Craving Some Delicious Steak? Try These Popular Steakhouses in Brooklyn

Who can say no to the taste of some delicious steak with bold flavors? These popular steakhouses in Brooklyn have it all.

If you have a steak craving that needs some filling, Brooklyn is the real deal. Those temples that ooze dry age and mineral funk, those nice settings that require regulars to tuck a napkin beneath your chin, and a steak knife clutched in their fist ready to slice up that juicy slab of beef is what you’ll find in Brooklyn steakhouses.

Whether you prefer the old classics or the modern spots that serve steak to your best liking, you will find one in this city. You will not only find great steak in this area but also exceptional customer service in a comfortable setting.

Check these top spots that serve the best steak in Brooklyn.

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Peter Luger Steak House

Upscale Steakhouse icon that serves aged beef in a German beer setting

Source: Yelp

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

A short train ride from Wall Street is Brooklyn’s sizzling steakhouse called Peter Luger. It’s a great attraction for tourists and traders alike who want a taste of red-meat for lunch or dinner.

Their steak which is strictly USDA Prime beef is carefully selected from the country’s finest cattle. It brings out the smoky flavor of the open campfire with well-worn wooden floors and tables, as well as waiters in waistcoats and bow ties.

Some of the steakhouse’s specialties include the famous porterhouse for two, 36 ounces of prime beef, and the crisp apple strudel served with a bowl of Schlag. Along with their popular entrees, this steakhouse offers a great portion of salads such as tomato salad as well as desserts made from scratch daily.

Their menu is of course extensive and inspired by global cuisines, so swing by and enjoy a wide selection of food options available without having to leave Brooklyn.

DeStefano’s Steakhouse

Enjoy delicious steak and hearty entrees at this popular Brooklyn steakhouse

Source: Zagat

89 Conselyea St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

It truly runs in the family at this uptown steakhouse where the chefs work tirelessly to bring Brooklynites some of the best steak and wines in town. Get to choose from mouthwatering steak offerings such as 12 0z filet mignon, 16 oz New York strip, and 24 oz bone-in-rib eye. All of these options can be served with sides such as whole leaf sautéed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes, DeStefano home fries, or sautéed string beans with pancetta toppings.

If you have some room for appetizers, be sure to try DeStefano’s crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, mozzarella de crustino, or short rib rolls. A variety of desserts are also available including crème brulee cheesecake, tiramisu cake, and tartuffe.

St. Anselm

Come check out this fancy steakhouse that serves up hipster-worthy slices of meat.

Source: Eater

355 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

There is no shortage of great steak throughout Brooklyn, but if you’re seriously looking for some truly authentic meat, you definitely want to try some at St. Anselm.

They make all their steak from scratch, offering a modern approach to steakhouse dining. With a wide variety of steak for everyone, they’re popular for their grilling prowess with an extensive menu that combines Asian, Mediterranean, and all-American flavors. Whether you want some smoky slabs of grilled halloumi served with string beans roasted shishito peppers and pea greens or the favorite butchers’ steaks with garlic butter, St. Anselm got everything and is always ready to adjust your dish according to your needs.

If you’re in the mood for after-dinner drinks, check out their bodega tradicion cream, strong espresso and americano coffee, and their list of dessert wines. Luckily for local Brooklynites, this bistro offers its grass-fed beef and signature sides such as pan-friend mashed potatoes and spinach gratin for takeout and delivery.

The Loft Steakhouse

Upscale steak joint presenting well-grilled steaks and creative sushi in style

Source: Zagat

1306 40th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

How do you like your steak? Well, if you love yours magically cooked to your satisfaction, then the Loft Steakhouse is the place to be. Located on 40th Street right off 13th Avenue, this steak place has continued to garner recognition for its carefully-crafted cuisine, world-class service, and live entertainment. As you step into the steakhouse’s vibrant atmosphere, you’re struck with welcoming and professional staff in this loft-like, cozy, and romantic place.

Boris Poleschuck, the master chef has turned his passion into preparing classic American cuisines with an ethnic touch. He has also emphasized his prowess in preparing the best sushi and the specially prime grilled meats, which makes Loft steakhouse stand out from the rest.

