Stay On Your College Budget While Enjoying A Tasty Meal Near CMU

Stay On Your College Budget While Enjoying A Tasty Meal Near CMU

Pittsburgh is known as a big food city, and nothing can be as obvious when you’re on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus! Surrounding the campus are lots of great places for students to stop by and grab something to eat. College students have a lot to worry about, especially about staying on a budget. These restaurants can take some of the stress off, as they're nearby and affordable! CMU students can take a quick walk down the street to one of these hot dining spots and enjoy amazing tastes and not worry as much about cost. It’s a college student’s dream!

You can take some of the stress off a CMU student’s back by helping them afford a few meals out. The easy and convenient way to make that happen is by giving them a gift card to a restaurant they can’t stop going to! GiftYa has all of these restaurants and more Pittsburgh favorites on their website. Once you purchase a gift card, you can send it to your CMU student through text. They can then connect it to their Visa or Mastercard, so they never forget to use the gift card balance for their next meal. 

Lucca Ristorante

Get a taste of your favorite Italian dishes

If it’s an especially nice day out, take your meal on their porch and enjoy some fresh air with that pasta. Image courtesy of Lucca Ristorante’s Facebook.


317 S Craig St.

When you miss the taste of good Italian cuisine, CMU students know to come to Lucca Ristorante. They make all their pasta fresh in house, which are then expertly paired with sauces and seasonal ingredients from local farmers’ markets. They have a menu for brunch, lunch, dinner, and even dessert, so no matter what time you come in, you’ll have the meal that’s best for your appetite and the time of day. They also have a vegetarian menu so everyone can order something they’ll love. Stop by after class for some seasonal ravioli or shrimp alfredo, and save room for a cannoli. 

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“The patio is partially enclosed by brick and covered with lights strung above. With nice weather outside I would recommend trying to sit there since you have a more secluded space than what typical outdoor seating provides… I loved that I could tell the pasta was freshly made…” - Yelp Review

Taste of India

Once you have your first fulfilling meal here, you won’t be able to stay away 

Sit down with some friends and order as much as you can eat, or get take out so you can bring it back to the dorms and eat while you watch a movie. Image courtesy of Taste of India’s Facebook.


4320 Penn Ave.

This Indian restaurant will be your go-to restaurant for when you’ve built up a big appetite. If you don’t have class at noon, come by for the Super Lunch Buffet and eat until you no longer can. Taste of India is sure to have your favorite Indian dish with around 100 items on their menu. They’ll also personalize your meal to your preferred spice level, anywhere between one to ten! No matter what you’re looking for, Taste of India can likely make it for you. They have vegetarian options, as well as seafood, and proteins such as chicken, lamb, beef, and goat.

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“This is our go to Indian place in the neighborhood. Every single time that we come here the food is amazing and the service is outstanding… They have a buffet for lunch that is to die for and dinner is always a good time…” - Yelp Review


Burritos, bowls, and tacos you can sit down to eat or take on the go

Everyone who knows Chipotle knows it’s something you don’t want to miss out on. Image courtesy of Chipotle’s Facebook


4611 Forbes Ave.

Chipotle likely isn’t new to you, which is why you’re probably happy to see it so close to campus! This location is just a short walk from the campus, which means you have the perfect place to get delicious Mexican food whenever the craving arises. What’s also great about Chipotle is you can order to go, so if needed that burrito can be eaten outside the classroom before the two hour lecture begins. Get all your favorite ingredients wrapped into a burrito, scooped in a taco shell, or served in a bowl. No matter how you like it put together, the taste is undeniably good.

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“More affectionately called the CMU Chipotle is always on point. Their staff is one of kind. You can always guarantee the order will be completed and carried exactly like you asked ( mobile or call in orders). In all my experiences they've been prepared at the time promised…” - Yelp Review

Pie For Breakfast

Come for the amazing pies and stay for the great service

Pie for Breakfast is just a few minutes walk from CMU campus, and is worth it every time! Image courtesy of Pie For Breakfast’s Facebook.


200 North Craig St.

While the pies here are fantastic, that’s not all they have and they don’t just serve breakfast. Stop by as early as 8 am for some bottomless coffee and quiche. You can’t go wrong with an omelette or a breakfast pie. If you’re feeling really good about the day ahead, you might as well stack on those pancakes into your plate. If you stop by later in the day, you can order off the same menu and try maybe their steak and eggs or biscuits and gravy. If you like the taste of one their pie, you can order a whole pie to take away with you.  

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“Love this place. I've brought friends and family here for breakfast a few times and the food, service, and staff have always been wonderful. Bottomless coffee is always a plus. All their pies are fantastic and I'll definitely be coming in for those coffee cocktails after finals!…” - Yelp Review

Pizza Romano

Nothing says college like a pie of pizza to share with friends

Pizza Romano has all your pizza needs, serving up a quick slice between class or a whole pie to take back for a group. Image courtesy of Pizza Romano’s Facebook.


219 Atwood St.

Pizza Romano knows how to make the perfect pizza, with just enough crust, sauce, and toppings to taste the way you imagined it. Try their most popular pizza, the ranchero chicken pizza. Meat lovers will also love the buffalo chicken pizza and seafood garlino style pizza. To get the experience right, order along with it some onion rings, mozzarella sticks, or some fries. Pizza Romano doesn’t specialize in just pizza, but also calzones, pasta, salad, and quesadillas! It’s close to campus and has a great seating area to fit everyone in the group who came along for a slice.  

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“I always get the $5 buffalo chicken hoagie with soda deal. It's always a deal they have and I LOVE it. They make it fast and it always tastes good. Their pizza is amazing and worth getting over a cheap, bland pizza like other places.” - Yelp Review


Mad Mex

Enjoy some Mexican cuisine at their outdoor bar

No one in the area does better Mexican food than Mad Mex. Image courtesy of Mad Mex’s Facebook.


370 Atwood St.

Mad Mex is ready to give you an experience on top of the wow you’ll get from the taste of their food. On a nice day out, they’ll open the window and have seating at their outdoor bar. This restaurant is mixing American with Mexican, Southeast Asian, and Spanish for a world of flavor you can’t go back on. You won’t  be disappointed by their salsa and dips, as well as their wings, burritos, and chili. They have something for everyone, including those who are vegetarian and vegan. Stay for some dessert, like the chocolate hazelnut churro. 

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“When it's warm they open the window and have an outdoor bar that you can sit at, which is nice. The food is always consistently good and you get A LOT of food… You get the best bang for your buck if you go while it is half off food from 11-1am…” - Yelp Review

The variety of tastes surrounding Carnegie Mellon’s campus ensures there’s something for every CMU student to fall in love with. From Mexican to Italian to Indian, Pittsburgh has the affordable and near-by venues for you. Sticking to a college budget is no longer such a big hassle with such inexpensive restaurants to go to. This semester is going to be one with delicious meal breaks.

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