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There is nothing quite like pizza to make you full and happy on a Friday or Saturday night-- heck, any day or time of the week! Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pizza is always the right answer for your food cravings. 

For those of you pizza lovers and pie-foodies who live in or visit Cincinnati, we’ve got the only guide to the best pizza you’ll ever need. 

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Lucy Blue Pizza

Keeping it local and open late, right down to the booze!

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Make Lucy Blue’s a full meal with an appetizer and dessert! Image courtesy of Uber Eats

1126 Main St. | | Over-the-Rhine | 513-381-3747

One of the oldest and most-established joints in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Lucy’s is a classic pizza pie place complete with a great bar. Located at 12th and Walnut Streets, Lucy’s began in 2001 as a late-night pizza window. Over the years, they’ve expanded to include a relaxed and casual indoor seating area. The bar serves over 50 beers, including local brews-- try Rhinegiest and MadTree- and pours a heckuva good margarita. Pizza is sold both by the slice-- for dinner on the run-- and as a whole, freshly made pie. And true to their roots, they’re still open late-- till 3am-- to make sure everyone can enjoy pizza whenever the craving hits. 

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“It truly reminded me of some of the pizza we ate in Italy.”-- Yelp Review 

Pies + Pints

Taking that perfect pairing of pizza & beer to a whole new level of awesome. 

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Just look at that scrumminess-- we need napkins and a beer stat! Image courtesy of | 56 West Freedom Way, Downtown | 5901 East Galbraith Rd., Kenwood | 7621 Gibson Street, Mason

Pints & Pies may have started in West Virginia, but they’re right at home in Cinci! Their award-winning chargrilled chicken wings take two days to craft, and all of their fresh ingredients are locally sourced-- they get brownie points for that investment, because that really helps create a community. Their house pies are baked on a crust (gluten-free crust is available upon request) that is brushed with garlic oil and topped with provolone and mozzarella cheeses (vegan cheese available upon request). 

Make it a pizza pie with homemade tomato sauce or keep it a white pizza, then add toppings! Though check out their Speciality Pizzas-- they have some unique options like Street Corn and Grape & Gorgonzola that have us salivating! Now in three awesome locations to better satisfy your pie and pint craving whenever they hit. 

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“I love pies and pints. It is usually my go to place for pizza because I often crave the chicken bacon Gouda pizza.... You can't go wrong with any pizza here. Have fun making your own drool worthy creation and make sure to save room for the beer.”-- Yelp Review

Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza

Old World-style brick ovens cook pizza to NYC standards, or higher! 

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Sign us up for this pie, buttercup! Just look at all of those toppings! Image courtesy of Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza | 336 Monmouth St. | Newport, KY

Established in 2012, the Strongs learned their superb pie-making skills from the famous Pizzaiolos in New York-- and other than Chicago, who knows pizza better than NYC? The Strongs, of course! Their genius is fully on display with the Pizza Alla Vodka, which has won awards. The brick ovens crip their dough perfectly, leaving just enough fluff and chew. Strong’s isn’t stingy with toppings, either, so be ready for a loaded pie! The crust can take it, too-- it works in perfect harmony with the generous toppings to create pizza heaven. 

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“Strong's is that small local pizzeria that every foodie in the world searches for...unassuming, not particularly fancy but with "to die for" pizza.”-- Yelp Review 

Zablong’s Peculiar Pizza! 

Bringing Cali pizza to the Midwest-- redefining pizza and more. 

Image may contain: food

Does the oblong shape help you funnel it into your mouth easier? Because all we want to do right now is devour each and every one of these decadent pies! Image courtesy of Zablong’s Facebook | 23 East 6th St.  | Uptown

Owner Stephen began Zablong in California, where he learned to experiment and combine flavors to create truly unique pizzas.  He brought all of that delicious pie back to his hometown of Cincinnati in 2017 with the intention of “...marry[ing] people and pizza into a place of belonging.” Their signature pies have names like “The Tripping Goat” and “TMZ” that reflect their personality and flavor profile. We like that you have three crust options-- traditional, gluten-free and multi-grain-- along with a Vegan Mozzarella option. Also check out the insanely cool extras like Fig Marsala drizzle! Got a favorite that’s no longer on the menu? Ask the server and they’ll still make it for you-- now THAT’S service! 

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“This place serves crazy interesting and different types of pizza. They experiment with flavors you would never think go together..but they do. I would say if you're a pizza lover… you need to check out what they do here at least once. On top of that, the staff Is friendly… [and] It seems like it's gourmet..and you're definitely not paying gourmet prices for it.” --Yelp Review

The Gruff

Why did the Three Billy Goats cross the bridge? To get to The Gruff, of course! 

