Here’s A Bunch Of Great Spots For Easter Brunch In Pittsburgh Every-Bunny Will Love!

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It’s time for a holiday treat, coming in the form of brunch of course, let’s take a virtual egg hunt and find the perfect places for you!

If you aren’t sure you’re a “brunch” person, there’s special occasions all throughout the year that are usually meant to be shared around brunch, and one of those occasions is Easter! Whether you want an omelet with bacon and toast, or steak with fries on the side, brunch is quite literally full of so many options you won’t know where to start! After the Easter baskets are opened and all the eggs are found, don’t worry yourself with cooking! You can go with a place that’s elegant and traditional or maybe a little bit more casual, there’s something for everyone on this list of places to get Easter brunch in Pittsburgh. 

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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Something a little different to satisfy that mid-morning Brunch adventure!

Sweet or savory, that’s the flavors from brunch you can explore! Image courtesy of the Fogo de Chao Instagram page.

525 Smithfield St | Pittsburgh | 

One of the “newer” additions to dining options in downtown Pittsburgh, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse combines the traditional “Brazilian Steakhouse” with a fantastic array of other delicious menu items in a panoramic, open look kitchen. With a Brazilian-inspired design, featuring a hand-woven rope wall, a bas-relief interpretation of Antônio Caringi’s famous statue, and other great details, Fogo de Chao has got something a little different cooked up for your typical Easter brunch meal!

You can expect many different tasty items on their brunch menu including but limited to a Seafood Tower, Filet Mignon, Pan-Seared Salmon, and Made-to-Order Omelet! Add in a huge salad bar, sides, soup, desserts, and cocktail choices like a Passion Fruit Mimosa, you’ll have a great option for Easter brunch this year!

“Fogo is a favorite of my husbands. The meat is all cooked to perfection and the buffet is full of a huge variety of items. I'm extremely picky and I always enjoy coming here.” -Yelp Review 

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Eclectic array of choices for Easter brunch in Pittsburgh!

Crepes that hold so. much. flavor in every. single.bBite. Image courtesy of the Revel Instagram page.

Level, 242 Forbes Ave | Pittsburgh | 

Revel, known as a part of the iconic pair of Revel & Roost, are under the Hilton Garden Inn right off of Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. The “Revel” part of the combo is where we will be focusing our attention today as it is a fine dining American establishment offering hand-crafted dishes and cocktails! While the “Roost” part is a Pittsburgh “Premiere Event Space” with 6,000+ square feet of entertainment space to hold a wedding, graduation, or other big event! Since we are talking Easter brunch today, let’s talk about what Revel has on their all things brunch menu:

Revel is located on the street level, while Roost is located on the 2nd floor and whether you’re having a huge Easter event or a small one you’re guaranteed to have a great time at Revel and/or Roost!

“Been here a couple of times -- never disappointed. Meal was excellent Banh Mi sandwich (Pork Belly) and Gumbo soup and Blackened Sea Bass--Both were fantastic. Also our server-Stephanie was attentive and friendly!!!” -Yelp Review

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Paris 66 Bistro

A warm and cozy Pariasan bistro that serves French classics from drinks to pastries!

From sweets, to greens, and savory, that’s what makes Easter brunch in Pittsburgh amazing! Image courtesy of the Paris 66 Bistro Facebook page.

6018 Centre Ave | Pittsburgh | 

Paris 66 Bistro is a restaurant for any occasion, whether it’s casual dining or celebrating a holiday/event. It’s a place where anyone can relax and unwind with your family while enjoying the delicate French menu and quiet atmosphere. Paris 66 Bistro has a mission, and that mission is to “go beyond offering “Everyday French Cuisine.” 

They provide a unique cultural experience that celebrates all things French while highlighting their language and traditions by working with programs and cultural organizations. Paris 66 Bistro wants to allow Pittsburghers the chance to try a piece of Europe, authentically, right in their hometown!

Now that you know what Paris 66 Bistro is all about, let’s talk a little bit about what they offer for their Sunday brunches, as that’s the fun part, from Filet Mignon au Poivre, to Salmon Croissant & Quiche Lorraine, Savory Crêpes, French Toast, and more! Plenty to enjoy that’ll take your brunch experience to a new level this holiday season.

“Great Parisian food. The escargot and foie gras was incredible. The mussels were delicious. And the trout capped off the evening in a perfect way. Definitely will become a regular” -Yelp Review 

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The Grand Concourse

A brunch so full of options you won’t know what to pick!

Brunch presented with a flare always makes the meal better! Image courtesy of the Grand Concourse Instagram page.

