Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cincinnati the Whole Family Will Love

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Whether you’re a seasoned Cininnati native, a newbie to the area, or just visiting, at some point you and the kids are going to get hungry. So where can you eat that’s palatable to your adult taste buds, but also has kid-friendly options? 

We’ve got a whole list of places to tell you about that will satisfy everyone in your family, and fuel you up for the day-- or night-- ahead!

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Holtman’s Donuts 

Baking love into every donut is what they do best!

Part of Holtman’s Donuts family-friendly fun is watching the kitchen baking up the yumminess! Image courtesy of Elise F. on Yelp 

1332 Vine St 


3356 Madison Rd


Breakfast is served! Or a sweet snack… or dessert! Holtman's Donuts are the BEST donuts around-- as well they should be, as the Holstman family has been making them fresh and from scratch daily since 1960. Family is a concept and a way of life and business for the Holtsman’s-- they’ve been working with each other every step of the way, and recognize how important it is for families to have a place to eat together in love and solidarity. 

Kids like to watch the kitchen making the donuts-- it’s visible from the front of the store-- and there is ample seating, so that families can sit together. The donuts are served all day long, and there are some very unique flavors-- such as maple bacon blueberry (a blueberry donut with maple icing and bacon “sprinkles”). They have vegan options, too! 

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“Holtman's have some classics but they also have some pretty cool twists on donuts… maple bacon... cereal topped donuts... they get pretty creative here and there is something for everyone, guaranteed! ...Holtman's has donuts all day long.. ” --Yelp Review 

Eli’s BBQ

They do the cooking and the clean-up, you do the picnicking.  Easy!  

The menu is small but mighty-- the portions are solid and satisfying! Image courtesy of Alyssa M. on Yelp 

3313 Riverside Dr


133 W. Elder St


130 Pavilion Pkwy / Newport, KY 

Look for the pig-- that white outline drawing of a pig is all Eli’s BBQ uses to identify their authentic, cult-smash-hit BBQ spots. They began as street food in Fountain Square as a two-man operation-- Eli was the cook, supported by his friend Drew-- and after one successful summer, opened the brick-and-mortar Eli’s BBQ in 2011. 

Their success was built completely by word of mouth-- it’s just THAT good! Their menu is simple, with just a few sandwiches and rib offerings as classic BBQ entrees. Their sides are equally classic-- the tried-and-true options include mac ‘n cheese, baked beans, and jalapeno grits-- because authenticity and deliciousness don't’ have to be complicated. 

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“This is one of my all time favorite food destinations... the outdoor patio, picnic style seating, and overall laid back atmosphere take the dining experience to the next level. !”-- Yelp Review

Dewey’s Pizza

Pizza that’s so good, they built a window so you could see to believe!  

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, people eating, food and indoor

Leave room in the fridge for leftovers-- especially since you won’t have any room in your belly for dessert! Image courtesy of Dewey’s Pizza Facebook 

265 Hosea Ave


3014 Madison Rd


7767 Kennwood Rd 

Blue Ash

7933 Beachmont Ave

Anderson Township 

1 Levee Way / Newport, KY 

Pizza with a view-- of the kitchen! Kids can watch through the window as the cooks create their food, which is not only cool-- it’s also indicative of the core value of Dewey’s: community. Dewey’s doesn’t just have amazing and creative pizza combinations-- we’re fans of the Edgar Allen Poe pie with a heavy Grecian influence, and the Porky Fig’s delightful fig jam with onions and cheeses-- they also dedicate much of their efforts, time, and money back into the community through volunteering

So not only will your kids get a fun education about how pizza is cooked, not only will your family eat some amazing pizza-- you’re also supporting efforts to create and build the Cincinnati community. Join their Rewards Program for even more out of each visit! 

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“Fabulous pizza. The crust is perfectly done, and stretchy. It supports generous and high quality toppings. Definitely a pizza to be savored rather than scarfed down. The kids love watching them make the pizza.”-- Yelp Review

Revolution Rotisserie 

Can’t change the world on an empty stomach, so eat up and get out there! 

