Indulge in Sizzling Mexican Cuisines at These Top Mexican Restaurants in the Bronx

If you’re a fanatic of Mexican food, these lively Mexican restaurants in the Bronx are sure to give you a treat of a lifetime.

The Bronx is home to an amazing array of Mexican restaurants, as well as high-end spots where thrilling creative cuisines are available. Whether you’re looking for some classic burritos or freshly made tortillas, you are certain to settle on something unique to placate your craving.

So, the next time you want a taste of the very best Mexican cuisines for lunch, try these top Mexican restaurants in the Bronx.

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La Morada

Laidback Taqueria famous for its Oaxacan cuisine

Source: Yelp

308 Willis Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454

There is no doubt that Mexican cuisines are a hot commodity, especially to the Bronx locals. While these favorites vary from person to person, you would want to pick the Oaxacan cuisine especially when you visit the La Morada family-owned restaurant in South Bronx.

The small taqueria is popularly known for its Oaxacan food, a rare delight even in this neighborhood. On the menu, you’ll find simple classics like tacos, fresh tamales served with either silky chicken, spices, and some rich tomatillo sauce, as well as crunchy gorditas. However, the main reason why locals visit this joint is their incredible moles. Sample any of their different colorful moles including a mild white that is made with pine nuts and pipián rojo de pepitas the wonderful moles made of complex red pumpkin seeds. But the favorite of them is the glossy mole Oaxaqueño that comes with tomatillos, cloves, chocolates, plantains, and peanuts, served over chicken.

Plan a day out and enjoy some freshly made Mexican cuisine and experience the tradition, history, and culture behind this eatery’s cooking.


A Mexican feast with favorites such as tacos, nachos, and more

Source: Yelp

503 Jackson Ave, The Bronx, NY 10455

Since 2008, Mexicocina has served the best Mexican cuisines in this stretch of Mott Haven. Guests are treated to a casual, cool atmosphere thanks to the light-filled interior of this Mexican restaurant. It’s a definition of a powerhouse filled with rustic artifacts, and a beautiful sculpture of the Virgin Mother oozing glory with flowers and votives at her feet.

When it comes to picking your meal, you might be overwhelmed by the large, yet colorful dishes available. Enthusiasts of Mexican cuisines can indulge in tacos, nachos, flautas, antojitos, burritos, enchiladas, beverages, and other treats by dining in or enjoying takeouts. Seventeen kinds of tacos are served here including lean strips of meat, thin, cecina, salt-dried, and sun-cured like jerky, which is more delicious when grilled.  

Other equally terrific specials include corn tortillas rolled around lamb shoulder, costillas de cerdo, little pork ribs with the tenderness that you have never experienced before. The cool Mexican pop and accompanying salsa are so divine, you could end up spending the night there.

Taqueria Tlaxcalli

Modern Mexican powerhouse that has a large menu with a mix of both traditional and special dishes.

Source: Yelp

2103 Starling Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462

For over seven years, Taqueria Tlaxcalli has served Mexican favorites to locals in the Bronx. Located in the Parkchester neighborhood, this Mexican restaurant was inspired by homesickness for Mexican food that the owner Mauricio Gomez grew up within Mexico City.

Start your meal off with a plate of burrito served with stripes of white, purple, and green sauces toppings, plus some cheesy rice that comes with any filling of your choice. You will never go wrong with steak. The fish tacos which is grilled fish is a great choice for taco enthusiasts. Apart from burritos, this Mexican joint serves some fajitas, and pork chops served with beans and rice. You can also enjoy hand-pinched sopes with refried beans and crumbled chorizo.

They also make a stew of onions, cactus, and strips of chicken or steak in tangy cooked tomatillo sauce. End the day with a high note with some appetizers such as guacamole, nachos, handmade quesadilla that is sold individually, and more. If you find the place crowded, you can always order to-go and enjoy a tasty meal at home.

