The Top 8 Pilates Studios in Pittsburgh

Looking to get your exercise on? Check out these studios for a full body workout

These exercises are meant to use your body weight and other exercises to strengthen and fortify your muscles. It’s a great way to get a total body exercise-- and increase your flexibility as well. Pilates is a very popular way to get your recommend exercise, and studios have popped up all over the country. Pittsburgh has some fantastic pilates studios as well-- and we’ve put together a list of the best below.

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1. The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh

One of the best spots for beginners to learn pilates

The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh
Image courtesy of the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh. This studio is great for practitioners of all ages and abilities.

1665 Washington Rd. #6

Pittsburgh, PA 15228


If you’re interested in starting a pilates program, then consider trying some sessions at The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh. This studio is located in Mt. Lebanon, and would an easy commute from almost anywhere in the city.

You can book private or duo classes-- and the also offer several group classes throughout the week. The studio offers discounts if you sign up for a package of classes-- but you can still feel free to drop in as well.

Their staff are all highly trained and ready to work on any type of body. Some of their customers come in because of chronic pain, an imbalance, or simply to get in better shape.

“I love how Pilates makes me feel strong, open and energized. It's a great way to start your day if you can swing a morning session.” -Yelp Review

2. Dragonfly Pilates

Amazing pilates studio in the heart of Shadyside

Dragonfly Pilates
Image courtesy of Dragonfly Pilates. The trainers at this studio will help you reach your fitness goals -- and then surpass them!

5518 Walnut St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Dragonfly Pilates recently opened up a location in Shadyside, in addition to their Murrysville location. This is great news for those of us closer to the city who are looking to start training with their experienced staff. At Dragonfly, all the trainers are prepared to help you learn to work your core and offer helpful and personalized advice.

You are in good hands here-- and can be confident that these experts are prepared to offer you a customized experience. Whether you’re a beginner-- or just looking to find a great place to improve your practice-- this studio is a great option.

“Have been a client for about 2 years now and I can't say enough great things about Dragonfly Pilates.  Classes no matter which one you take, are always fun and great work outs.” -Yelp Review

3. Pilates Sol

A great studio to get a pilates session in over your lunch break

Pilates Sol
Image courtesy of Pilates Sol. This practice only has private sessions -- so be prepared for some seriously customized sessions.

900 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Mon-Fri 7am-8:30pm

Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

Pilates Sol is one of the best spots to get in a quick work out in Pittsburgh-- they have two locations downtown and have quite a loyal following.

If you’re looking for a studio where you can get some one-on-one training-- either on your lunch break or after work-- then you should consider checking out this boutique studio. All their sessions are private--  so you can be sure all your workouts will be personalized and specific to your issues.

The instructors will take you from being a beginner to a pro in no time!

“I love this studio.  Terrific teachers who are great at explaining the what and the why, plus the results!  I needed to build my core muscles (too much time sitting at a desk), and Pilates Sol was the answer.” -Google Review

4. Harmony Pilates Studio

Check out this studio if you’re looking to increase core strength

Harmony Pilates Studio
Image courtesy of Harmony Pilates Studio. A great studio where young and old are made to feel welcomed.

201 S. Highland Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Mon-Thurs 7am-8pm

Fri-Sun 8am-1pm

Harmony Pilates Studio is another fantastic addition to the growing Pittsburgh pilates community. Located near both the East Liberty and Shadyside neighborhoods, it is close a multitude of other fantastic wellness businesses.

Servicing all types of people-- from teenagers to those in their 90s-- this pilates studio is really about helping both your mind and your body. If you are ready to reach your fitness goals then drop in for a session at Harmony.

“I really can't say enough good things about Harmony Pilates studio.  It has become my second home, my first choice for keeping strong, flexible and fit, and constantly challenging and fun!” -Yelp Review

5. Mary Ann’s Pilates Plus

This studio offers so much more than pilates!

Mary Ann’s Pilates Plus
Image courtesy of Mary Ann's Pilates Plus. Offering more than traditional pilates, this studio can help out in and aspect of your life.

E. Willock Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15227



Sat  8am-5pm

Sun 9am-5pm

Mary Ann’s Pilates Plus offers much more than pilates-- she offers a way to change your life. By helping her customers work through their pain and limitations, she can help you reduce your stress and begin to heal.

In addition to pilates, she offers access bar classes, detox foot baths, and even infrared warming. By taking the time to discuss her client’s issues, they are able to walk away strengthened and healed.

“Marianne is beyond intuitive!” -Google Review

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6. Touchstone Pilates

A full service pilates studio in Mt. Lebanon

Touchstone Pilates
Image courtesy of Touchstone Pilates. When your body is challenged to do more, Touchstone Pilates believes this helps it strengthen and grow.

250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15234


Mon-Thurs 7am-8pm

Fri 7am-5pm

Sat 8am-1pm

Touchstone Pilates makes it a point to help their clients achieve a better balance with their bodies-- by incorporating exercise but also continuing to challenge their limitations.  Located in a busy business district of Mt. Lebanon, Touchstone is in a great location that is easily accessible to Pittsburghers.

Many of their clients say that they are in much less pain than before they started-- and can deal with the stress of everyday life much better.

At this studio, pilates is so much more than a toning workout-- it is a way to bring the mind and body into alignment. When this happens, people notice that their pain lessens and that they feel much more strong than before they started.

“Finding a professional like Lisa and a well equipped studio like Touchstone Pilates is unique. Not only do I enjoy Pilates but it has helped me more fully enjoy life.” -Yelp Review

7. Moxie Mind and Body Pilates Studio

A great studio conveniently located in downtown

Moxie Mind and Body Pilates Studio
Image courtesy of Moxie Mind and Body Pilates Studio. A popular spot with the downtown crowd that looks to help each customer reach their goals.

24 Market Square

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Mon-Fri 6:30am-8pm

Sat-Sun 9am-12pm

Moxie Mind and Body Pilates Studio is another studio that is conveniently located in downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square. This is a centralized location that is convenient for professionals as well as those that do not work in the city.

At this studio you’ll learn how create physical-- as well as mental-- strength through their classical pilates methods. Moxie believes that by putting in some hard work-- you’ll be surprised at what your body can achieve!

“I have been going to one on one Pilates sessions here for about a year. The instructors are so great about working on my particular issues.” -Yelp Review

8. Physique Rx’d

A perfect prescription for all your pilates needs

Physique Rx’d
Image courtesy of Physique Rx'd. This pilates studio comes equipped with the traditional exercise as well as some additional classes that make it a complete mind and body workout.

835 Western Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Mon-Fri 6:30am-8pm

Sat 9am-12pm

Physique Rx’d offers more than just your traditional pilates studio-- they also offer classes that are designed to compliment the core strengthening exercises.

Power pilates, Signature Mix, personal training, and nutrition education are all offered at this one-stop-shop for a healthy mind and body. This studio wants to make sure their clients have a balanced mind and body-- and that that’s the only way to achieve optimal performance.

“This place has so much to offer!  Lynsey is a caring and thoughtful instructor.  She demonstrates exactly what to do, while offering precise cues.” -Yelp Review

Whether you’re looking to start an exercise program-- or just want to up your game-- pilates is a fantastic way to do so. All of these Pittsburgh pilates studios accept GiftYa gift cards, so why not try one out today? What is your favorite Pittsburgh pilates studio? Let us know in the comments!

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