For entrees, the restaurant offers upscale options including the loft burger topped with 9 oz of prime beef, coleslaw, onions, and cajun fries, prime grilled rib eye, marinated blackened chicken, skirt steak glazed in chimichurri, Delmonico steak marinated with garlic and herbs, as well as the pepper-crusted fillet.

The Loft also offers a wine list that goes along perfectly with your steak. All their dishes are prepared with gourmet, organic herbs, and fresh ingredients to create an extensive array of dishes drawing tastes from Asia, India, and the Mediterranean.

Amber Steak House

Get a hearty meal of your favorite steak perfectly grilled at this upscale Brooklyn steakhouse

Source: Yelp

119 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

On Nassau Avenue sits a phenomenal steakhouse that is home to a wide variety of steak options from an 8-ounce filet mignon to a 48-ounce porterhouse for two. They also boast a wide selection of seafood and fish to fit any steak-lover needs. The unique cooking and setting of their steak varieties are sure to keep you coming back for more.

If you’re not sure what to order, get your day started with their freshly prepared pan-roasted breast of chicken served with mashed potatoes and baked apple stuffed with beets, pork tenderloins that come with mashed potatoes, onions, and sautéed mushroom, or roasted duck legs served topped with mashed potatoes and peppercorn sauce. Steak and shrimp with some scampi sauce is also a champion.

If seafood is your thing, don’t forget to try out the magnificent fresh linguine with some shrimp scampi or their pan-fried Scottish salmon topped with sautéed spinach, and barley. Don’t forget to explore their extensive wine selection to go along with your steak.

Bordeaux Steak and Wine House

A hidden gem tucked away on Coney Island Avenue offering sizzling varieties of steak

Source: Yelp

1922 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

For a cool spot that has a well-rounded menu that includes some of the most delicious and sophisticated steam for you to try, you cannot afford to skip Bordeaux steak and wine house. Factor in their classic and impressive customer service and you got yourself another joint to add to your bucket list.

With a variety of steak for every customer, they are popular for serving dry-aged steaks with colorful salads and tasty soup options for a unique and one-of-a-kind taste.

Get your day rolling with a variety of starters including aged beef carpaccio that is crusted beef fillet, balsamic glaze, and some garlic aioli, Bordeaux taco that features an overnight pulled brisket, smoked pico and homemade BBQ sauce, or their crispy chicken lollipop wings with ginger or honey dipping sauce. For the main course, be sure to order their steak that includes 10 oz entrecote, Bordeaux lamb chops, 12 oz prime fillet, just to mention a few.

Swing by and take a sip of their delicious dessert – all of which will leave craving for more.

T Fusion Steakhouse

Upscale Kosher steakhouse offering aged beef and seafood in a modern setting

Source: Yelp

3223 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234

T Fusion has been the go-to place for locals for the best-aged steak as well as a selection of seafood. Regulars have dined at this joint to celebrate important milestones in their lives and catch up with loved ones and friends over steak.

Its cool and relaxed atmosphere as well as its stylish setting with a full bar in the vicinity makes it easy for guests to quickly settle in as they enjoy the Glatt Kosher’s fine dining meat in the vibrant Marine Park, Brooklyn neighborhood.

We know you’re dying to give T Fusion’s steak a try, so why don’t we get started with a list of their signature dishes that you’re likely to find when you visit this steakhouse. They serve the best kosher meat including Bet Yosef meats, Chk meats, Agri, Alle, Solomons, as well as Kiryas Joel chickens. The sides include whipped garlic potatoes, house fries, and sautéed veggies. T Fusion also serves some tasty appetizers such as chicken soup, burgers and pulled beef sliders, and bourbon BBQ ribs.

Should you have enough space for dessert at the end of the meal, consider trying their homemade cheesecake or peanut butter chocolate souffle. End the day with a high note by sampling their wine collection that features over 350 fantastic wine options.

For steak lovers, there is no limit to trying out perfectly grilled steak especially in Brooklyn. The best part is that you get your favorite steak cooked just the way you want it. This list of the best steakhouses in Brooklyn will sure help you settle on the best. Did we skip your favorite steakhouse in Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments.

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