Plan The Perfect Date Night In Charlotte At These Venues

What is there to do in the city of Charlotte that makes for a good date night? Wonder no longer, as we have the answers! A date can seem difficult to plan, as you want something entertaining as well as have the chance to get to know your date. To make things more confusing, everyone has a different preference on what’s fun. No worries, as we’ve collected some of the most fun spots in Charlotte! So what are you waiting for? Ask that person you’ve liked for a while on a date and tell them the great plans you have for date night. It’ll be an exciting night, for sure.

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CPCC Performing Arts And Events Facilities

1206 Elizabeth Ave. | Uptown |

Catch a great performance at the theatre so you have something to talk about during dinner! 

If you and your date have an appreciation of the arts, take them to the theatre and enjoy the show together! Image courtesy of CPCC Performing Arts’ Facebook

If you’re terrible at conversation starters, let the theatre do the work for you. Sit down next to your date and enjoy a great performance. Chat during the intermission and go to dinner after. Talking about your opinions of the play is the perfect way to learn about your date and avoid awkward silences. CPCC Performing Arts hosts all kinds of performances, including symphony orchestras and dance companies. Buy your tickets now and dress nice for your date night at the theatre! 

“Great productions and great area. I've now been to three different performances in this facility and have enjoyed them all. In addition to great local performances they provide great prices, especially to current students…” - Yelp Review

Mint Museum 

2730 Randolph Road | Eastover |

Walk around the museum and let the art start the conversation

A quiet and relaxing date for the couple that enjoys art and talking about art. Image courtesy of the Mint Museum’s Facebook.

A date at the Mint Museum; it includes walking, breathtaking art, and some great topic starters. Come on Wednesday when admission is free after five. Start in the beautiful garden surrounding the building before heading inside. Then, experience art from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. If you play your cards right, you’ll leave holding hands and discussing your favorite art pieces. If the date is really a success, maybe stop by the gift shop for a souvenir. 

Buy a GiftYa to Mint Museum >

“I love the Mint! It's our go to date night as it's free wednesdays after 5pm, at both locations. I like the chill vibe at the Randolph location. There's plenty of free parking too…” - Yelp Review

Charlotte Comedy Theatre

900 Nc Music Factory Blvd. | Uptown |

Get in some laughs while you enjoy a good meal and good company

An aesthetically pleasing space to go with the aesthetically pleasing date you brought along. You two will have some good laughs here! Image courtesy of Charlotte Comedy Theatre’s Facebook.

What could make a date night better than laughter? Sit down at a table and order some food and drinks as the show goes on before you! At this 21+ venue, get the taste of some delicious drinks while enjoying the jokes. Charlotte Comedy Theatre is a great way to make sure your date has some fun and you get to know their sense of humor. Maybe once the show is over, you guys can make some jokes of your own. 

Buy a GiftYa to Charlotte Comedy Theatre >

“Last minute decision to attend after reading some reviews and left very happy with the decision! Was tempting to even stay for the show following it!  Would return in a heartbeat. Fun and intimate way to spend some time for a little pocket change!” - Yelp Review

Ayrsley Grand Cinema

Have fun with your date in reclining seats with martinis in hand!

9110 Kings Parade Blvd | Tyron |

No matter what genre you and your date prefer, you’ll have a great experience watching it here. By watching a movie together, you’ll have a lot to talk about afterwards. Image courtesy of Ayrsley Grand Cinema’s Facebook.

The movie theatre is the classic date night. Get comfortable in Ayrsley Grand Cinemas’ reclining seats and turn off your cellphones. Order their famous cheap martinis for you and your date, plus snacks to go with it. Chat before the lights go down and the movie starts! With a movie date night, you get to relax, hang out with a cool person, and watch a new movie you’ve been dying to see! For the movie lovers, sounds like the perfect date night! 

Buy a GiftYa to Ayrsley Grand Cinema >

“Really nice theatre… The seats as everyone has stated are really nice and comfortable. I was reclined all the way enjoying the movie. Location is nice as well. Lots of bars and restaurants around…” - Yelp Review

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Carowinds Amusement Park

14523 Carowinds Blvd. | Steele Creek |

Riding a roller coaster with a date makes the thrill even better!

Don’t bring a date who doesn’t like rides to this park. For the date that loves rides however, you two won’t ever want to leave. Image courtesy of Carowinds Amusement Park’s Facebook.

For the thrill seeking daters, this is the perfect choice for you! Get on all of the best rides and roller coasters for some of the best thrills. The lines aren’t too long here, but even if you find yourself in a long one it’s a good chance to talk with your date. Grab a meal at one of their stands or restaurants before returning to the fun. You’ll find yourselves at the park all day, not wanting to leave!

Buy a GiftYa to Carowinds Amusement Park >

“I've been here a few times and it never disappoints!… They do have free water throughout the park… The lines weren't long the entire day, we rode all the most popular roller coasters…” - Yelp Review

Paradise Valley Par-3

110 Barton Creek Dr. | Mallard Creek |

Show off your mini golf skills during this date!

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, mini golf is for everyone! This outdoor date will keep you active and engaged! Image courtesy of Paradise Valley Par-3’s Facebook.

How about some friendly competition to spice up your date night? This golf course will challenge you with its many water holes. Or if neither of you know anything at all about golf, have some fun on their mini golf course. Either way, this date night is a great way to stay active and engaged and have something to do while you talk. It’s a beautiful course with a bit of U.S. gold mining history to add some interest! 

“The course is pretty well maintained… This has lots of wildlife which is a pleasure to see especially being used to uptown city living… They also have a miniature golf course which looked nice as well…” - Yelp Review

10 Park Lanes

1700 Montford Dr. | South Park |

A little friendly competition of bowling with your date

Which of you has what it takes to get a strike? Bowl all night until you find your bowling champion! Image courtesy of 10 Park Lanes’ Facebook.

A bowling lane has it all for a perfect date: good food and drinks, a casual seating area, and a fun activity to do! Even if you suck at bowling, it’ll be fun to see how many pins each of you can knock over. You can also check out the entertainment they have to offer outdoors, including live music, game courts, and a bar! If you want to head somewhere afterwards, 10 Park Lanes is in a great area surrounded by bars and restaurants that are easy to walk to. 

“Great date night activity!… The music selection was early 2000's and the energy was good… Plenty of bars and small restaurants on the same street for after bowling moves…” - Yelp Review

You can’t guarantee a date to go well just by choosing a venue, but it can help your chances! It will definitely help your chances of having a good time and being comfortable. Everyone enjoys their nights differently, so it’s great to try something new and see what options you have in the city. These venue choices will give you and your date new experiences and something to talk about, and that’s what dates are all about!

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