The Ultimate Guide to Late Night Delivery in Pittsburgh

To fuel you through your night-long cram sessions

With all that hard work — or play — you’re bound to get hungry. However, it’s often way too much trouble to go out for food late at night, especially when you have that huge exam tomorrow and you barely have time to even think about anything else. Late night delivery offers the best of both worlds: craving satisfaction with minimal effort on your part. That’s why, to make your life as easy as possible, we’ve compiled this list of the best of late night delivery in the ‘Burgh.

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Ephesus Pizza

One of the best late night pizza places — and we don’t take pizza lightly

Ephesus Pizza
Photo courtesy of Ephesus Pizza on Facebook. Avert your eyes, vegans — Ephesus Pizza is for meat lovers only!

219 Fourth Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Mon-Fri: 10am-12:30am

Sun: 11am-12:30am




It’s not often that you see a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food — and even more rarely do you see all that on a single pizza! Ephesus Pizza provides the best of both worlds, offering kebabs as a topping to their delicious pizzas as well as more traditional menu items. If you’re looking for the most filling and tasty late night meal of your life — with fast and efficient delivery — Ephesus Pizza is for you. Plus, you can specially request halal food!

“This place is a definite must if you're looking for quick service or delivery!  I got their Mediterranean pizza and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had!  They were quick to deliver and all the food we got was great and not too bad of a price either!” - Jen M. on Yelp

Micro Diner

Ever craving breakfast at midnight? Don’t worry — Micro Diner understands

micro diner
Photo courtesy of Micro Diner. Sometimes, you just crave breakfast classics, no matter how late — or early, depending on how you look at it — it might be.

221 Shiloh St

Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Mt. Washington


Mon: 7am-3am

Tue-Thu: 6am-8pm

Fri: 6am-4am

Sat: 7:30am-4am

Sun: 7:30am-8pm





Even though Micro Diner is at the top of Mt. Washington, there’s no need to hike up the hill — you can get your fill of traditional diner dishes done right in the comfort of your own home with their late night delivery! They offer breakfast all day, and well into the night. Their menu is quite inclusive as well, with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The delivery time may be a bit on the longer side, but it’s well worth it.

“The service was quick and the food was good. They have an decent-sized menu with a lot of interesting options (Nutella and Cinnabun pancakes to name a few). Also, they are one of the few all-day breakfast places in Pittsburgh! The omelet wasn't anything special, but the Nutella pancakes and hot chocolate were fantastic. You receive large portions for a low price. I would definitely recommend people to come here, especially if they are looking for some late night breakfast since Micro Diner is open until 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays!” - Casey R. on Yelp

Benny Fierro’s

Large and in charge

pizza at benny fierros
Photo courtesy of Spoon University. Yes, it really is that big.

1906 E Carson St

Pittsburgh PA, 15203

South Side


Mon-Wed: 11am-12am

Thu: 11am-2:30am

Fri-Sat: 11am-3am

Sun: 11am-12am





Giant pizzas. Need I say more? Benny Fierro’s New York-style slices regularly require two paper plates to hold their full length, and the pies themselves are an impressive 28 inches in diameter. Not only is the pizza huge, though — it’s also delicious. If you ever happen to have a late night pizza craving, Benny Fierro’s is always there to fulfill your every need — and more.

“Anyone who hasn't become a total convert to Benny's enormous slices and their incredible savory sauce is just a fool. If you can eat two full slices of this amazing stuff and not walk away totally stuffed, you are a king of pizza. If you get a specialty kind - Buffalo Chicken or some other delicacy, more power to you!” - Susan K. on Yelp

Azimers Pizza Place

Despite its name, Azimers offers a whole lot more than just pizza

Aziemers Pizza
Photo courtesy of Jonathan H. on Yelp. The best of classic pizza

346 Atwood St

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Mon-Thu: 10am-1am

Fri-Sat: 10am-2am

Sun: 10am-1am



With an extensive menu including all the classic appetizers, an impressive list of salads, hoagies, gyros, burgers, wings, calzones, strombolis, pizzas (of course), and even one pound of baklava if you so please, Azimers is here to fulfill your every late night junk food craving — emphasis on the every. They’re also experts on delivery, with some of the fastest service in all of Pittsburgh, and are guaranteed to deliver your order piping hot straight to your door.

