The Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn

What's more comforting than cozying up in an Italian restaurant with heaps of pasta and garlic bread? Nothing!

With Brooklyn being one of the largest counties in the US, you can expect some of the best restaurants here. Entrepreneurs and restauranteurs open their restaurants in Brooklyn with unique ideas, tasty foods, and different flavor profiles. This means it can be tough to find the best ones to suit your tastes. So in this article, we cover the top six Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn so that you can give them a try and find your next favorite Chinese restaurant.

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99 Favor Taste

An inviting restaurant with a buffet including Chinese hot pots and Korean barbecue.

Image courtesy of 99 Favor Taste.

732 61st St | Brooklyn |

One step into 99 Favor Taste and you’re transported to a quaint restaurant in China. Between the vibrant red walls and the dark furniture, the contrast is visually exciting. Inside the restaurant, they have an indoor garden with beautiful live plants and a lovely light fixture with beads hanging down. Just being inside the restaurant is an experience all to itself.

99 Favor Taste opened up in 2012 and has been putting a smile on locals’ faces ever since. They offer a unique fusion menu with a huge amount of dishes to try. The food is hot and fresh every time and the flavors are unforgettable. If you're new to hot pots or grills, the staff will gladly help you so that your food is cooked to perfection.

For those who may not know, a hot pot is a simmering pot of broth where you can put your own ingredients in to cook. The Korean barbecue includes a grill where you can grill your food to perfection, just the way you want it. Both styles of eating are extremely popular when dining with a group of people.

When you come, you can't go wrong with a Chinese hot pot. They have several broths to choose from and flavors to put in the broth so you can tailor the broth specifically to your tastes. They offer a huge selection of proteins, vegetables, and noodles to go with your hot pot. You'll definitely be back for more before you know it.

"The food and service was great! I recommend definitely going there with a group of people on a night out. the atmosphere is really nice!" - Yelp Review

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Birds of a Feather

A contemporary restaurant offering spicy Sichuanese fare in modern surroundings.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

191 Grand St | Brooklyn |

Birth of a Feather is a modern restaurant that serves up delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine. Keep in mind that this restaurant is not short on style. It has a minimalist design with light and dark furniture for contrast, unique light fixtures with warm lights, and some decor.

Established in 2017, Birds of a Feather brought authentic Chinese, specifically spicy Sichuanese food to Brooklyn. Locals love it thanks to the large portions, the perfect amount of spice, and the flavors. Reviewers praise it for getting the exact right balance of spice and for the tastiness of each dish.

While spicy is their thing, not everything on the menu is spicy. Their menu is very large and offers appetizers, housemade dim sum, entrees, desserts, and a large variety of sake and wine. We recommend trying one of the housemade dim sums, particularly, the Pan-Fried Pork Buns. If spicy food is your thing, you have to try Birds of a Feather.

"Amazing Szechuan dining experience. Every dish's flavor palate is so well balanced, not to mention the variety of textures. One of my favorite NY restaurants, even if it's in Williamsburg" - Yelp Review

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Kings Co Imperial

A lively eatery serving modern interpretations of classic Chinese food made with local ingredients.

Image courtesy of Kings Co Imperial.

20 Skillman Ave | Brooklyn |

Kings Co Imperial is a charming restaurant that you could easily pass by if you weren't looking for it. So keep an eye out next time you’re around the area! The interior decoration is rustic and contemporary with unique Asian touches here and there. Their outdoor patio excites guests with live plants along the rafters and scattered about. Stop by here if you're wanting a relaxing meal.

They serve American-Chinese with great vegetarian and vegan options. They use locally sourced ingredients and will often use ingredients from their very own garden! Each dish they serve is bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection. With their special locally sourced ingredients and inventive dishes, locals keep coming back for more.

You have a lot of food to choose from with their large menu from dim sum to specialty cocktails. Share a plate of Prawn Fries with Chinese sour ketchup with your friends. For your entree we recommend the Ant Climbing a Tree noodles which are made with pork, bean thread noodles, and tree ear mushrooms. There are so many inventive dishes to try that you'll want to try them all.

