Enjoy The Most Delicious Caribbean/Jamaican Cuisines in The Bronx

January 26, 2022
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Craving something tasty from the islands?

Well, visit the Caribbean restaurants in the Bronx.

When you pop into any Caribbean restaurant, the main focus is on the flavors, no-frills. Yet locals in the Bronx don’t need to take a trip to the island just to experience the awesomely spiced and slow-cooked Caribbean cuisines. While some may break out some amazing rainbow-themed king cakes once in a year and others get creative with sugar-dusted beignets from time to time, these unique spots never tire of serving customers with the best of grilled oysters, spice-crusted shellfish, crusty po’boy sandwiches, and other southern staples.

Here are the best spots in the Bronx to get delicious Caribbean food.

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188 Bakery Cuchifritos

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\188 Bakery Cuchifritos.jpg

158 E 188th St, Bronx, NY 10468 facebook.com

Snug counter-serve spot that specializes in home-style Puerto Rican and Dominican plates and tropical juices!

How much heat can you handle when it comes to spicy food? Well, if you like spicy, then you should try the varieties at 188 Bakery Cuchifritos. Jose Coto’s nearly four-decade-old Fordham Heights lunch counter remains one of the city’s most vital temples serving homemade Puerto Rican and Dominican dishes.

Watch in delight as the waiters serve a golden chicharron Dominicano – a crunchy and delicious pork candy bar of sorts. For lunch, enjoy the mouthwatering Chicharron de Pollo chicken chunks, lip-smacking Costilla BBQ ribs, delectable Carne guisada beef stew, just to mention a few. Come in during weekends and enjoy super special oxtail, beef, or even chicken stew. All these plates are served with rice, cassava, beans, cassava, or salad.

Also, don’t forget to try their delicious sandwiches especially the beefsteak, fresh ham, as well as ham and cheese. Starchy alcapurrias, filling mofongo platters, garlicky pernel, and aromatic cups of morir sonando from freshly squeezed orange juice are great options to try too. Do not even for a second overlook the morcilla, a bouncy and light blood sausage. Wash it down with a hot drink and you will be yearning to come back for more.

Sea Jammins Caribbean Cuisine

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\Sea Jammins Caribbean Cuisine.jpg

3827 Bronxwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10469 sea-jammins-caribbean-cuisine

Casual Caribbean restaurant serving delectable comfort food and distinctive desserts!

If you want to go out and have a good time eating some great Caribbean food, then there is no better place to go than Sea Jammins Caribbean Cuisine. Not only do they serve authentic Caribbean food and seafood, but they also serve distinctive desserts.

Want to try something from the menu? Well, you may be stuck on what to get because everything looks so good. Go ahead and try callaloo, salt mackerel, butter bean, bully beef, and cabbage for breakfast. For lunch, try either fried chicken, brown stew chicken, or chicken foot.

Seafood lovers will have a great time feasting on favorites such as pepper shrimp, brown stew snapper, streamed fish pan, and fish with escovitch meal. Make sure you add one of their delicious sides, desserts, or even a soup. While at it, order either a peanut punch or Jamaican soda to enjoy along with your meal.

Caribbean Sunshine Restaurant

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\Caribbean Sunshine Restaurant.jpg

1111 E Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10460 caribbean-sunshine-resturant

Modern Cajun eatery offering a great tasting menu with a wide variety of Jamaican and American cuisines!

Diners rave about the best seafood dishes in the Bronx, and who doesn’t enjoy great seafood with some delicious dipping? At Caribbean Sunshine restaurant, the menu is quite extensive with plenty of Jamaican and American dishes. Here you can find a healthy steamed seafood platter and a variety of sides to go along.

If you are looking for a perfectly cooked dinner, go for ackee and callaloo with codfish. You can have either a small, medium or large plate. Other delicious takes to try include jerk chicken, oxtail, curry goat, and special homemade jerk sauce.

You can also find simple classics like beef patties, fried whiting, and barbecue wing and they’re all delicious. To top it off, they’ve created an extensive signature beverage menu to help you pair your meal with a sweet drink.

Flavas International Grill

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\Flavas International Grill.jpg

854 Gerard Ave, Bronx, NY 10451 eatflavas.square.site

No-frills spot serving a mix of Jamaican food and soul food including juices, smoothies, and espressos!

