8 Famous Restaurants in Tampa You Have to Experience for Yourself

Tampa is a beachside town where you can find several restaurants well-known for being great.

Tampa is a city on Florida’s Gulf Coast that is known for its many cultural offerings. It is known to be one of the coolest cities in America because of all there is to do there. There are many bars, restaurants, cultural centers, and so much more around the city to do. Tampa is close to the ocean, so you can go to the beach all year round. It is practically always sunny, so whenever you get here you’re likely to get the best of the weather! 

Tampa is home to so many restaurants, you won’t ever run out of choices. They don’t lack in famous restaurants either, so if that’s the kind of place you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Tampa. Here are some famous restaurants in Tampa you should visit!

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Unique food combinations in a fun setting. 

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2616 S MacDill Ave | Tampa | datztampa.com

Datz is a restaurant that is known for its great standards. It has been featured on Good Morning America, Food Network, Bravo, and MTV among other publications. They offer delicious and unique foods that are fun to try. They have cool menu items like a chicken donut sandwich, a burger with mac and cheese buns, and chicken and waffle benedict. The menu is full of fun surprises!

The menu is filled with classic and fun foods. Alongside French onion soup, cobb salad, and grilled cheeseburgers alongside monkey bread, spaghetti in meatballs, and Nashville chicken donut. They also have some delicious desserts on the menu. Try out their outrageous peanut butter pie or their horse shoulder bourbon chocolate cake. You’re bound to be happy you tried it. 

“I love that there is outdoor seating it was great the service was fast and we had so much fun here. Thank you to your awesome staff I wish I remembered her name she helped by giving us tourist a LOT of recommendations for our stay in Tampa, so thank you! The food and drinks were filling and delicious. Very impressed with the quality of food here.”–Yelp review 

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Columbia Restaurant

The largest Spanish restaurant in the world. 

2117 E 7th Ave | Tampa | columbiarestaurant.com

Columbia Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Florida. It has been serving Spanish-Cuban cuisine in Tampa for over 117 years. The restaurant is family owned and delights its customers with recipes that have been passed through the family for generations. They also have one of the largest Spanish wine collections in the world! 

This restaurant has an extensive menu full of delicious foods you’ll be happy you tried. They even offer catering and share some of their family recipes on their website. Don’t miss out on visiting the largest Spanish restaurant in the world!

“We had a fabulous experience!! Alfonzo was second to none! It's been quite some time since we encountered such impeccable service! The food was superb. All of our dishes in the party were amazing. We can't wait to return.”–Yelp review 

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Bern’s Steak House

Steakhouse with its own vegetable garden. 

1208 Howard Ave | Tampa | bernssteakhouse.com

Bern’s Steak House makes steak into an art form. They serve perfectly aged steaks, have one of the world’s largest wine collections, and an internationally famous dessert room. Having dinner at this award winning restaurant will surely be a unique and elegant experience for everyone!

Everything Bern’s Steak House serves is of the highest quality. Their prime steaks are cut to order, and the vegetables they serve are grown right on their farm. They don’t only serve you a meal, but a whole experience. 

“Absolutely delicious! Everything was amazing at Bern's. Food, service, atmosphere, drinks and desserts. Even our children loved it. Steak melted in your mouth. Drinks were delicious. Very elegant and sophisticated. Dessert was to die for! We each got our own only because we couldn't decide but all were out of this world.”–Yelp review 

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Mise En Place 

Contemporary restaurant with an adventurous spirit. 

This creative meal will surprise you. Image courtesy of Fred Bollaci Enterprises

442 W Grand Central Blvd Ste 110 | Tampa | miseonline.com

Mise En Place is a French restaurant for those who are adventurous in palate and spirit. This restaurant has everything available to give their guests a great experience. They’ve been sharing their love of good food and hospitality since the 80s. The contemporary venu will make you feel like you’re in a joyful place, which will make your meal an even better experience. 

On the cocktail list, they have classic cocktails along with their own seasonal creations. They also have a great wine list that is great for sharing with guests and having during celebrations. Try their smoked salmon carpaccio, the spatchcock cooked chicken, or their venison. It's tough to make the wrong choice. And with desserts like flourless chocolate coconut cake and peach melba panna cotta, you can’t go wrong with one of the desserts either. 