100 W Station Square Dr | Pittsburgh | 

Located in the iconic Station Square, The Grand Concourse is the perfect place to have a nice Easter brunch if you’re looking for something fancy. You’ll get to experience something unique if you choose to set your sights on The Grand Concourse, with it being in the historic Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Building, complete with original architecture and window design, allowing those looking for an “upscale” establishment to check that off their list. One the of the most popular places in Pittsburgh to dine, (and also looking at their menu, it’s easy to see why), making a reservation is recommended, so make sure to do that early so you’ll have room for all your family Easter day!

Now, we’ve talked about the atmosphere, let’s talk about what to expect when it comes to the food! The Grand Concourse has a specific “Easter Sunday Buffet” menu, and currently at the time of writing this, just some of the items on that menu are the Carved Prime Rib, Pit Smoked Ham, Italian Sausage and Peppers, Waffles & Pancakes, Breakfast Potatoes, and a Fresh Donut Machine Station! 

“We've probably been to this restaurant more than any other in Pittsburgh. Whether we made a brunch stop or a special occasion lunch/dinner, it was always such a treat. Even though we don't live in the area anymore, we have made our way there on each visit back to the city thus far.” -Yelp Review

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Ditka's Pittsburgh

A hot spot for all those looking for a bustling Easter brunch experience!

This food looks eggcellent for Easter Brunch in Pittsburgh! Image courtesy of the Ditka’s Restaurants Instagram page.

1 Robinson Plaza | Pittsburgh | 

Widely known for its “outstanding food and culture” Ditka’s is another great option for Pittsburghers to have Easter brunch. Preparing generous portions using high quality ingredients in a huge venue space is what makes this spot a top pick for your brunch-ing needs! 

If you have a lot of family coming over for the holiday, Ditka’s might be your go to, as it can accommodate a lot of people at once with ease. Located off the parkway in Robinson Township and right next to the popular Robinson Mall, this restaurant is also popular with the crowd, so make sure to set up a reservation!

Ditka’s has a special “Coach’s Breakfast Selections” list with favorites like the Belgian Waffle, Traditional Eggs Benedict, Lobster & Avocado Omelet, and more! While they also have a variety of other classics like Rhode Island Calamari, Chicken Piccata, and the Jumbo Shrimp Cobb Salad. Plenty more to enjoy at Ditka’s for fine Sunday brunch!

“Had a good experience here. Very good service and the food was excellent. Would definitely recommend. The hamburgers are huge and was prepared to my satisfaction. Dine here with confidence.” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

The Terrace Room

A beautiful restaurant in a historic hotel for a nice Easter brunch!

Classy dishes with a variety of foods ready to serve! Image courtesy of the Terrace Room Yelp Photo page.

530 William Penn Pl | Pittsburgh | 

The Terrace Room is a restaurant located in the beautiful Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. This place also fills up that desire to have a more elegant and/or classy Easter brunch. With a dining room filled with beautiful architecture ranging from the building itself to the table and chairs you will dine on, there’s also crystal decorations, silver, and fresh cut flowers all around you as you dine on some delicious foods. Voted the “Best Hotel Dining” by the readers of Pittsburgh City Paper, The Terrace Room doesn’t just have amazing ambience but impeccable service and food!

They have a breakfast buffet filled with things like an unlimited section of coffee, along with different teas and assorted juices that will pair nicely with the food available including but not limited to, Chef’s Selection of Pastries, Fresh Cut Fruits, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Classic Eggs Benedict, and a Charcutier or Roast Vegetable Display! If you’re looking to do something a little different for brunch this year, consider this classic option.

“I think this is a fabulous restaurant and the prices to me are good for the quality, maybe a smidge high but the food was great. We went for dinner and breakfast one day. The duck board appetizer was the best dish I had all weekend.” -Google Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!


Perfect for a casual Easter brunch with the family that has seasonal favorites!

French toast so good it’s absolutely STACKED with flavor! Image courtesy of the Acorn Instagram page.

5528 Walnut St | Pittsburgh | 

Acorn is a delightful little restaurant in Shadyside that would be a lovely place to go to for Easter brunch. This restaurant concentrates on sourcing all of their ingredients from local, organic farms, ensuring that every piece of the meal is the best quality and freshest around the city! Combining different global preparations and techniques, Acorn puts a lot of effort into their ever changing menu in order to keep things fresh for their patrons.

Their brunch menu is full of seasonal dishes that are simple, yet still refined. Whether you’re looking for a cheeseburger, some grade a pancakes, or housemade bagels -- look no further than this restaurant! They also offer other “brunch” classics that will have you feeling full for the rest of the day when you dine at Acorn!

