7 Restaurants Sure to Impress Your Parents in Pittsburgh

Treat your parents to some of the best cuisine Pittsburgh has to offer!

If you don’t get to see them all that often, it’s even more important to maximize the time you spend with them. If they’ve never been to Pittsburgh before, you’re definitely going to want to show them all amazing attractions Pittsburgh has to offer. But what better way is there to get to the heart of a city than through its food? Help them experience Pittsburgh the way you know it, and the way to locals do too.

The restaurants on this list offer all kinds of different fare, but each speaks to a little part of Pittsburgh. If they have been to the city before, why not try something new from the list that they definitely haven’t tried. Either way, you’re in for a delicious meal!

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1. Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto
The view from this restaurant is the best in Pittsburgh. If you’re looking to show your parents a great time, make sure you check out this place. Image courtesy of Monterey Bay Fish Grotto
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1411 Grandview Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15211

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Mon-Thurs 5pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm
Sun 5pm-9pm

Whether you want to impress your parents with the stunning view or the delicious fresh fish, the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is one of the top go-to spots for visiting parents.

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“After being blown away by the spectacular view, I was blown away by the exemplary service...” - Yelp Review

Mt. Washington is known for its elegant dining, and the Fish Grotto is no different. When they step on the elevator to ride up to the 15th floor, they can gaze out of the glass for a first-class view of the Golden Triangle.

If they’ve never been to Pittsburgh before, this makes quite the first impression. Ambiance is everything, and the view from this restaurant is amazing since it’s so high above the city. Complement that with a great meal, and you have the perfect night out with the parents.

Classic european dining

The Mediterranean flavors of sunny Spain shine in the dishes from this restaurant. If it’s nice out, be sure to dine al fresco in the patio!

2. Mallorca

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2228 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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Mon-Thurs 11:30am-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-11:30pm
Sun 12pm-10pm

When there’s a special occasion to be celebrated-- like a visit from your folks-- Mallorca should definitely be considered.

“This place offers a uniqueness and authenticity that transports you to Spain...Mallorca does not disappoint at all.” - Yelp Review

Their continental Spanish cuisine is like none other in the city, full of all the spices and uniqueness that are customary in Spanish food. They chef tries to stay true to the traditional dishes of Spain, and you’ll find the celebrated paella on the menu along with lamb, roasted chicken, and braised pork.

If your parents like a good glass of wine with dinner, the sommelier-selected wines-- both white and red-- are must-taste. Spanish wine complements the meals best, but they also have a full service bar, complete with a selection of Spanish beers. If you’d like to treat them to a dinner they haven’t had before, then Mallorca is definitely a great choice.

Church Brew works

Image courtesy of Church Brew Works. Your parents will love how unique this place is. Their craft beer is top notch and the pizza from the wood-fired ovens is fantastic. This is a great spot to visit!

3. Church Brew Works

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3525 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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Tues-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm
Fri-Sat 11:30-11pm
Sun 11:30am-9pm

Pittsburgh has a lot of breweries, but the Church Brew Works takes the prize for being in the most original location-- a former Catholic church.

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“...definitely a good option for visiting family and friends...The venue is an old church, which is as impressive and captivating as it sounds...One thing that sets this place apart from most other beer-centric places I've gone is that there is a full bar...” - Yelp Review

An imposing structure from the outside, this church-turned-brewery kept a lot of the vestiges from its former life as a place of worship. The owners left items like the holy water fonts, the religious stone statues, and even some pews.

Your parents will be happy to know the restrooms come complete with their own waiting pews as well. All of this-- plus the beautiful Romanesque arches and stunning nave-- give the Church Brew Works that special appeal.

If they like beer as much as the rest of Pittsburgh, then they’re in luck. This place consistently produces some of the best craft beer in Pittsburgh, and some of its craft beers have even won national competitions. Even though the structure is large and the vaulted ceilings high, it never seems too noisy or cold, but rather cozy and welcoming. Perhaps that’s just the friendly nature of the Pittsburgh bartenders and beer-loving locals.

Grand Concourse

Image courtesy of the Grand Concourse. Serving fare in a converted railroad terminal, the Grand Concourse retains the elegance of another era.

