Top 5 Best Coffee Shops to Visit in Charlotte

It gets old when you’re going to the same coffee shop every day. Whether it’s Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or any other well known places that serve coffee, sometimes it’s refreshing to be able to go to a new one. Coffee shops are very popular and new ones are constantly blowing up each and every day, so why not change up your routine every day and try out a new coffee blend or latte at another coffee shop. If you’re stuck on where to start first, we have you covered with the top five best coffee shops in Charlotte, North Carolina!

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5126 Park Road | South Park |

Come here to do your work in a chill environment where you are surrounded by local artwork to give you inspiration!

Mugs is the place to be when you want to try a new blend of coffee, or be able to get some work done while you are surrounded by beautiful artwork! Image courtesy of Mugs Coffee.

Our first stop in this list is Mugs, a locally owned coffee shop located in South Park. Mugs takes pride in supporting locally and even all of their coffee beans and pastries are all from local North Carolina vendors. This unique coffee shop is known for their Magnolia coffee beans and their support to local artists around the area that they hang up on the walls all around the shop. Along with displaying local art all around Mugs, they also sell beautiful handmade mugs from a Van Dyke Pottery, a local pottery store in Charlotte.

Mugs is known for their amazing magnolia coffee, but they are also known for their other delicious goodies as well. They also serve lattes, macchiatos, americanos, and are also known for shakes that are made with ice cream. They serve mocha, vanilla, caramel, espresso, chocolate, and even vanilla shakes. If you’re interested, stop by Mugs today for a brand new coffee experience!

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“I love this place, and I love the people. It's very warm and homey, and I'm always treated so well” - Yelp Review

Not Just Coffee

2230 Park Road | Sedgefield | 

Enjoy this fun, artisan-style coffee shop that will make you come back for more, along with their delicious cocktails!

Want somewhere to go for coffee in the morning and drink after work? We know that Not Just Coffee is the right place for you! Image courtesy of Charlotte’s Got a Lot.

In 2011, two people named Miracle and James Yoder opened their doors for their own coffee shop called Not Just Coffee. Not Just Coffee has been successful since its opening and has opened many other stores across North Carolina. This coffee shop is known for their many different delicious blends of coffee, but they are also known for their pour overs, and their own delicious cocktails as well! Yes, you heard it. Cocktails. This is a unique coffee shop that is literally not just coffee!

We know that you’re curious about what kind of drinks that Not Just Coffee is able to offer you. For starters, they offer traditional coffee drinks, such as freshly brewed coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and even matcha green tea lattes. When looking at their cocktail menu, they also have many different options to choose from. All of these drinks have fun names too like, What’s the Dill?, Adrenaline Rush, Fear the Reaper, and many more while also offering a wine menu as well. Come check out this Charlotte favorite and get your coffee in the morning and a drink in the evening at Not Just Coffee!

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“Very nice location for a small meeting and coffee or a cocktail. Menu is very healthy and tasteful. At first I was not sure if they served food but I asked and was provided with very cute menus for cocktails, food and coffee.” - Yelp Review

Smelly Cat Coffee (@SmellyCatCoffee) | Twitter

Smelly Cat Coffee House & Roastery 

514 E 36th Street | NoDa | 

Come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee at this quirky, brick-walled coffee house!

Check out Smelly Cat Coffee House & Roastery for some delicious coffee to enjoy the quirky environment that it is in! Image courtesy of Workfrom.

Have you ever thought that you would ever hear of a coffee house called Smelly Cat that was actually named after Friends? No, well here is your fun fact of the day! Smelly Cat Coffee House & Roastery is known for it’s fun and quirky environment, along with taking pride in their wide range of coffee blends for all of the different coffee drinkers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pleasing their customers since 1998, Smelly Cat has been serving organic, fairtrade, and fresh coffee favorites and they even have a delicious food and pastry menu!

Smelly Cat has a very extensive menu full of different kinds of coffee and espresso drinks, food, pastries, and even a cocktail menu. Some of their coffee and espresso favorites include pour over coffee in many different blends, macchiatos, cortados, and even cold brew. For their food, they offer a breakfast menu with egg, cheese, and your choice of protein on their homemade biscuits, housemade quiche, bagels with cream cheese, and more! They also offer a cocktail menu that all contain coffee or tea, and are a favorite among customers! Check out the Friends inspired coffee house, Smelly Cat to get your morning started, along with coming back to enjoy a delicious cocktail when the day is over!

“Best coffee house in NoDa Charlotte area. Always good food, coffee and tea. They definitely know what they're doing and have tons of loyal customers.”- Yelp Review

Waterbean Coffee

616 N Tryon Street | First Ward, Uptown |

Come by Waterbean Coffee for a tasty cup of coffee where you are welcomed no matter what!

Waterbean takes pride in how they want every customer to feel welcomed at their coffee shop. Stop by today for a delicious coffee blend that you can enjoy while working. Image courtesy of Fitt. 

Want to go to a coffee shop where you are in good hands with customer service and good quality coffee? We recommend Waterbean Coffee in Charlotte for all of your coffee needs! Waterbean Coffee is known for their very open and well-lit ambiance that they have, along with their high quality coffee blends that are USDA certified organic. If you love their coffee a lot, you can even buy it right in the store!

If you’re wondering what kind of coffee blends that they sell, we have you covered. Waterbean Coffee offers delicious drink options such as a maple spice latte, gingerbread lattes, americanos, lattes, and so much more! They are also known for their sweet macaroons that they hand make right in their store as well. With coming to Waterbean Coffee, you will not only get a great experience with the amazing atmosphere and ambiance, but you will be treated with good customer service and high quality coffee blends!

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“Stumbled across the cutest organic coffee house uptown. Light food and pastry menu along with vegan smoothies,  espresso bar and an amazing fresh tea selection. You won't be disappointed.” - Yelp Review

Roots Cafe

South End, Dilworth | 2135 Southend Drive | 

Check out this fun hangout spot with delicious food, pastries, and of course… coffee!

Want to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee and brunch with friends in a cozy coffee house? We recommend that you check out ROOTS Cafe today! Image courtesy of Roots Cafe.

Are you looking for a nice, warm coffee, with a delicious meal for brunch. Look no further than Roots Cafe. Roots is a cafe that is most well known for their coffee and brunch menu, while being able to provide customers with a light and relaxed atmosphere to relax and get some work done, or to come hang out with friends and family. Roots takes pride in the quality of their coffee and food with the freshest ingredients and high quality coffee blends.

Are you hungry for some Roots Cafe brunch and a steaming cup of coffee? Try out some of their healthy favorites, such as an avocado chicken wrap, a breakfast burrito, whipped ricotta toast, a classic BLT, and even a roasted Roots bowl where you can add a protein of your choice! For any of their bread choices, Roots also offers a gluten free option at no extra charge to accommodate for their customers and give them 100% satisfaction. Check out Roots Cafe today for some delicious coffee and even try something off of their extensive brunch menu!

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“If you're anything like me and like cool, pretty cafe hangout spots, this one is for you. Delicious food and coffee, plus peaceful ambience. The staff is friendly and the place is clean as well. 5  stars!” - Yelp Review

Finding a fun and new hangout spot can be exciting when it comes to finding a new coffee shop to go to! There are so many local coffee shops to go to, which allows you to change up your work setting, along with being able to try new types of coffee blends and even lattes, or other specialty drinks. We really hope that we were able to help you with finding the newest hot spot with this list of coffee shops in Charlotte, North Carolina! Is there a local coffee shop that we didn’t mention that is your favorite to go to? Let us know in the comments!

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