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, crowd, table and indoor

This is one comfortable-- and comforted-- crowd of all ages. Check out the kids chowing down at the counter-- think one of them will change the world? Absolutely! The future is bright on a full stomach. Image courtesy of Revolution Rotisserie Facebook 

1106 Race St 


6063 Montgomery Rd 

Pleasant Ridge 

Everyone loves comfort food-- even picky eaters like at least one “comfort food” item. It’s not just comforting, it’s comfortable. Revolution Rotisserie decided to take that comfort zone and push a little-- or a lot-- but still stay true to food that’s like a big hug for your stomach and soul. 

The flavors in their “elevated comfort food” are “bright, distinctive, and balanced throughout the menu.” If you don’t leave feeling like family-- well-fed and happy-- then you didn’t eat at Revolution Rotisserie. Founded in 2014, Revolution Rotisserie aims to help fuel you to be the change you want to see in your community and beyond. Their restaurants are decorated with paintings on the theme that are exclusive to Revolution Rotisserie, and their menu pays homage to some of their favorite rebels. Try the chitas (rotisserie chicken-stuffed pita hand pies)-- a Revolutionary signature dish. A revolution should never start on an empty stomach. 

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“Great spot for a casual dinner with friends. It is VERY kid friendly and even has a kids menu… Everyone enjoyed what they ordered and the drinks were perfect too. F.”-- Yelp Review 

Sleepy Bee Cafe 

The name might be cute, but the message and the food are darned serious.  

Sleepy Bee Cafe - Downtown Cincinnati

Everything about the Sleepy Bee Cafe’s three locations is built with family at its core. Image courtesy of the Cincinnati Refined 

8 E. 4th St


3098 Madison Rd


9514 Kenwood Rd 

Blue Ash

It doesn’t really get more kid-friendly than the Sleepy Bee Cafe-- buzz on the street is that the cafe was specifically designed with kids and bees in mind, because without each, the world has no future. Both are small, and easily overlooked in this busy world-- and often, both are undernourished. 

Sleepy Bee aims to educate families about the necessity and vital role of bees while serving up artistry and good, healthy, local and sustainable food in equal measure. Found in 2013 by a pediatrician, an artist, and a chef, each location has unique decor and a comfortable ambiance. They serve all the important meals-- breakfast, lunch, dinner-- with menu options available for those with allergies or sensitivities. There are vegan options, too. Take-out is available if you and the kids just can’t stay! 

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“Went with a small group on a Sunday and … Our server was awesome in answering questions of those in our party. I wanted to eat everything on the menu… My daughter, the pancake connoisseur, raves about the stack she had.!”-- Yelp Review 


Taco Tuesday is no longer just a happy hour thing-- it’s a family time thing!  

Image result for mazunte tacos cincinnati

Some serious yum factor at Mazunte’s-- including for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions! Image courtesy of The Gluten & Dairy Free Review Blog 

Taqueria: 5207 Madison Road Suite 100

Catering & Mercado: 6216 Madison Road


Centro: 611 Main Street (opening soon) 


Each location of Mazunte offers something a little different-- the Taqueria, the Mercado, and the Centro (coming soon). The owner and founder Josh Wamsley began as an English professor, but after a lackluster (read: terrible) taco meal left him tortured with dreams of creating the cuisine he craved, he took action and changed his whole life. 

He moved to Oaxaca-- as he puts it, the “unofficial mecca of Mexican cuisine”-- and when he wasn’t teaching English, he was in the kitchens of his landlord, friends, friends’ grandmothers and learning the authentic meals of his dreams. The Taqueria serves up amazing tacos, plus Oaxacan classics like enchiladas. The Mercado features take-out and other market delights. Centro will feature tostadas and tacos, tortas, tlayudas and soups-- the kind of food that marries hand-held street-style food with homemade kitchen comfort. 

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“... My family consists of a SUPER picky 3 year old...a vegetarian...someone who's not adventurous at all in the food consumption department...a human vacuum cleaner...two mildly adventurous foodies...and me...All 7 of us were equally satisfied and excited about this place...and all left talking about who we could bring back here for our next visit.” --Yelp Review

Eating out with the family-- even with kids in tow-- doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavor or cravings with fast food or bland national chains. When in Cincinnati, give one of these restaurants a try-- and maybe consider sending a GiftYa to any friends in the area so they can try them too! 


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