La Cueva Fonda Mexicana

Popular Mexican hot spot that serves authentic Mexican dishes

Source: Yelp

961 Leggett Ave, The Bronx, NY 10455

Looking for a fun and authentic spot for Mexican food? Swing by La Cueva Fonda Mexicana restaurant and explore their wide selection of traditional and special treats.

Typically, the Mexican joint offers a wide array of Mexican dishes including their tasty taco and hot soup. Delicious options such as home-made tortillas served with mouth-watering Lengua, jalapenos, bright cilantro, and the spicy chipotle sauce make a great entrée. The appetizers are also a great option to start the day because they are light and they do a pretty job in holding you over until your main dish comes.

The seats at this spot fill up fast but they offer both takeout and indoor dining options to accommodate everyone’s dining needs.

Taqueria Sinaloense

Freshly made tacos await you at this restaurant located on Marble Hill Bronx

Source: Ediblequeens

113 W 225th St, The Bronx, NY 10463

Whether you’re planning to order your favorite taco to eat with your friends or an entrée to enjoy indoors, Taqueria Sinaloense has the perfect selection to fit any occasion. Try their favorite dishes birria tacos, pollo burrito, and pollo quesadilla.

Speaking of mealtime, Taqueria Sinaloense has everything you need from light to heavy entrees. Not sure what to get? Go for tacos, which include cebolla queso, con cilantro, Lechuga y creame served with onions, lettuce, cilantro, and sour cream. If you are craving some burritos, you can never go wrong with frijoles and cilantro that comes with rice, cilantro, beans, tomato, onions, cheese, and some soar creams. Don’t forget to try their fajitas which are sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and pepper, all served with soft corn tortilla, rice, and beans.

Estrellita Poblana III

Lively Mexican joint that serves large portions of freshly made Mexican food

Source: Yelp

2328 Arthur Ave, The Bronx, NY 10458

If warm tortillas and chips accompanied by salsa are your idea of having a good time, then Estrellita Poblana III is the place to grab this delicious combo. This fun and traditional joint – the second iteration since the first one was opened in Castle Hill in 1999, is dedicated to serving quality Mexican fishes in an atmosphere that reminds customers of a traditional Mexican bistro.

Start your meal with a plate of tortilla casserole with an option of red or green sauce served with Mexican cream, queso fresco, and red onion. Proceed to try out their tamales and their regular taco with choice of filling, cilantro on a soft corn tortilla, and onion. There is also a large list of appetizers such the freshly made guacamole with cilantro, hass avocados, tomato, onion, lime, and tortilla chips, salsa served with tortilla chips, hot melted Mexican cheese that come with roasted poblano peppers, and many more.

Flan is a lovely dish to wind up the day and the generous steak will satisfy even the sincerest appetite

El Molcajete

Elegant hangout with endless Mexican options

Source: Yelp

1508 Westchester Ave, The Bronx, NY 10472

Sometimes all you need is a Mexican restaurant that caters to your needs and does so exceptionally well. Yes! There are a few places around the Bronx that offer great Mexican dishes, but if you’re looking for a Mexican joint that ticks all the boxes, then El Molcajete is the place to be.

This cheerful Mexican gem just a few steps from the Elder Avenue station in Soundview, serves more classic and elaborate dishes such as huaxmole, a goat consommé with a kindling of chiles, and a creamy stew of guajillo peppers.

Any meal at El Molcajete could happily start and end with tacos. They look like bouquets, packed with cilantro, loosely bundled in paper sleeves. They contain the right amount of meat especially hanks of shredded barbacoa and dark cecina. Don’t miss the delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast and the popular gordita, a thick masa cake with luscious pork fillings and some smooth crema, cilantro, and serrano peppers. For appetizers, you can start your meal off with their mouth-watering selection such as nachos corn chips topped with cheese and flautas before your main entrée comes.

If you haven’t tried one of the many Mexican dishes, it could time to give it a go. In the vibrant city of Bronx are a variety of bustling Mexican restaurants to satisfy those Mexican cravings. So, which one do you plan on trying out? Let’s know in the comments.

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