Image result for the gruff pizza

Just look at that beautifully puffed crust and oozy cheese and… oh, you had us at the drizzle! Image courtesy of Cininnati Refined | 129 East 2nd St. | Covington, KY

You can grab a quick bite, eat-in, or nab a specialty grocery item at this versatile restaurant. The star of their menu are their 12-inch, brick-oven pizzas. Sure, you could get a classic margherita, but we encourage you to try the hearty Smoked Brisket or the unusually satisfying Bacon Apple (think of it as a more sophisticated take on Hawaian pizza). Or build your own pizza-- the crust and sauce start at $10, and the toppings cost $1.25-$2 each-- for the ultimate in personalized pizza pie heaven. 

Add fries or-- better yet-- tater tots as a side, and top off your pizza pie experience with a sweet pie experience! Ever interested in fresh and local, The Gruff proudly serves local pies from Pie Bird for dessert-- although the house-made chocolate raspberry torte is dang tasty, too. While you’re there, step into the shop for a great selection of prepped food and local products to take home for lunch the next day! 

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“I've tried just about everything on the menu and I can honestly say I haven't run into a bad item yet. Pizza is always a solid go-to, the ingredients are fresh, dough is on point and the brick oven is a thing of magic. Try the Smoked Brisket Pizza, trust me… in summation: CHECK THIS PLACE OUT.”-- Yelp Review 

Pieology Pizzeria 

Creating a community feeling with a casual pizza-pie attitude

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Oh… we want this… we really, REALLY want this… in our stomachs, right now! Image courtesy of Rockville Rampage | 128 West McMillan St (UC Campus) Corryville | 6785 Houston Rd. , Florence, KY

Established in 2010 by Carl Chang, Pieology aims to use the power of food-- namely, the power of pizza-- to bring communities together. They have over 100 locations, and have changed the pie game forever. In true community spirit, they are happy to help with fundraisers! Just ask any location about the Pie-Centage night fundraisers and they’ll be happy to help you. 

Pieology specializes in self-created pizzas, so each pizza is customized to exactly your mood and preferences-- all in five minutes! Yeah, you heard us right-- 5 minutes, baby! Choose your crust, sauce, cheese and toppings-- even after-bake drizzles! Gluten-free crust is available, and the sauces include out-of-the-box choices like BBQ and 3-Cheese Alfredo. If you’re not feeling the pizza creative juices flowing-- or if you’re too hungry to think straight-- there are a few House pizzas available that are just as amazing-- try the Butcher’s Choice or Zesty Artichoke. 

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“I LOVE Pieology! I crave Pieology! Crust options ... unlimited toppings, ability to custom create a pie to cater to your liking - all within $9. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO ASK? The service is quick and your custom made pizza is generally served in like 10 minutes. ” --Yelp Review


Detroit threw down pizza dough and Cinci added toppings for the perfect pie! 

Image result for taglio pizza cincinnati

The Pepperoni and Hot Honey pie is a pizza marriage made in heaven-- hot, spicy, and just enough sweet/savory balance to make it irresistible. Image courtesy of Taglio’s | 56 East 12th St. | Over-the-Rhine

What is “Detroit-style” pizza? Think Chicago's deep dish, but with stratification-- we’re talking Archaeological digging here. It’s worth the extra time waiting while they make it! They have some of the “modern classic” pizzas like Margherita and Buffalo Chicken, but they also have the Pepperoni and Hot Honey-- you GOTTA try this one! Ever hear of Mike’s Hot Honey? (It’s not his girlfriend!) It’s a locally-sourced NYC honey infused with chilli peppers for the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. 

And Taglio’s drizzles it all over their perfect pepperoni pizza baked with basil and parmigiano reggiano cheese. And if that doesn’t shake up your pizza fantasy, then use their list of sauces and toppings to create your perfectly personalized pie. Wrap it up with a digestif to help all that pizza settle down-- or top it off with a decadent helping of La Grassa Gelato. Your choice! And really, you can’t go wrong either way. 

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“... Taglio's version of [Detroit-style pizza] is MOUTH-WATERING. The bartender mentioned the Pepperoni + Hot Honey is a crowd-favorite, but I didn't expect to drool over it as much as I did.”-- Yelp Review 

So the next time you’re in Cincinnati-- or if you’re a native and are already in-the-know-- stop by one of these amazing joints and bring your appetite! And make sure to nab your local friends a gift card through GiftYa as a way of saying “Thanks for showing us around.” (Or hey, if your pals are the ones visiting, throw one their way as a welcoming present!) 

Got a new neighbor? Send them a GiftYa card to help guide them to the best food in the area. Because in Cinci, every day is Pi(e) Day! 

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