Take a Slice (Or Two!) of the Best Pizza in Tampa at These Top 7 Pizza Shops

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There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the best comfort foods to indulge in. There are pizza shops along every corner of almost every city just because of how popular it is! From different kinds of crust, toppings, seasonings, and so much more, we think that you should treat yourself to some tasty pizza, even if it’s a cheat day at the gym for you. If you’re in Tampa, consider these top seven pizza shops that make some of the best pizza!

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Eddie and Sam’s Pizza

Looking for New York-style pizza in Tampa? This is your place to stop by!

Everyone loves some tasty thin-crust pizza, so make sure to check out Eddie and Sam’s for the best in Tampa! Image courtesy of That’s So Tampa. 

203 E Twiggs Street | Downtown | eddieandsamspizza.com

Are you craving New York-style pizza, but aren’t in the Big Apple? Consider going to Eddie and Sam’s Pizza that has been serving exclusively New York-style pizza with thin crust! This pizza tastes just like it would if you were in New York and has been making delicious pizza since 1998, so they are worth stopping by.

Eddie and Sam’s serves tasty pizza with many different toppings and sauces. You can get a classic cheese pizza, pepperoni, supreme, meat lovers, a white pizza, veggie pizza, lasagna pizza, chicken parm, tomato basil pizza, and more. With all of these choices, make sure to check out Eddie and Sam’s Pizza!

“OMG. So flippin’ delicious!!! True NY pizza, greasy, cheesy goodness, amazing crust, fresh ingredients, quick delivery.” - Yelp Review 

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Tampa Pizza Company

Come to this pizza joint for traditional Italian pizza that is so delicious it tastes like you’re in Italy!

Consider Tampa Pizza Company as the next pizza shop to try out the next time you’re in Tampa! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

4110 Henderson Boulevard | South Tampa| tampapizzacompany.com

Are you thinking about getting pizza for lunch or dinner tonight? If so, check out Tampa Pizza Company for some of the most delicious pizza, it tastes like you’re standing in Italy! This traditional Italian pizza features the freshest toppings that add big flavor that you will truly appreciate on a slice of pizza.

Everything from bacon chicken ranch pizza, vegan pizza, sausage and peppers, pear and gorgonzola, supreme pizza, and more are offered right here at Tampa Pizza Company. This pizza joint strives to serve you delicious and healthy pizza, so consider Tampa Pizza Company to try out today!

“Delivery was quicker than promised, pizza & cookies were very tasty. I would order again in the future!” - Yelp Review 

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Ever had pizza from Brooklyn? Come and try out this pizzeria in the south!

No matter what, pizza is the most delicious part of the day, so make sure to get it at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria! Image courtesy of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

253 Westshore Plaza | Westshore | grimaldispizzeria.com

Are you in Tampa looking for a unique pizza shop to try out? With all of the options to choose from? Come try out Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for some tasty and casual Brooklyn-style pizza with a beer or two! Known for their brick-fired pizza and calzones, Grimaldi’s is your place to go to for some unique pizza that you will want to have again and again! 

When you go to Grimaldi’s you can choose pizza with a traditional sauce, or go for pesto, or a white sauce with garlic. Then you get to pick all of your toppings with 25 different ones to choose from! They also make specialty pizzas and their calzones are completely customizable too. Make sure to stop by Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and give it a try!

“I highly recommend you try Grimaldi's at any of their locations, if you haven't already you will not be sorry!” - Yelp Review 

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New York New York Pizza

This small chain in Tampa offers lots of tasty New York-style pizza that some say is the best!

New York New York Pizza has some of the most delicious pizza in Tampa, so consider trying them out! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

533 S Howard Avenue | SoHo | nynypizzeria.com

Trying to find the best pizza in Tampa can be tough with many pizza shops lining the corners of every street. If you want some of the best rated New York-style pizza in Tampa, then come to New York New York Pizza and eat some of the best food in Tampa! New York New York Pizza is a small chain restaurant in Tampa that whips up pizza super fast and with the freshest quality ingredients.

This pizza joint features a build-your-own pizza where you can pick your size and toppings, but they also serve gourmet pizzas, such as margherita, meat eaters, chicken ranch, shrimp scampi, and so much more. They even have burgers, calzones, pasta, sandwiches, and more, so stop by New York New York Pizza today!

“Love this pizza place! Excellent quality pizza and conveniently open late night  for night owls and night shift workers like me.” - Yelp Review 

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Westshore Pizza

Pizza and cheesesteaks are this chain’s specialty, so try out one or both!

Westshore Pizza has some of the most delicious pizza and cheesesteaks in Tampa that makes them impossible to resist! Image courtesy of Slice. 

4802 W Bay Court | Westshore | westshorepizza.com

With over thirty locations, it’s impossible to pass up Westshore Pizza for their appetizing pizza with lots of tasty toppings, and so much more. Thin-crust pizza with fresh toppings is exactly what you need in your life, and their cheesesteaks are truly unbelievable with how delicious they are. This pizza joint is worth splurging over!

From meat eaters pizza, vegetarian, white spinach ricotta, hawaiian, BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, and more, and then some delicious Philly cheesesteaks with chicken, steak, pizza steak, and so much more, Westshore Pizza is uniquely worth every penny. Come to Westshore Pizza today and indulge in their tasty pizza and more!

“The pizzas and pasta were very good, large portions and nicely priced. Will try to dine next time in Tampa.” - Yelp Review 

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Cappy’s Pizzeria

Dine in or carry out some of the best pizza, salads, and more from this restaurant!

Cappy’s Pizzeria is the best place to go to for some tasty pizza and even gourmet salads since 1995! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

3200 W Bay-to-Bay Boulevard | South Tampa | cappyspizzaonline.com

Are you looking for some one-of-a-kind pizza in Tampa that also serves gourmet salads and so much more? Consider going to Cappy’s Pizzeria today where they offer the best quality food around and friendly service! Cappy’s is known for making some of the best thin-crust pizza with lots of toppings, and more to choose from.

Cappy’s Pizzeria serves up everything from cheese pizza, pepperoni, meat lovers, veggie, and more, but they are also known for their soups, hoagies, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and even their famous chili. Make sure to pay a visit to Cappy’s Pizzeria, because you definitely won’t regret it!

“We will definitely be back. I'd be down to try a couple of the different flavors. Also the staff is super sweet, literally a family, so friendly.” - Yelp Review 

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Magdelena’s Pizzeria

Dive into some deliciously authentic Italian pizza at this unique shop!

Indulge in some of the best pizza from Magdelena’s Pizzeria in Tampa, Florida for some life changing flavors! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

2313 W Linebaugh Avenue | Tampa | magdelenaspizzeriamenu.com

Treating yourself to some pizza after a long, hard day is just what you need to finish out the day, or even your week. We think that you need to try out Magdelena’s Pizzeria, a pizza joint that makes not only pies, but salads, wings, and so much more. Everything at this unique pizza shop is made from scratch, ensuring some of the most delicious flavors and fresh quality.

At Magdelena’s Pizzeria, you can indulge in their meat lovers pizza, supreme pizza, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, many different flavors of wings, and even some salads so good that you’ll forget they’re healthy. Consider going to Magdelena’s Pizzeria today for a tasty bite of pizza that will make your mouth water over and over again!

“The chicken bacon ranch pizza was amazing. The jalapeño poppers were delicious as well. Such great prices!” - Yelp Review 

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Pizza is one of the best foods out there and by going to any of these seven pizza shops in Tampa, you will be treated to exceptional customer service and pizza unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Check them out today!

Is there a pizza shop in Tampa that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!


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