Best 6 Japanese Restaurants in Brooklyn

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A bustling metropolis filled with people from all walks of life, Brooklyn is an incredible place.

Many people start their businesses, make a home for themselves, and follow their dreams in Brooklyn. For this reason, Brooklyn has some of the most incredible restaurants to cater to all kinds of tastes from Mexican food to Japanese food to Italian food. Today, we're going to be covering the top six Japanese restaurants in Brooklyn that you have to try.

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A thrilling eatery serving delicious Japanese cuisine in a glamorous setting.

Image courtesy of Fushimi.

475 Driggs Ave | Brooklyn |

The environment and ambiance of Fushimi are out of this world. Seriously, we can't even cover how glamorous this restaurant is. Filled with colorful lights, exciting decor, eclectic furniture, and a unique design, Fushimi provides an unforgettable experience. They pride themselves on their big and bold design and decorations making them a must-visit restaurant.

Fushimi opened in Brooklyn in 2012 and has been drawing in crowds with their Las Vegas-style decor and Japanese food. The food Fushimi serves is entirely unique as they fuse traditional Japanese food with French-inspired cuisines. Their talented chefs create each dish with the perfect balance of flavors making works of art out of food.

Given the creative nature of Fushimi, they have no shortage of dishes on their menu. From cold and hot appetizers to dessert and cocktails, they've got you covered. So make sure to take your time looking through this menu because it'll take a while. Between the amazing food and the outstanding environment, you won't forget a meal at Fushimi.

"The inside reminded me of Vegas with the music and decorations, but it's a fun vibe! Staff was super friendly and food came out quick. All my sashimi was delicious - I ordered the yellow tail, white tuna, and scallops. Will definitely be back!" - Yelp Review

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A trendy eatery serving ramen bowls and Asian-inspired cuisine.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

565 Vanderbilt Ave | Brooklyn |

Who doesn't love a delicious bowl of ramen? Chuko is a great place to stop by to satisfy your ramen craving. The restaurant is comfortable and intimate with minimal decorations and a relaxed vibe. With the bright lights, light and dark-colored furniture, and red brick wall, it's a fun and hip little spot to enjoy a meal with some friends.

Chuko means “vintage” in Japanese and was chosen as the name of this restaurant because they use traditional ingredients. They take these traditional ingredients and create something inventive, a twist on a classic. Thanks to their careful selection of ingredients and skilled chefs who create each dish, Chuko provides flavorful ramen.

Chuko offers a fairly small menu with some bites, snacks, and ramen. Dive into some of their delicious ramen or try a snack! They also offer many different add-ons if you want to customize your ramen a bit more. Next time you're looking for comfort food on a chilly night try Chuko.

"Love love this place.  Noodles are on point! The spicy chili sauce is everything!! The music is always good. Definitely my go to spot for good food and nice vibes." - Yelp Review

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Kogane Ramen

A comfortable eatery serving bowls of ramen, Japanese sides, and sake.

Image courtesy of Kogane Ramen.

76 Henry St | Brooklyn |

Along with Chuko, Kogane Ramen is another cozy place to visit for a delicious ramen bowl. The restaurant is small and intimate but with a very unique setting. The interior is entirely wood including the walls, the floors, and the furniture. Combine the natural rich color of the wood with the warm lights, and it makes Kogane feel homey and relaxing.

The ramen at Kogane is made fresh daily. If you haven't had homemade ramen, it's definitely something you're missing out on. They do everything from preparing and mixing the ingredients to kneading the dough and cutting the ramen. Being ramen experts, they boil the noodles to the perfect texture every time and then include all the elements of a good ramen bowl such as the broth, the toppings, and the seasonings. They ensure that each dish has a wonderfully balanced flavor and a delightful taste.

Kogane offers two different menus, their food menu and their drink menu. You'll find on their food menu different ramen selections, including a ramen burger which sounds intriguing, grilled skewers, salads, and side dishes. Don't forget to end your meal with one of their desserts!