"OMG I do not have enough good things to say about this place!! I am vegetarian and tried their bok choy pot stickers, the vegetarian egg role, scallion pancakes and vegan Dan Dan Mian. All were superb!! The party I was with ordered a ton of other options with meat, including the scallion chicken dumpling which was a favorite of the table. I've also tried their cold sesame noodle which was also excellent. Everything here is amazing!!" - Yelp Review

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A fast-food counter-serve restaurant serving buffet-style Chinese.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

351 Myrtle Ave | Brooklyn |

Sometimes you just want a quick meal to eat or to take out with all the flavors of a high-quality sit-down restaurant. That's what Hardee is. This is a no-frills restaurant that offers delicious food and an all-you-can-eat buffet in the restaurant. You can also get your food for takeout. Whatever you choose, the food will be fresh and delicious every time.

The menu is massive so take your time looking at all the options. They offer everything you can think of including some American food. Each dish packs a punch of flavors and is cooked to perfection making it one of Brooklyn's premiere takeout spots.

With all the menu options, it's difficult to pick a recommendation. One of the most popular dishes is the Sesame Chicken which is coated in a delicious sweet sauce. If you're wanting something with spice, try the Sliced Beef with Garlic Sauce which has some heat but isn't overpowering. There's a good chance Hardee will become your new Chinese takeout spot.

"Not your ordinary Chinese take out. The food is amazing. I mean every single thing I've ordered tasted delicious and the prices are very affordable. They also cater...I ordered food for my son's bday party and not one single complaint from my guests and we all know how picky toddlers are." - Yelp Review

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Dim Sum Bar

A delightful restaurant serving classic Chinese dishes and small plates in an easy-going atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Dim Sum Bar.

167 Grand St | Brooklyn |

Dim Sum Bar is a charming small restaurant with exposed brick, tiled floors, dark furniture, and Asian decorations. They also have an outdoor eating area if you'd like to enjoy your food outside. It's the perfect spot for a date or a meal with a friend.

Dim Sum Bar is known for its outstanding Chinese cuisine and modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes. They use high-quality fresh ingredients so that every dish is tasty and delightful. The service is excellent and the staff is extremely friendly, willing to help you out when you need it.

From made-to-order dim sum to entrees, they've got you covered. You can even try a variety of different teas and beverages. They have remedy teas to help with a myriad of issues including a hangover tea, a calming tea, and a flu-fighting tea.

The name of the restaurant is Dim Sum Bar so we're going to be recommending some dim sum. Try the Steamed Cha Siu Buns which you can enjoy with pork or vegetables. If you're more into sweet, try the Golden Mantou which is a fried bun with condensed milk. You'll have a wonderful experience at this Chinese restaurant.

"What a wonderful dim sum experience! I have been searching for an outdoor dining location for dim sum and I think I've found my new go to spot. Dim Sum Bar has a great heated outdoor seating situation all the way in the back (walk in and ask about it!) The service was great, but the food WOW. The soup dumplings were phenomenal. Every dish was unique and flavorful. Will definitely be back!" - Yelp Review

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Hunan Delight

A charming restaurant dishing up classic Chinese fare in a comfortable setting.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

752 Union St | Brooklyn |

There's something cozy about Hunan Delight when you first walk into the door. Maybe it's the warm lighting with the wall sconces and chandeliers, the exposed brick, or the dark furniture, or all three. You just want to relax and munch on some extremely tasty Chinese food.

The portions are huge, perfect for sharing, and perfect for leftovers. The delicious food is equal to the excellent service and amicable staff. This restaurant has been here for years and established a reputation for amazing Chinese food and wonderful service. Many locals have chosen this restaurant as their go-to spot thanks to the unforgettable flavor.

Hunan Delight offers a huge menu with everything you can think of from appetizers to soups to a variety of entrees. We recommend enjoying the entire experience from an appetizer to an entree. Whatever you try, you’ll want to come back for more. You can't go wrong with Hunan Delight.

"I love this place so much. Great food, great service, super fast delivery. I've been coming here for 12 years, I'm so glad it's stayed the same through all these years and hope they continue to do so. Never change, Hunan Delight. I love you, you're perfect. xo" - Yelp Review

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So if you're in Brooklyn, you know where to go for Chinese food now. Each of these places serves tasty food with a unique experience and a variety of flavors. You'll find inventive dishes, housemade dishes, and locally sourced dishes. All of these restaurants are winners when it comes to delectable Chinese food. Have you visited any of these restaurants? Which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

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