4. Grand Concourse

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100 W. Station Square Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
Sun 9am-9pm

Located at the foot of Mt. Washington, the Grand Concourse is a stunning restaurant that makes its home in the former Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad terminal.

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“Huge Fan!! We had a wonderful evening- Wonderful dinner!!...truly a spectacular restaurant in an amazing Victorian Era decor.” - Yelp Review

Before dinner, be sure to take your parents for a tour around the building-- which is a historical landmark-- where they can look at some displays of events that took place in and around Station Square. This is a nice touch and just speaks to how much the past is a part of the present in Pittsburgh.

The Grand Concourse has all the charm of a first-class restaurant, and their food is always delicious. If your parents would prefer something more relaxed, then be sure to take them to their famous brunch buffet on Sunday.

When you’re done with your meal, take a stroll along the Shops at Station Square and watch the trains roll past-- a really cool experience!

Bar Marco

Image courtesy of Bar Marco. This place has some of Pittsburgh’s most creative cocktails and contemporary cuisine. It’s well worth a visit with your parents!

5. Bar Marco

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2216 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Tues-Sat 5pm-11pm

Bar Marco

Consistently listed as one of many Pittsburghers’ favorite dinner destinations, the fare served out of this restaurant-- located in a converted No. 7 Engine firehouse-- is always appealing and ahead of the trends.

“Lively spot at the end of The Strip District that offers a creative brunch and dinner menu in sophisticated but not stuffy surroundings...situated in a converted firehouse and is probably the most stylish bar/restaurant in this area.” - Yelp Review

If your parents would like to try more contemporary cuisine, then look no further than Bar Marco.

In addition, they’re known throughout Pittsburgh for their creative cocktails-- the mixologists here are always trying new combinations and exotic ingredients. There’s always different ones to try, based on the seasons.

After dinner, be sure to take them through the famous Strip District market, or stop into one of the many local bars along the way. Bar Marco also serves up a fantastic brunch on Sunday, so if time permits, make sure you check that out as well!

Gaucho Parilla Argentina in the Strip

This place is a must visit with parents, especially if you want to show them a different, Latin-flavored side of Pittsburgh.

6. Gaucho Parilla Argentina

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1601 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Tues-Thurs 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Gaucho Parilla is Pittsburgh’s authentic Argentine restaurant. Located in the Strip District, this little restaurant has quickly become a Pittsburgh favorite.

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“The meats are phenomenal here....The food is always fresh and the atmosphere is wonderful. The sauces that come in huge mason jars are so tasty. You must try all of them!...“ - Yelp Review

If you’d like to show your parents a different type of dining experience, be sure to take them here. It’s much more casual than the other restaurants on this list, but that’s just part of its appeal.

You go to the counter to order and grab a small table to wait. Then you could either stay there or-- if the weather permits-- find a nice spot to enjoy the food outside. The line is usually out the door for this restaurant, which shows just how much Pittsburghers can’t get enough of the empanadas and the carne asada.


A wonderful Italian restaurant located in the heart of Shadyside. Your parents will just love the hand-selected menu!

7. Girasole

location icon

733 Copeland St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

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Tues-Thurs 11:30am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm
Sun 4pm-9pm

When your parents visit, be sure to show them the lovely Shadyside neighborhood.

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“I can truly say Girasole is one the best Italian spots in Pittsburgh. A restaurant that is constantly packed...must be doing something right. It definitely has stood the test of time.” - Yelp Review

Not only does it have great shopping but it boasts of fantastic restaurants as well. Girasole is one of the best in not only Shadyside but Pittsburgh as a whole.

The seasonal Italian menu is wonderfully curated by the chef and contains just the right amount of selections. If the weather is warm, sit out on their patio and enjoy watching the people walk by as you sip on your cocktails and enjoy a delicious meal.

It’s always exciting to have your parents visit from out of town, and we know you want to show them a good time. These restaurants are great choices that are sure to impress them with their food, service, and atmosphere. What restaurants do you take your parents to and how did they like them? Let us know in the comments!

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