"The food is ridiculously good. I love the tuna bowl and takoyaki for appetizers. The red tonkotsu ramen is a little spicy, which I like. I only wish it can be a little bit less salty. The green tea in the end is a greattt bonus. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the meal. Definitely will recommend!" - Yelp Review

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A quiet restaurant serving creative dishes including sushi, Japanese small plates, and housemade tofu.

Image courtesy of Hibino.

333 Henry St | Brooklyn |

Some words that come to mind when describing Hibino include cozy, bright, relaxed. It has little decor, but everything in the restaurant feels warm and inviting. It's a quiet place that's perfect to stop by on a date or enjoy lunch with a friend you want to catch up with.

Hibino is known for creating fresh and excellent food that's entirely unique. This is thanks in part to their homemade tofu and Kyoto-style Obanzai or Japanese tapas. Not to mention that many locals enjoy their fresh and inventive sushi rolls. However, the star of the restaurant is certainly their homemade tofu.

They have different menus including lunch, takeout, and dinner. They also offer daily specials and various beverages including sake. Looking at their dinner menu, they have quite a few options including appetizers, Japanese tapas, and other entrees. Of course, we're going to recommend you try the famous fresh housemade tofu which is served warm or cold. Make sure to drop by Hibino next time you're in the neighborhood.

"This is my favorite place in Brooklyn. All their dishes are clean and fresh tasting, and prices are reasonable. The homemade tofu and peach veggie juice are stellar. I highly recommend." - Yelp Review

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A small eatery serving tasty sushi and authentic Japanese fare.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

331 Flatbush Ave | Brooklyn |

If you're looking for a place with personality, Geido is it. It’s a small restaurant, but it has no shortage of fun things to look at. The walls are covered in writing and pictures making them colorful and exciting. They also have shelves with fun decorations on them that you'd find in a friend's house which adds to the welcoming environment.

Geido is considered one of the best and most popular Japanese restaurants in Brooklyn thanks to their fresh sushi and Japanese favorites including okonomiyaki and tempura. The service is quick and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, willing to guide you on the menu if you need help. Between the authentic Japanese food and the friendly staff, Geido is a great little place.

Geido’s menu is several pages long and encompasses just about anything you can think of when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Indulge in a glass of sake and enjoy the okonomiyaki which is a Japanese-style pancake with okonomi sauce and topped with bonito flakes. Geido will quickly become your favorite Japanese restaurant.

"Came to Geido. It was perfect. The value is exceptional. Everything was fresh and tasted fantastic. Staff are incredibly friendly and service is really swift. Geido = Awesome." - Yelp Review

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1 OR 8

A sleek restaurant known for serving inventive sushi and delicious Japanese cuisine.

Image courtesy of 1 OR 8.

229 Dekalb Ave | Brooklyn |

1 OR 8  is a minimal and elevated restaurant with white furniture, white walls, and white decoration with a scattering of some wood furniture here and there. This sleek and modern style is paired with warm lights and a comfortable atmosphere. We highly recommend 1 OR 8 for a date, but it's also a great place to stop by with some friends and enjoy a meal together.

1 OR 8  was established in 2010 and is operated by a team of New York locals that were originally born and raised in Japan. While they offer traditional Japanese cuisine, they put their own unique and adventurous twist to the menu. Along with the inventive food, the staff is also very friendly and warm, welcoming you and providing you with an excellent dining experience.

The menu offers plenty of options from small bites to desserts. Start your meal with the Asazuke which are their house-made pickles. Don't forget to end your meal with one of their desserts. Next time you're looking for a cozy date spot, take a look at 1 OR 8

"One of the best secrets in New York. Inventive Japanese food with very laid back atmosphere. Sushi is so fresh and plates are so original. The staff is very friendly too." - Yelp Review

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From a casual hole-in-the-wall eatery to a sophisticated restaurant, we've covered six of the top Japanese restaurants in Brooklyn. Next time you're craving ramen or Japanese fare, make sure to stop by one of these restaurants. Each one delivers unique flavors, a unique atmosphere, and a unique dining experience. Which place would you want to go to first? Leave us a comment below!


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