The Top 8 Places to Catch the Next Penguins Game

Follow this guide to the best places to watch Penguins games in Pittsburgh so you always have the best seats in the house.

If there’s anything we Yinzers’ love it’s a hockey game, and if there’s anything better than a hockey game it’s a game from the perfect spot.

That’s why we have you covered with our list of the top 8 places to watch Penguins games in Pittsburgh. From the North Shore to the South Side and everything in between, it’s time to stalk the streets of the Steel City for that perfect seat, so your game day is as perfect as you want it to be.

Phil Kessel Scores and Giradi is sad
Photo taken from Pittsburgh Penguins' Instagram page

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PPG Paints Arena

Practice and warm up at PPG Paints Arena
Photo courtesy of PPG Paints Arena Google review page
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1001 Fifth Ave

First up, the shining jewel of the Pittsburgh hockey scene located just Downtown.

Not a bad seat in the house...Gotta love how Pittsburgh it is in there!!...Honestly a great spot in the city!! - Yelp Review

The home of the Pens themselves, there’s nothing better than watching Penguins games at PPG Paints Arena.

First on our list for obvious reasons, experience game day in the heart of the action whenever the Pens are in town to really bring your hockey season the excitement it needs! With restaurants, bars and other accommodations available in the building, PPG Paints has everything the dedicated Penguins fanatic could ask for all under one roof.

Take a look at the PPG webpage for details on how to purchase home game tickets!

William Penn Tavern

William Penn Tavern
Photo courtesy of Bennet Poepping
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739 Bellefonte St

Close your eyes and picture the perfect Pittsburgh bar in your mind.

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From the patrons to the bartenders to the staff and owners, this place is must visit for anyone in pgh. - Yelp Review

Now open your eyes and check out William Penn Tavern. Eerily similar right?

Established in 2002, the WPT has quickly become a Shadyside staple and major player in the Pittsburgh sports bar scene. The perfect place to watch Penguins games, William Penn Tavern offers drink specials that change daily, and because the Pens seem to have a game every day of the week, there’s always something to sip on as you watch the game on one of a dozen screens.

Take a look at the Pens’ schedule and compare it to the Tavern’s specials so you know what days to stop in for the perfect game day experience.

Mario’s South Side Saloon

Mario's South Side Saloon
Photo courtesy of Mario’s South Side Saloon
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South Side
1514 E Carson St

Located right on Pittsburgh’s iconic East Carson St., Mario’s South Side Saloon is everyone’s favorite game day stop.

One of my favorite bars in the southside...

When you think where to watch Penguins games Mario’s better be on the list. Mario’s offers multiple floors and over a dozen screens, so finding the perfect spot on game day is just a matter of where you sit.

With the sports bar experience mixed with a neighborhood bar feel, Mario’s is sure to impress -- just check out their menu of delicious options.

Always lively and full of energy, the South Side is a great place to start for Pens fans looking for a bit more lively spot on game day. (And look out for some of the Pens themselves, who are known to take to the streets of South Side after home games).

...I love to sit in the upper level because it is like a loft where you can view the bottom floor. The service here is wonderful and their food is great. It has great prices for the location too! - Google Review

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Mario’s East Side Saloon

Mario's East Side Saloon
Photo courtesy of Mario's East Side Saloon
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Shady Side
5442 Walnut St

No, you’re not having deja vu, we promise it’s a different bar.

Good bar. Solid bar. A bar you can rely on. - Google Review

Fortunately for us Pens fans, Mario’s actually has more than one location.

With the same local, neighborhood feel as their South Side location, but without the hype and craziness of the South Side itself, their East Side location (actually in Shady Side) is the perfect combo for Pens fans looking for something a little more laid back on game night. The perfect spot to watch Penguins games and enjoy your beer, with 20 HD screens, it’s hard to find any spot better for game day.

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Squirrel Hill Sports Bar

Squirrel Hill Sports Bar
Image courtesy of Steelers Bars
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Squirrel Hill
5832 Forward Ave

Looking for someplace even more kicked back to watch Penguins games? Not a problem!

...met the owner a few times when I've been in there and he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. His interest in running a nice establishment is obvious when you take a look at this place. - Yelp Review

Why not check out the Squirrel Hill Sports Bar. Located in the quiet Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, this sports bar is everything the Pens fan could ask for if all you need is a good beer and a great environment.

With 18 HD screens and a drink list that’ll make your eyes pop out of your head, this place really delivers. (And we hear Ed Sheeran even had a good time, so it has to be great, right?)

Rumerz Sports Bar and Grill

Rumerz Sports Bar and Grill
Photo courtesy of Rumerz Sports Bar and Grill
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North Hills
1216 Woods Run Ave

A short drive from the casino and stadiums of Pittsburgh’s North Shore, Rumerz Sports Bar and Grill is perfect for watching Penguins games.

Definitely a awesome place to check out if you already haven't!!! Food to playing darts to pool or air hockey, oh, & dance floor yeahhh!!!... - Yelp Review

With pool tables, an impressively stocked bar, and a massive projection screen for the games, Rumerz offers a great environment for Pens fans looking to have a good old fashioned great time on game day.

With a Readers’ Choice Award for Best Sports Bar under their belt, there’s a Rumer going around that this is the hottest spot to be when game day comes.

Mullen’s Bar and Grill

Mullen's Bar and Grill
Photo courtesy of Mullen’s Bar and Grill
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North Shore
200 Federal St

After 50 years of business, Mullen’s Bar and Grill knows how to do game day right:

  • Over a dozen HD screens. Check.
  • Award winning food. Check.
  • Great location in the heart of Pittsburgh sports central. Check.
  • Events and specials for major sporting events. Check. Check. Check!

The true Pittsburgh sports fan will be hard pressed to find a better spot to watch Penguins games this hockey season. Take a trip over to Mullen’s, and let the experience speak for itself.

Food was fantastic, reasonable prices and service was great!...Quality of the food was noteworthy. Menu was fresh with items prepared far better than many other restaurants... - Yelp Review

Your Living Room

Your Living Room
What can be better than watching the game where you're guaranteed the best seat in the house? 
location icon

1234 Your Couch St.

Let’s be real, it’s hard to beat the comfort of your own home, so why try?

Your tv is HD and super charged; you’ve already made a dent in your spot of the couch; there’s a fully stocked fridge, and best of all, it’s free! Stocking up on chips and dips, beer and wings are a must before watching Penguins games from home. Also, be sure to take a look at the new line up of official NHL merchandise so you’re game day ready in your new lucky jersey.

Will it be Crosby or Malkin this time? Whichever you pick be sure to cheer as loud as you can to take our Pens to the playoffs!

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to watch Penguins games, look no further than these top 8 suggestions. Broken down by destination and located all across the city be sure to try out each of our top 8 so you know where to head once the playoffs start. From PPG to your own couch, find the game day spot that speaks to you. And bring someone along with you with a GiftYa personalized gift card!

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