Charlotte North Carolina Hidden Gems

Charlotte is an ever-evolving city, yet it also holds onto its past with hidden rose gardens and retro video rental stores that make Charlotte North Carolina worth exploring! Discover all these surprising treasures by taking the trip.

Charlotte is an ever-evolving city, yet it also holds onto its past with hidden rose gardens and retro video rental stores that make Charlotte North Carolina worth exploring! Discover all these surprising treasures by taking the trip.

At the center of Uptown lies a peaceful oasis. An ideal place for relaxation and respite, this green haven provides the ideal place for sit and relax. And there is so much more to see and experience. Here are some top hidden gems in Charlotte recommended by Travel Tipsor

1. Sir Edmond Halley’s

Charlotte is a vibrant city that's constantly growing and changing, surprising newcomers with some unique and quirky places and activities they may find here - such as an indoor rose garden hidden behind a building or vintage video rental stores tucked away within buildings - which will delight.

Overstreet Mall, situated in Charlotte's uptown district, is a hidden network of connected pathways within towers that houses stores such as Beehive Gifts, Ivy & Leo and New Creations Salon as well as food and beverage vendors such as Chick-fil-A, Which Wich and McAlister's Deli.

The Caravel's upscale menu showcases locally-sourced ingredients such as flour from the Midwest, olive oil made with domestically grown Corto olives, tomatoes from Sierra Nevada mountains' base, and cheeses produced from custom Virginia brands. It represents Charlotte's vibrant culinary scene while remaining hidden gem that locals know about.

2. Lupie’s

The restaurant opened on Monroe Road in Plaza-Midwood neighborhood since 1987, drawing locals but often being overlooked by outsiders. With kitschy accents and wooden bench-style seating that reinforce its laid back vibe and daily specials and regular fare such as vegetable plates with delicious combinations such as painfully tender discs of yellow squash (not canned) topped with sweet onions and savory garlic; green beans saturated by pork flavor waves; and large chunks of carrot sweetened with brown sugar for dessert served alongside mac & cheese are just among its offerings!

Midnight Diner, a restaurant designed like a railroad dining car that serves delicious shrimp and grits 24/7, and Macs Speed Shop are two of the city's hidden gems that offer cheap gas. Cafe Monte or Smelly Cat provide excellent coffee experiences.

3. La Taqueria

La Taqueria, located near downtown Charlotte, is an unforgettable attraction worth experiencing. Though it may look like just another burger joint at first glance, they offer much more - from an extensive menu and brunch service all the way through to delicious cocktails! La Taqueria makes an excellent spot for gatherings with friends over lunch or grabbing an early-bird dinner special!

Taste their fantastic tacos - our favorite is their honey soy glazed salmon taco topped with guacamole, mixed greens and tomato. Also offered here are drinks and sweet treats!

Be it for accommodation or food, this hidden gem in Charlotte will surely please. The Dunhill Hotel is Charlotte's last historic hotel and provides an unforgettable experience. Despite recently undergoing a complete renovation process, its haunted ambiance remains unchanged as Dusty roams freely around its halls to make guests feel secure when staying here! It also boasts restaurants, bars, and shops making this stopover worth your while when searching for hidden treasures in Charlotte.

4. The Roasting Company

The Roasting Company brings South Carolina and South America together through its slow-roasted rotisserie chicken, marinated without fats or oils and then slow roasted for 90 minutes to achieve crispy skin on the outside and juicy moist meat on the inside. In addition, The Roasting Company serves a selection of salads such as one featuring kale, avocados, cotija cheese grape tomatoes chicharrones chicharrones with hot honey for topping.

Benny Porter, owner of The Roasting Company restaurant located in Plaza Midwood - Charlotte's arts district - is dedicated to supporting local businesses through his restaurant, using it as a platform to bring them together with his community. On its menu are products such as coffee from Waterbean, chocolate from Nutella Factory and Good Earth Essentials zero waste beauty refill store.

Latta Plantation Nature Preserve offers some breathtakingly breathtaking natural beauty just north of the city. Here, you will discover open fields, stunning trails and some fanciful outdoor sculptures with Hogwarts-esque quality - truly an experience not to be missed!

5. VisArt Video

VisArt Video, located in a strip mall, is an ode to the days of home movie rentals, complete with traditional storefront and microcinema in back. Their inventory tops most if not all streaming services combined! Plus they collaborate with Eastside businesses for even greater community vibe!

Recently, they converted to nonprofit status so as to better assist independent filmmakers and celebrate film literacy. Furthermore, they've begun renting their microcinema out for private screenings - an effective way of raising funds while simultaneously revitalizing movie experiences!

Their horror section is incredible - everything from Friday the 13th to Nightmare on Elm Street can be found there, plus their employees are extremely knowledgeable in regards to any film that might catch your eye. Additionally, they also carry many independent and foreign movies that cannot be found elsewhere!

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