Keep Your Rugrats Entertained With the Top 7 Things to Do in Tampa With Kids

Struggling to find something new to do with your kids? If you’re around Tampa, Florida, consider these top seven most fun things to do with them!

Do you want to get your kids out of the house and be able to experience some new things? Why not take them to Tampa, Florida! Why do you ask? Whether you are thinking about travelling there, or just living around the area, Tampa, Florida is a staple because of the many things that you can do there. There are lots of fun things to do there, and  many of them are kid-friendly, so consider doing these seven fun things with your kids!

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The Florida Aquarium

This is a 250,000 square foot aquarium that you need to go visit with your kids!

The Florida Aquarium is the perfect place to go to when your kids need to get out of the house! Image courtesy of Cornell University. 

701 Channelside Drive | Channelside |

Do your kids love animals? Why not take them to The Florida Aquarium to see their large 250,000 square foot aquarium that is filled with a lot of the ocean’s beautiful sea creatures! Most of the sea creatures in The Florida Aquarium are from Tampa Bay, The Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys, and even Cuba.

The Florida Aquarium is the perfect place to take your kids because they can stand next to a lot of these breathtaking fish, sharks, sting rays, and so much more. Your kids will be in awe when they can actually touch a stingray in the unique stingray touch tanks too! Why not come to The Florida Aquarium where your kids will fall in love with the ocean.

“Loved how close the attractions were and the moments my children got to touch the jellyfish, sting rays and coral.” - Yelp Review 

Big Cat Rescue

An animal sanctuary that is specifically for the world’s adorable, yet fierce, big cats is just what you need!

Tigers, lions, bobcats, and so much more is what you can see when you come to the Big Cat Rescue with your kids! Image courtesy of Big Cat Rescue. 

12802 Easy Street | Tampa |

Does your kid love cats? Exclusively big cats can be found at Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary that is one of the largest in the world right in Tampa, Florida and it’s a great place to take your kids! Hoping to end the abuse against exotic cats, Big Cat Rescue is your place to come and see some of the most beautiful cats across the world.

At Big Cat Rescue, you can see tigers, white tigers, cheetahs, black panthers, lions, bobcats, caracals, lynxs, ocelots, and so much more, and they’re all super beautiful! Each cat has its own name to make the experience more memorable and to get to know each cat. Take your kids to the Big Cat Rescue to see some of the most beautiful cats in the world. 

“They feed them, take care of their medical needs, give them toys and treats. Seeing the cats you can tell they are relaxed and content living there.” - Yelp Review 

Dave & Buster’s 

Play some arcade games, win prizes, and eat some good food with your kids!

Dave & Buster’s is the best place to go for some fun times with your kids playing games and so much more! Image courtesy of Dave & Buster’s. 

10209 Estuary Lakes Drive | Tampa |

Kids love playing games. Everything from arcade games, Virtual Reality games, video games, and more are available right at your disposal at Dave & Buster’s where your kids can come run around and even win prizes for doing well at all of the games that they offer! Dave & Buster’s has lots of great games for you to bond and interact with your kids over, along with much more. 

Dave & Buster’s is also a restaurant that offers lots of kid-friendly meals so when you get tuckered out from gaming for hours, you can enjoy a delicious meal. You will overall enjoy your food and your experience here and your kids will enjoy all the running around and gaming. Consider Dave & Buster’s for a great day out with your kids!

“Never had a bad experience at this place. Food is great and it's a  lot of fun for adults and kids!!” - Yelp Review 

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Glazer Children’s Museum

This is the best museum to take your children that are under twelve with lots of interactive games!

Glazer Children’s Museum is full of fun interactive games that are perfect for your kids to give them something to engage in! Image courtesy of Tampa Magazine. 

110 W Gasparilla Plaza | Downtown |

Do you want to take your kids to a museum, but you’re afraid that they’ll be bored? Check out Glazer Children’s Museum, a kid-friendly museum that has lots of fun interactive games and exhibits that focus on lots of topics. Everything from weather, art, communications, and so much more are perfect for your kids that are under the age of twelve.

Children are also to connect with the world around them with being able to discover their talents and more through cooking, building, caring for animals, learning where food comes from, counting money, and much more. Make sure to take your kids to Glazer Children’s Museum for one of the most interactive and enjoyable experiences your kid will have in Tampa.

“Our daughter absolutely had a blast w/ all there was to do there. Mini worlds set up just for those her size like a Publix, fire station, Outback restaurant, St. Joe's, veterinary clinic, etc.” - Yelp Review 

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Dinosaur World

Check out an outdoor museum dedicated to dinosaurs with 150 life size replicas to see!

Dinosaur World is something in Tampa that lots of kids will love and be able to experience! Image courtesy of Tiqets. 

5145 Harvey Tew Road | Plant City |

Does your kid love dinosaurs? Everything from the tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and all of the other dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago can be found at Dinosaur World! Dinosaur World is an outdoor museum where you get to walk through nature and see over 150 life-sized replicas of your kid’s favorite dinosaurs.

Your kids will not only be able to see lots of life-sized dinosaurs, but they can also play in the dinosaur-themed playgrounds to be able to run around and get rid of all that excess energy that they have too. Dinosaur World also has a beautiful gift shop to treat your kid to something special to remember their time here. Make sure to check out Dinosaur World ASAP!

“It's nice to walk on the walking path and see the foliage and the dinosaurs. It's like you are in the jungle or you are in your own little Jurassic Park.” - Yelp Review 

Mama’s Kitchen

Take your kid to get some delicious Mickey-Mouse shaped pancakes and more! 

Come take your kids out to breakfast at Mama's Kitchen where you can choose from sweet or savory breakfast foods! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

9312 N Florida Avenue | Tampa |

Do you want to take your kids out for breakfast? Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but you can’t have a breakfast as good as Mama’s Kitchen! Mama’s Kitchen is the place where you can have quality service, great food, and a good environment that is kid-friendly. No matter when you’re craving breakfast, make sure to go to Mama’s Kitchen!

At Mama’s Kitchen, you can have everything from eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, french toast, and so much more. Your kids will absolutely love the Mickey-Mouse pancakes that they make, so why not take them to Mama’s Kitchen and get some sweet pancakes and more in Tampa!

“Great family business. We will for sure be coming back when we visit again.” - Yelp Review 

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Museum of Science & Industry

Let your child make discoveries about the world at this interactive museum!

Consider taking your kids to the Museum Of Science & Industry to let your kid explore more into the realm of science and more! Image courtesy of Boss Display. 

4801 E Fowler Avenue | Busch Gardens |

Interactive museums are great if you have kids, so make sure to check out the Museum of Science & Industry today to enjoy some fun and interactive learning and understanding science, technology, and other innovations through interactive exhibits and more. There are so many exhibits to check out to play around with and also watch your kids learn and get invested in something they enjoy.

Everything from brain teasers, watching butterflies in their IMAX theater, and even understanding the power that comes from a hurricane, the Museum of Science & Industry is the perfect place to go and take your kids to. Come check them out for yourself and learn some new things!

“The Museum of Science and Industry is a mostly children-focused museum with tons of fun, interactive exhibits.” - Yelp Review 

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There are lots of places to take your kids to in Tampa, but trying to find the best places can be the toughest part. If you’re stuck looking for the most fun places to take your kids to in Tampa to have some fun, then make sure to check out these top seven things to do today!

Is there something fun that you enjoy taking your kids to in Tampa, but we didn’t mention it? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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