“Best ever delivery pizza I've had in Pittsburgh! The waiter is super patient when introducing each pizza to me and waiting me to make the final decision. The toppings are excessively loaded and taste amazing! The delivery guy help me take all 6 large pizzas and 6 2L soda all the way to 7th floor. And pizzas are very hot like fresh out of oven when we open the boxes. Love Amizer and recommend it to everyone!” - Shihan L. on Yelp

All India

You might not want pizza if you’re vegan or gluten-free, so try All India instead

Selection from all india
Photo courtesy of Sunil V. on Yelp

315 N Craig St

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Mon, Tue-Fri: 11:30am-1am

Sat-Sun: 12pm-1am



Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more specific and unique than the generic late-night pizza delivery. All India has your back with the delivery of their authentic Indian food. Plus, they offer a multitude of vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options that are just as delicious as their other dishes. Plus, if you ever feel like changing it up and going out, the restaurant has a great buffet with a wide array of tasty options.

“Amazing food. Best Jasmine rice to be found.  The chicken Saag is the best thing ever. Buttered naan over garlic naan. Lamb madras is excellent at medium to high heat.” - Chris S. on Yelp

Fuel and Fuddle

Serving up the fuel you need to power through your all-nighter

Fuel and fuddle entree
Photo courtesy of Fuel and Fuddle. This gastropub offers unique twists on your favorite foods.

212 Oakland Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Mon-Sun: 11am-1am




While the most popular items on their delivery menu are their messy burgers, such as Hog Heaven and Hangover Burger, Fuel and Fuddle is far from your basic burger joint. They also offer salads, wings, wraps, quesadillas, and so on — each with their own twist. Their menu is so good that you really have to check it out for yourself.

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“Such a fun, unique place! The food is definitely filled with deliciousness. Some are good for you choices, some truly indulgent American classics but with a funky with a twist.  My favorite meal is the flying buffalo pizza and sweet potato fries. Their homemade ranch dressing is truly the best ranch I've ever had. Its thin and salty.” - Kristina W. on Yelp

Mad Mex

A classic in Pittsburgh

mad mex

Oakland Location:

370 Atwood St

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Mon-Sun: 11am-1am





Any Pitt student worth their salt knows about Mad Mex — and for good reason. Their mouthwatering Mexican-inspired menu and cheap alcohol hits the spot with the younger crowd. With locations in Oakland, Shadyside, South Side, North Hills, and other Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Mad Mex is not just a Pitt favorite, either. Their abundance of locations makes their delivery fast and efficient so your late-night cravings can be satisfied as fast as possible no matter where you happen to be.

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“Such a classic here in Oakland. Mad mex is my go to when I'm looking to eat a hearty burrito. I always order the classic mad mex burrito. They also have a lot of other options: quesadillas, nachos, wings etc.” - Samantha H. on Yelp

The Smiling Moose

With food that will leave you smiling

calssic fare from the smiling moose
Photo courtesy of Marc J. on Yelp. Pasta and sliders? Sign me up!

1306 E Carson St

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

South Side


Mon-Sun: 11am-2am





Sometimes, when it’s late, you might favor lighter dishes that are not so heavy-handed with the fat and grease. In that case, try the delivery from The Smiling Moose . They offer the best of pasta, sandwiches, and sliders as well as a variety of soup specials. Plus, if you every happen to have time to visit the place, they offer live concerts on a regular basis.

“Awesome awesome awesome! Best bartender ever. Awesome food. You have to go here!!! Try the salmon sandwich. It's unbelievable. Everything is so good! Great prices, too!!” - Jack F. on Yelp

With so many late-night delivery options, there’s no excuse to let your cravings keep you from cramming for that exam tomorrow. There’s also no excuse not to use GiftYa to take a little of the stress out of ordering food for your favorite college student. With no physical gift card, it can easily be used for late night delivery — no hassle, no added stress. With so many different options in Pittsburgh alone, you can really personalize it to your receiver's tastes as well.

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