because they have an inside eatery that has a totally different vibe from the outside eatery. The inside has rustic wooden floors, dark furniture, exposed brick, designed ceiling tiles, and tablecloths on every table. Their outside patio is covered and has gorgeous vines with flowers hanging down from the patio cover. The dark interior and the bright urban garden contrast with one another.

They only serve brunch on the weekends and their brunch menu is small. But don't let that deter you because it is bursting with deliciousness. We recommend trying their Steak and Eggs with roasted potatoes and enjoying your meal with a cappuccino or even a bellini.

Cebu Bar & Bistro opened its doors in 2001 with the idea to serve delicious food for all those who are up until the early hours of the morning. They began by serving a full menu until 3:00 a.m. and quickly became a late-night haunt. However, as time passed and their popularity grew, they expanded their hours and opened for brunch as well. To this day, locals enjoy going to Cebu Bar & Bistro from brunch until late at night.

"Oh my God, Cebu Bar & Bistro was certainly magnificent. Good value for the money. I am really happy that we got Flat Iron Steak Skewer, this was one of their very best dishes, extremely flavorful and delicious. I became great friends with the staff, who are all wonderful and super pleasant. My friends and I will definitely be coming back to Cebu Bar & Bistro." - Yelp Review

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French Louie

A chic bistro offering French American meals in modern surroundings.

Image courtesy of French Louie.

320 Atlantic Ave | Brooklyn |

French Louie is a charming little bistro with warm lights, a relaxed atmosphere, and an inviting vibe. You can choose to eat inside or outside where they have a patio with umbrella-covered tables. The interior has minimal decor, but each piece adds to the beauty of the restaurant.

Owners Ryan Angulo and Doug Crowell both attended and graduated culinary school, worked in many renowned restaurants, and eventually opened their own restaurant together. French Louie is actually named after Louis Seymour, a man who walked to the beat of his own drum. He was born in French Canada and ran away with the circus to America. He spent the rest of his life in the Adirondacks living in the forest. Twice a year, he'd enter the town to enjoy the company of his neighbors. The town would party and catch up with the vivacious Louie. He was beloved in the town and became known as French Louie.

French Louie is open from brunch to dinner and offers a variety of delicious cuisines. Looking at the brunch menu, we recommend trying the Eggs Louie which are poached eggs, crab, and hollandaise sauce on a croissant. You can't go wrong with a crispy flaky croissant at French Louie.

"Excellent dinner the other night! We shared gougeres, the radishes with olive butter and a delicious kale salad to start. The steak frites was perfection and the house steak sauce is to die for. Terrific dessert and great service made for a really nice dining experience." - Yelp Review

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Verde on Smith

A laid-back eatery serving Mediterranean cuisine in a warm and inviting environment.

Image courtesy of Verde on Smith.

216 Smith St | Brooklyn |

From the exposed brick to the warm chandeliers to the comfortable booths, Verde on Smith offers an inviting atmosphere. They also offer an outdoor patio with trees that give it a wonderful feeling like you’re dining in the park. It's intimate making it perfect for a date, a special occasion, or a comfortable family gathering.

Since 2009, Verde on Smith has become a neighborhood staple serving up amazing Italian cuisine and friendly service. They pride themselves on delivering tasty comfort food with an incredible balance between traditional dishes and inventive specialties giving you unique flavors.

By the way, this is one of the only restaurants on this list that serves a brunch every day rather than just on the weekends. They have a large breakfast and brunch menu with a variety of foods including omelets, appetizers, sandwiches, cocktails, and more. For brunch we recommend the Egg N Cheese Sandwich made with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, tomato, and your choice of protein (bacon, sausage, or turkey sausage) served on a toasted ciabatta roll. Come see why Verde on Smith is a popular location for Brooklyn locals.

"I'm absolutely in love with Verde on Smith! The first time I went was for brunch on my birthday last year and the food was amazing. I went twice after that including this year and the customer service was beautiful per usual. I definitely recommend this spot for frequent visits especially brunch because their screwdrivers are quite good and strong lol.
One of my favorite restaurants hands-down, you won't be disappointed!!!" - Yelp Review

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It's a well-known fact that everyone loves brunch because you can stuff your face with breakfast and lunch foods while enjoying a cocktail. It's late enough in the day that you've had your coffee and you're awake but early enough that you can still take advantage of breakfast. Not to mention, brunch always sounds fancy. So next time you're planning a brunch with a friend, make sure to try one of these top-rated brunch spots in Brooklyn. Which one do you want to eat at first? Leave us a comment below!


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