“The food is complex, well-balanced and tasty. The staff are friendly, capable and professional. The taste and texture of gluten free calamari made me so happy! The three other guests enjoyed the lobster pancake appetizer. Each of our main course meals were divine.”–Yelp review 

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Ocean Prime

Fresh steak and seafood in a great environment. 

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2205 N Westshore Blvd | Tampa | ocean-prime.com

Ocean Prime is a nationally acclaimed American restaurant and lounge. They have an appreciation for good ingredients that comes through in the flavor of all their dishes. The menu is classic and modern, and filled with prime cuts of steak, seafood, signature cocktails, and a wine list. They also serve items like sushi and poke along with decadent desserts. 

All of this comes with genuine hospitality that makes people enjoy spending time there. The restaurant is in an ideal location that pulls from the energy of the city around it. It is a great place to go socialize, celebrate, and enjoy yourself. 

“My wife and I celebrated our anniversary at OP!  Everyone was warm and super attentive. The complimentary champagne was of a high caliber- and the rose petals were a nice touch. Drinks and entrées were, as always, on point.”–Yelp review 

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On Swann

Delicious, fresh, and locally sourced food. 

These friends appear to be having a great time. Image courtesy of Restaurant Guru

1501 W Small Ave | Tampa | onswann.com

On Swann is a restaurant that likes to make a great first impression. They start off that impression with fresh sourdough bread and take you on a journey of great flavors from there. They get their food fresh from local sources and also serve a variety of expertly sourced and roasted coffees. Their open kitchen designs menus that are made for sharing light portions or for having your own coursed meal. 

The menu is filled with delicious options. For a starter you can have carrot ginger soup or mussels, for a main you can have a black bean burger or pasta Genovese. There are also long lists of cocktails and wines that you can choose from. Try their bees in the trap or summer breeze cocktails, or their watermelon or blueberry-vanilla craft soda. 

“Our favorite go-to restaurant when we pass through Tampa when traveling. The inside is beautiful and I love the open concept. We love the wine selection. Our servers have always been friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. I highly recommend and I know we will be back!”–Yelp Review

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Oak and Ola

Thoughtful restaurant with a timeless style. 

The taste is as good as the presentation. Image courtesy of Oak and Ola

1910 N Ola Ave | Tampa | oakandola.com

Oak and Ola is a comfortable restaurant with a timeless style. It is a gathering place that serves delicious food that is thoughtfully sourced and handcrafted. They are quite open about where they get their food from! Their options also change with the seasons, so you’ll get something different depending on when you visit. It was founded by a group of friends and you can feel the camaraderie in the room. 

On the menu you’ll find French onion soup, blue crab & beet salad, and European olives. They also serve BLTs, steak frites, and pasta alla gricia. There are plenty of great options to choose from when you visit Oak and Ola. Once you’re there, you will be glad that you went. 

“I recently came back for dinner and I got the Gulf Fish Amandine, which by appearance standards wouldn't make you think it was anything special. Wow, does this dish shock you with its flavor. The fish was absolutely delish and made me glad I had leftovers for lunch the next day. The pizza is once again a highlight of visiting Oak and Ola and a must for a shareable appetizer or as an entree.”–Yelp Review

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The Cheesecake Factory

American chain with a cheesecake specialty. 

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2223 N W Shore Blvd Ste B 201 | Tampa | thecheesecakefactory.com

If nothing else on the list looks interesting, you can always visit a national favorite. The cheesecake factory is a chain restaurant that is well known for its delicious savory and cheesecake menus. This is a restaurant where you’ll find dessert in abundance. They offer a long list of cheesecakes as well as a few other types of cake. 

Even though the Cheesecake Factory has an extensive menu, they still make everything they offer from scratch. That’s not always the case with large restaurant chains, but it certainly is for this one. They always make sure to start with fresh ingredients and great cooking techniques. The menu includes brunch, pizza, pasta, and even low calorie options. It is really easy to appreciate this restaurant!

“I had an exquisite evening thanks to our very attentive and knowledgeable server Kevin. It was my first time at this location so I was a bit apprehensive on what to order. Kevin went through the menu with me so patiently while offering amazing suggestions. I can't wait to come back again soon and I will definitely be asking for Kevin!”–Yelp Review

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Tampa is a beachside city with a lively day and nightlife. The mix of cultures that live there make the city into a great place to be. And the famous restaurants are not to be missed out on. Go find out for yourself why these places have gotten so many accolades!

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