Bite Into a Greek Classic at the Top 9 Best Gyro Shops in Pittsburgh

Know where to find the yummy Greek dish in the Burgh

Pronounced “yee-roh,” the gyro that many Americans are familiar with originated in Chicago in the 1960s, but the dish has apparently been around for 2,000 years. The sandwich is a loaf of lamb or beef with tomato and onion in a pita fold and most American iterations of the sandwich offer ground meat instead of sliced like their Greek counterparts.

While the Greeks would make each cone one at a time with family recipes, American stands and restaurants all over have not failed to mass-produce the dish—this includes a few amazing gyro locations in Pittsburgh. The cost of eating out is definitely something that can keep you from ordering one of these tasty cones, but it shouldn’t if someone’s already paid for the meal.

Treat a friend or loved one to a GiftYa electronic gift card of any amount, giving them up to $100 to any merchant you choose. Send it with a personalized message right to the recipient’s phone. Choose any of these spots in Pittsburgh to a delicious Greek treat—and hope they bring you with them!

Mike & Tony's Gyros 

Pittsburgh classic with many locations throughout the city!

Mike & Tony’s Gyros is the best place in Pittsburgh to get a delicious gyro or two! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

927 Liberty Avenue | Downtown |

This place offers some of the best gyros in the Burgh, with four locations to prove it. But in addition to their traditional gyro, Mike and Tony’s Gyros of Pittsburgh offers lots of different options across each of their locations, including tasty apps like the gyro nachos and greek quesadillas at the Moon location and a sweet side of baklava—layers of filo dough with honey or syrup—at the the Downtown spot.

Find yourself starving in the Southside after a late night out? Mike and Tony’s is a perfect place to grab that late night bite. This location is open till 3am Tuesday through Saturday, giving you plenty of time to stop it after a long night.

“There is no other gyro I have had which is perfect with every ingredient. Every piece of the puzzle at Mike & Tony's tastes amazing.” -Yelp Review

The Original Gyro

A family-owned gyro shop with fresh-cut fries you can’t pass up!

Try out a tasty gyro from The Original Gyro at one of their many locations in the Pittsburgh area! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

3611 Library Road | Castle Shannon |

Customer’s were so fond of The Original Gyro in Castle Shannon that they decided to open another one in Oakland. While you can stop by the former for a classic cone and some delicious homemade, fresh cut fries as early as 10am, the spot on the other side of the river is open for some late night dining. Order a gyro and fries via Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Postmates if you can’t make it to one of their locations.

“These gyros are hard to beat. Good meals value excellent taste. Quick service. If you are looking for a gyro in the Pittsburgh area, check these guys out.” -Yelp Review

Salonika’s Bar and Grill

Casual Greek bistro near the Cultural District to get a taste of a Greek-American classic!

Salonika’s Bar and Grill is the perfect place in the Burgh to sit down for a tasty authentic Greek gyro! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

133 6th Street | Downtown |

Named after the second largest city in Greece, Salonika’s is a casual, authentic Greek bistro in Downtown Pittsburgh that specializes in gyro and salads. In addition to their salads and sandwiches—like the grilled cheese on pita—they offer a variety of homemade Greek dishes, including pastitsio and moussaka (a dish made with beef, potatoes, and eggplant).

They have plenty of vegetarian options and finger foods if you’re dining with someone who’s not a gyro fan after a night out in the Cultural District. Come by for a drink at the bar or one of their daily specials to go with your gyro.

“We have been here many times after seeing a show downtown. The food is EXCELLENT and the service is wonderful.” - TripAdvisor Review

Mt. Oliver’s Gyros

Support your local Pittsburgh restaurants by going to this family-owned restaurant!

Support a family-owned business in Pittsburgh with some tasty gyros in Pittsburgh at Mt. Oliver’s Gyros! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

130 Brownsville Road | Green Tree |

There is nothing more delicious than diving into a gyro after a long, hard day at work. If you’re considering gyros for lunch or even dinner, consider supporting your local Pittsburgh small businesses and check out Mt. Oliver’s Gyros! Mt. Oliver’s Gyros is a small gyro shop in Pittsburgh that is also known for their tasty fresh cut fries, baklava, and much more.

At Mt. Oliver’s you can try everything from lamb gyros, Greek salads, burgers, hoagies, chicken tenders, provolone sticks, and so much more, along with some other classic Greek dishes. Hummus and pitas, dolmades, and so much more is what you can enjoy at your next trip to Mt. Oliver’s Gyros!

“Incredible food and incredible service. I always look forward to eating from here!!” - Facebook Review 

Forbes Gyro

Indulge in some Mediterranean eats with kebabs, gyros, and even pizza!

