Nothing Hits The Spot Like These Soul Food Restaurants In Charlotte

December 15, 2020
jason wolfe
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Can’t get the image of all your soul food favorites out of your head? Mac and cheese, fried fish, yams and stewed green? It’s that time again when you answer your soul food craving. Treat yourself to some quality soul food cuisine by heading over to one of these restaurants right in the city of Charlotte. 

Restaurant interior

Not only are these restaurants serving up fresh and perfectly seasoned dishes, but they have warm and inviting dining areas where you can enjoy a meal out. Bring your friends or family out for a meal that will satisfy the soul.  

What is soul food if you don’t share it with the people you love? Once you’ve found your favorite soul food restaurant, treat a friend to a few delicious meals with a gift card. Getting a gift card has never been easier thanks to GiftYa. All you have to do is head over to their website and look up your city and the name of the restaurant. You can send the recipient their gift card through text! They can then connect the gift card balance to their Mastercard or Visa so that they never have to experience forgetting their gift card at home again! 

Sunset Soul Food

Get the feeling of home when you sit down to eat here

Get it while it’s still hot! Sunset Soul Food is filling your plate with perfectly prepared soul food. Image courtesy of Sunset Soul Food’s Facebook

5009 Beatties Ford Rd. | Ford Road | 

Sunset Soul Food is serving up exactly what you’ve been craving. Not just soul food, but seafood too! Their menu is large enough to satisfy you and anyone else’s taste buds that you bring along. All of their dinner meals come with your choice of one or two sides as well as your choice of bread, and they have a lot of sides to choose from. Their seafood side of the menu has items such as oysters and catfish. Sunset Soul Food also has sunset specials and a kid’s menu. Before you leave, take a look at their dessert menu filled with favorites like peach cobbler and lemon cake.

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“I love this place. Their food tastes like home cooked meals from grandma. Their food is always hot… Their prices are very reasonable with the amount of food they give you. My favorite meal is the chitterlings with yams and cabbage…” - Yelp Review

Mr. Charles Chicken and Fish

There are so many options to choose from, perfect for big groups

What are you in the mood for, because you can be assured Mr. Charles Chicken and Fish will definitely have it on the menu. Image courtesy of Mr. Charles Chicken and Fish’s Facebook

8006 Cambridge Commons Dr. | Commons Drive | 

Mr. Charles Chicken and Fish is popular for its large menu with an amazing variety of foods each expertly prepared. They have southern-style chicken and fish, as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey burgers, barbecue sandwiches, and hot wings. Wow, that’s a lot of delicious options! Start with some appetizers that make you excited to eat more, like the jalapeno poppers and onion rings. At this restaurant, there are so many sides that you can pair with your meal, such as hushpuppies, green beans, pinto beans, and much more. Whatever you decide to order, you’ll find everything perfectly seasoned and in large, fulfilling portions. 

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“I really liked this spot. The people were super friendly and the food was really really good. Everything was seasoned well and the portion sizes were worth the money, which were reasonable in my opinion… Lots of options to choose from.” - Yelp Review

Mert’s Heart and Soul

This place hasn’t only mastered lunch and dinner, but brunch as well

Mert’s Heart and Soul has a fun and comforting dining area, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal. Image courtesy of Mert’s Heart and Soul’s Facebook.

214 N College St. | First Ward | 

Mert’s Heart and Soul restaurant has a great dining area ambiance that makes eating here a great joy. There’s lots of art on the walls to enjoy as you wait for your food to arrive. This soul food restaurant is well known for their soul rolls and salmon cakes, so you should start your meal there! Once you’ve cleaned your appetizer plates, order something that will really fill you up. They have amazing po’boys, veggie plates, salads, and soups. If you can’t narrow your decision down to just one, try one of their combo options. 

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“Mert's never disappoints! We have eaten here several times and the food has been delicious each time. The staff is super friendly… The servings are plentiful and the taste always leaves us satisfied…” - Yelp Review


If you’re looking for the perfectly prepared chicken dinner, look no further

Floyd’s knows how to treat their customers right, with sandwiches stuffed full with delicious meat and seasonings. Image courtesy of Floyd’s’ website

4122 N Graham St. | Graham Street | 

For over 28 years, Floyd’s has been serving soul food prepared with real passion and commitment. Their home style cooking has converted a lot of first-time customers into regulars, and you’re next! You have to try their rins, hand rubbed and slowly cooked. Another Floyd’s favorite is their baked chicken, which isn’t served until it's guaranteed perfectly crisp and flavorful. You have to try their flounder that is fried and seasoned to the point where no one can resist another bite. Floyd’s also does online ordering and fast pickup so you can enjoy some delectable soul food at home. 

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“loyd's had great flavor! The chicken was seasoned to perfection. The candied yams were sweet, moist and soft. The collard greens were finely cut, seasoned and had turkey meat in them… There were generous portions…” - Yelp Review

Mr. C’s Soul Food 

You won’t find a restaurant with better original soul food 

When you stop by Mr. C’s Soul Food, they make sure you sit down with a plate full of mouthwatering soul food. Image courtesy of Mr. C’s Soul Food’s Facebook

3726 North Tryon St. | NoDa | 

Mr. C’s Soul Food will be some of the best soul food that you come across. Get your appetite going with some jalapeno poppers, chicken tenders, wings, or maybe some grilled pork chop. Their appetizers are so good you’ll want to fill up on them, but resist the temptation or you’ll miss out on the meal that will make your day! Mr. C’s Soul Food has a variety of plates that they’re ready to make for you. Try their jumbo shrimp plate, or curry chicken. Or take a look at their special plates like the beef ribs. 

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“The chicken was right out of the fryer and so good. I got a fish sandwich that had no business having that much meat on it. Tartar sauce was freaking amazing, hot sauce was freaking amazing… My only regret is I can't eat more.” - Yelp Review


Home-style classics is what makes this restaurant a favorite 

Get your seat at La’wan’s and dig into a meal that’s going to make you want to come back the next day for more. Image courtesy of La’wan’s’ Facebook.

7520 S Tryon St. | Steele Creek | 

La’wan’s is a family owned business that has mastered the flavors and cooking techniques that make for a delicious meal every time. You’ll find these family recipes have a modern twist to give new and interesting tastes! This restaurant has a very family friendly environment with a kid’s menu that’s ideal for bringing along everyone from home for a nice meal out. They also have a bar where you can order your favorite signature drinks. You’ll find on their menu lots of favorites, like country fried steak and fried chicken gizzards. Complete the meal with some old fashion pound cake.

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“this was definitely the best soul food I've had in Charlotte. I mean, the yams were perfect, the greens I usually am picky about but these were perfect as well, the chicken, the same and the cornbread too…” - Yelp Review

Each of these restaurants has a different way of preparing the best soul food, but all of them are doing it in successful ways that makes each of them worth visiting to get a taste. Charlotte is filled with amazing soul food restaurants, but these are just a few that are sure to not disappoint. Order a heaping plate of all your favorite soul food dishes, and don’t forget sides and desserts! Your order is sure to make for a satisfying meal to your day!


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