“I've only been for brunch and it's the best in Pittsburgh. I know they've suspended it for a bit but I would highly recommend checking out the restaurant for any meal. Everything is farm to table and intentionally prepared from the drinks to the food to the bill at the end. Can't wait to go back.” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

The Abbey on Butler Street

Trendy, crafty, and fun. That’s The Abbey ready to serve drinks and food in a fun space!

Just like the comment said, it’s not your typical Chicken N’ Waffles, it’s something special! Image courtesy of The Abbey on Butler Instagram page.

4635 Butler St | Pittsburgh | 

With the original building dating back all the way to 1913, The Abbey on Butler Street has had quite the history. You can learn all about everything the building this restaurant has been through right here, but just know that it contains an impressive number of easter eggs, (no pun intended), all throughout the restaurant’s architecture and decor of just how much time this place has been through. 

Knowing that, if you choose to eat at The Abbey on Butler Street, you will have a truly eccentric time that’s sure to bring you back on for a future holiday or regular weekend meal!

The Abbey on Butler Street has a lot of “features” on their Sunday Brunch menu, you can expect a variety of delicious items like their Hot Cinnamon Roll, Raspberry Bellini, Breakfast Fries, Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Sourdough French Toast, Butler Street Hot Chicken Sandwich, and plenty more!

“Fun laid back atmosphere and great food.  I've yet to walk in here and try something on the food or drink menu that I didn't like.  Curry fries are amazing.  Incredible gem in Lawrenceville.” -Yelp Review

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The Porch at Schenley

Seasonal menu items from local producers in a relaxed environment.

If you like your avocado toast full of goodies, then you’ll love it here! Image courtesy of The Porch Instagram page.

221 Schenley Drive | Pittsburgh | 

The Porch at Schenley believes that “the best meals start with the best ingredients,” and that means sourcing from local farmers/producers so that every ingredient is the freshest it can be for the consumer. So fresh in fact, that some of the ingredients they source are from their very own rooftop garden! 

Freshly-picked herbs, veggies, and fruits are constantly growing on their rooftop garden ensuring that every bite of the completed meal is something special! Whether you’d like to sit inside or outside, The Porch at Schenley is a great all around pick for your Easter brunch!

Now that you know about this restaurant’s process when it comes to crafting their foods, let’s talk about what they have on the brunch menu! You have a choice of many different tasty items like the Porch Omelet, Quiche, Burrito, Fresh Burrata Salad, Spinach & Sausage Pizza, Grilled Chicken BLT, House Made Vegetable Burger, and more are all ready to eat when you dine at The Porch!

“Busy as it's in a prime spot in the park! But they seat you quickly and food did not take long. Food is worth the wait! Love the brunch menu. Staff never looked rushed or flustered.” -Google Review

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Bob Evans

A casual chain restaurant that started in Ohio and is now hundreds of locations all around the Midwest!

This french toast looks berry-good! Image courtesy of the Bob Evans Instagram page.

2210 Lebanon Church Rd | West Mifflin |

Beginning in Rio Grande, Ohio with Bob Evans himself opening up a 4-stool, 6 table diner selling hot homemade meals at good reasonable prices has now become a Midwest staple, with over 500 locations, Bob Evans is known for good ol’ fashioned comfort food. If none of these other Easter brunch places in Pittsburgh have taken to your liking, why not try out a classic like Bob Evans? Farm fresh is exactly what it’s been doing for the past 70 years and that’s what makes for a great restaurant to sit down with the family any day of the week!

Now Bob Evans doesn’t have a typical “brunch” menu, but they do serve breakfast all day, so you can do brunch any time you’d like! With dishes like Honey Butter Chicken and Biscuit Breakfast, The Everything Breakfast, Country Fried Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs, and Hardwood Smoked Bacon for breakfast. Along with the Bacon Cheeseburger, Farmhouse Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Lemon Pepper Sole Fillets, and more for lunch, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking at Bob Evans!

“Good breakfast. Have never been disappointed!  Wait time was 25 min. They had empty tables, but could not seat all for lack of wait staff! They ARE hiring as so many other restaurants and businesses are.” -Google Review

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Bob Evans here!

If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate Easter, consider doing brunch at any of these fine establishments. Whether you like the traditional brunch fare-- or something more out of the ordinary-- you’re sure to find something you like at these restaurants that do Easter brunch in Pittsburgh. Where’s your favorite place to do Easter brunch? Let us know in the comments!


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