Forbes Gyro in Oakland has everything you need when it comes to gyros and delicious Greek food! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

3715 Forbes Avenue | Oakland |

Are you around the University of Pittsburgh, or Carnegie Mellon University? Why not consider going to Forbes Gyro right along Forbes Avenue for a tasty gyro and more! Forbes Gyro is a great place to go to when you’re looking for a low-budget type of meal, and it’s one of the best local hot spots to go.

Consider getting the gyro wrap, the Turkish pizza, a classic lamb gyro, lamb adana, lahmacun, doner gyro kebabs, and so much more with a very diverse menu full of great options. Make sure to stop by Forbes Gyro for some good food today that you definitely won’t want to pass up!

“I was never a big Mediterranean/Greek eater before, but Forbes Gyro confirmed my love for the gyro scene!!” - Yelp Review 

Knossos Gyros 

Enjoy an authentic Greek and Polish gyro and more at this fun restaurant!

Knossos Gyros is a great place to get a gyro in Pittsburgh and support small businesses! Image courtesy of Instagram

1429 Potomac Avenue | Dormont |

We know that you’re craving a quality gyro in the Pittsburgh area, so why not try out Knossos Gyros in the Dormont neighborhood! Knossos Gyros is an authentic Greek and Polish restaurant that has been serving the community since 1979 with quality food and exceptional customer service.

At Knossos Gyros, you can enjoy everything from classic lamb gyros, steak gyros, chicken gyros, and the ever-so-famous haluski, and even some delicious stuffed cabbage. With so much to choose from, we think that you should consider going to Knossos Gyros and check them out!

“Tried this place for the first time and my inner fat kid was absolutely delighted! I wanted to buy everything on the menu!” - Yelp Review 


Looking for a place that makes their own pitas? This restaurant is for you!

Pitaland makes their own pitas that are perfect combined with gyros and much more! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

620 Brookline Boulevard | Brookline |

Are you looking for a place that not only serves gyros, but makes the best homemade pitas? Why not consider trying out Pitaland in Pittsburgh? Pitaland serves up some of the best Metiterranean and Lebanese food around the area where you have so much to choose from, and trust us, it’s all delicious.

Since Pitaland makes their own fresh pitas daily, you can not only enjoy those, but you can try out their lamb burger, spinach pie, a falafel plate, fried cauliflower, a falafel sandwich, a delicious gyro, and even their Lebanese house salad. Make sure to check out Pitaland today!

“Gotta say, this place exceeded my expectations. I would definitely eat there again.” - Yelp Review 

Salim’s Middle Eastern Food

This small market features gyros, falafels, and much more!

Salim’s Middle Eastern Food is the best place to go to get the best authentic Greek food and more in Pittsburgh! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

4705 Centre Avenue | Bloomfield |

Thinking about trying out a lot of tasty middle eastern food, but not sure where to go? Make sure to check out Salim’s Middle Eastern Food, a cute little market located on Centre Avenue in Pittsburgh! Salim’s is considered to be one of the best middle eastern restaurants in the Pittsburgh area, serving authentic food you won’t want to pass up.

Salim’s Middle Eastern Food offers everything from spinach pies, baklava, greek salad, falafel sandwiches, meat pies, tasty lamb gyros, and much more. Why not take a trip down to Bloomfield where you can try out some of the goodies that Salim’s Middle Eastern Food offers!

“One of the best if not the Best Middle Eastern Stores there is. I have been going there for a long time.” - Yelp Review 

Sam’s Sun Sandwich

Check out this restaurant with Middle Eastern and American classics!

Sam’s Sun Sandwich is a Greek restaurant that you need to check out in Pittsburgh for their tasty gyros and more! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

2616 Brownsville Road | Carrick |

Are you craving a sandwich or two? Come to Sam’s Sun Sandwich where you can try out some of the best gyros and more in the Pittsburgh area! Sam’s Sun Sandwich is a Middle Eastern and American restaurant that serves up everything that you like and where they can accommodate your special requests too.

Try out their delicious gyros, house salads, gyro salads, lentil soup, stuffed cabbage, meat pies, spinach and feta pies, falafel sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and so much more that we could continue going on and on. Go to Sam’s Sun Sandwich today for a great deal on a delicious gyro and more!

“The food is always delicious. You can see and taste the pride in every dish. The high quality ingredients and homemade options are authentic, tasty and affordable.” - Yelp Review 

Craving gyro in the Burgh? Be sure to try out one of these spots for the Greek specialty in addition to some interesting dishes, there’s plenty of places to choose from. Help make the same choice easier on a friend by giving him or her a prepaid GiftYa to the restaurant, and hope they save it for a night when you’re there!

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