If you’re craving the best Jamaican food accompanied by mouthwatering smoothies, then you should try Flavas International Grill. Here they care about the local Bronx community just as much as they care about their culture. Seafood is a must-have when you come here.

All their takes are prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally to maintain the highest quality possible. You can find simple classics such as chicken dinner combo plates including curry chicken large, sweet chili chicken small, jerk chicken, just to mention a few.

If you love seafood, then you will want to try the extensive selection of seafood combo plates with classics such as curry shrimp (small or large), kingfish, salmon, whiting, codfish, and more. You might want to throw in some stew and veggie combo plates with delicious sides to go along with your main meal.

The fun doesn’t stop there, they also serve incredible soups, patties, smoothies, and protein shakes. Make sure you try their lunch bowls. They are worth every penny!

Country Boyz

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\Country Boyz.jpg

1182 E Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10469 country-boyz.edan.io

Classic Caribbean food including veggie patties and other treats await you at this cozy neighborhood eatery!

If there is anything that should appeal to Jamaicans in the Bronx, is the Caribbean food that has combined something you know and loves – seafood.

Of course, seafood is prepared differently in various parts of the world, but if you’re craving for a spot that will offer a perfect opportunity to try something new, then you should consider going to Country Boyz.

From fried chicken and curry goat to callaloo, you will surely find a delicious option to satisfy all your craving for Jamaican food. That said, if you like something different from the norm, try the stew peas, oxtail, cow foot, or even pepper stake.

They also have an entire side of their menu dedicated to Jamaican options that have been Americanized in case you tag along with your friends who are a little picky when it comes to food.

King Hummingbird Restaurant Inc.

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\King Hummingbird Restaurant Inc.jpg

3377 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10469 king-hummingbird-restaurant

Compact eatery offering authentic Jamaican cuisines in a classic setting!

At King Hummingbird Restaurant Inc. you can enjoy the taste of modern Caribbean takes. This trendy joint along Boston Road is famous for dishing out Jamaican cuisines and an extensive signature drink menu.

Not sure what to order? They have super delicious options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Speaking of breakfast, try the ackee and saltfish combo, callaloo, cabbages, corned beef, okra, and butter beans. Throw in some fried dumplings, sliced bread, saltfish fritters, or fried bammy as a side.

If you’re here for lunch, the selection is quite confusing since everything looks good. Try some chicken special, curried goat, stew peas, or even sweet chili salmon. Jerk chicken and BBQ chicken are also available and you can choose either a small, medium or large option.

Make sure you grab one of their delicious homemade natural juices especially the lemonade juice or pineapple with ginger juice combination.

Jerk House Caribbean Restaurant

D:\David\Top Caribbean Cuisines in The Bronx - Images\Jerk House Caribbean Restaurant.jpg

4246 White Plains Rd, Bronx, NY 10466 lovesomejerk.com

Longtime corner eatery serving Jamaican goods like oxtail and jerk chicken!

If you have heard of the term Jerk, then you’re familiar with the popularity of this Jamaican classic that included meats dry-rubbed or wet-marinated with a hot spicy mixture called “Jerk Seasoning.” While Jerk seasoning was only applied to pork or chicken, it’s now used on other meats including fish, beef, and lamb. That’s where Jerk House Caribbean Restaurant originated from. The main focus here is Jerk meats.

Their seasoning is made in-house using fresh, authentic ingredients sourced locally. Then they marinate the meat to perfection. The Jerk Pork is the main draw here and locals can’t get enough of this delicious take. They also serve delicious spicy jerk ribs, jerk fried chicken, and Caribbean oxtail stew with an option of two sides to go along.

Along with their Jerk options, they also offer an extensive drink menu with beer, wine, and signature smoothies to enjoy along with your main meal.

There is no doubt that Caribbean cuisines are a popular staple for locals in the Bronx. And if you’re looking for the best spots to enjoy your oxtail, jerk chicken, or even your favorite Jamaican smoothie, then these top Caribbean spots in the Bronx will cater to your needs. So, which is your favorite Caribbean restaurant in the Bronx? Let us know in the comments!


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